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  • Competitive Price for MA4P504-1072T
  • non-magnetic
  • has a loss-switching element from an HF to UHF
  • high-power diode
  • low distortion of CW RF with over 10 watts
  • MA4P504-1072T
  • MA4P504-1072T

RANTLE is supplying the best quality MA4P504-1072T. These are PIN diodes square surface-mountable in a metal electrode non-roll leadless face.

It is incorporated with a passivated chips PIN diode which is fully face bonded to a metal refractory pins.

Our excellent quality MA4P504-1072T used together with HIPAX M/A-COM technology.

Reliable quality MA4P504-1072T distributed by RANTLE also comes with a ceramic low inductance package without whisker wires or ribbons.

Additionally, RANTLE’s top-quality MA4P504-1072T comes with many features so it can suit your diverse requirements.

RANTLE is a supplier of highest-quality MA4P504-1072T incorporated with MELF non-roll design.

We also offer reliable quality MA4P504-1072T which is equipped with low distortion and low loss.

MA4P504-1072T Supplier

For around 16 years, RANTLE continuously providing our customers a wide selection of MA4P504-1072T which is integrated with the non-magnetic package.

Moreover, our dependable MA4P504-1072T is Hermetically sealed for an optimum solution.

A PIN diode passivated chips are also equipped into our highest-quality MA4P504-1072T.

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Reliable MA4P504-1072T Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

At RANTLE, you can also have an excellent quality MA4P504-1072T equipped with place and pick compatibility.

A face chip full bond is also incorporated into our top-quality MA4P504-1072T to give the you the full performance you need.

In China, RANTLE is a distributor of reliable quality MA4P504-1072Twhich is designed especially for applications such as loss-switching element from an HF to UHF.

Our MA4P504-1072T is also equipped with higher power rating.

MA4P504-1072T label

This allows our MA4P504-1072T with maximum performance in antenna element switch at every RF power-levels more than CW 100 watts.

Our best quality MA4P504-1072T is also designed to exceed a low distortion needs of mobile radio.

Furthermore, MA4P504-1072T supplied by RANTLE is a high-power diode.

It offers low distortion of CW RF with over 10 watts. It also has the ability to dissipate up to 7.5 watts.

For automated assembly such as reel assembly and volume tape assembly, RANTLE’s high-quality MA4P504-1072T is also applicable since it is a PIN diode surface mount.

Because of its flat parallel surfaces, our MA4P504-1072T is perfectly suitable for vacuum pickup and key jaw technique.

The solderable surfaces of our MA4P504-1072T are compatible and tin-plated significant in vapor and reflow soldering phase methods.

HIPAX diodes incorporated into our excellent quality MA4P504-1072T makes it suitable for military and industrial applications.

In fact, our MA4P504-1072T have passed various safety and quality standards. Thus, you can assure the best quality MA4P504-1072T from RANTLE.

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