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  • 5%-precision regulator
  • –0.3V to about VCC – 2 V voltage range
  • 5% approximate dead time
  • TL494ID
  • TL494ID

The TL494ID distributed by RANTLE is a device which contains a two amplifier error.

It is also an adjustable on-chip oscillator with a dead-time comparator control.

Our top-quality TL494ID also comes with a control pulse-steering flip-flop.

It also has a 5 V and 5%-precision regulator. RANTLE’s trusted quality TL494ID also has an output-control circuits.

RANTLE’s reliable quality TL494ID is equipped with an error amplifier which will exhibit a certain common-mode voltage that ranges from –0.3V to about VCC – 2 V.

Its optimized dead-time comparator control comes with fixed offset which offers an approximate dead time of 5%.

TL494ID Supplier

RANTLE’s dependable TL494ID also has an on-chip oscillator in which will be bypassed through terminating the RT into reference output.

By this, RANTLE’s excellent quality TL494ID can provide an input sawtooth to a CT.

It also has the ability to drive common circuits in a multi-trail synchronous power supply.

Moreover, RANTLE is famous for supplying the best quality TL494ID with an output uncommitted transistor.

It provides common-emitter or either an emitter-follower capability output.

At RANTLE, we offer a high-quality TL494ID which can provide a single-ended or a push-pull output operation which is selectable with an output control function.

The architecture of RANTLE’s highest-quality TL494ID will prevent the possibility of having an output which will be pulsed twice in a push-pull operation.

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Reliable TL494ID Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s best quality TL494ID is distinguished with its operation ranging from –40°C to about 85°C. aside from that, RANTLE’s top-quality TL494ID features a PWM complete power-control circuitry. I

t also has a 200 mA sink uncommitted outputs or a source current.

For maximum performance, RANTLE is also a reputable distributor of premium quality TL494ID which is designed with stable 5V internal regulator.

TL494ID distributor

Also, RANTLE is capable of distributing reliable TL494ID for applications such as for desktop PC’s.

Our superior quality TL494ID is also designed to be used for microwave ovens.

A wide range of high-quality TL494ID is offered by RANTLE for typical applications including isolated and AC/DC power supplies.

In China, RANTLE is also known for supplying top-quality TL494ID which offers the best solution for many applications including server PSU’s, solar micro-inverter and low-end/high-end washing machines.

For e-bikes, dual analog controllers, smoke detectors, solar power-inverters and more, RANTLE’s superior quality TL494ID is you best choice.

RANTLE’s TL494ID is primarily designed to provide flexibility for tailoring a power-supply circuitry control for specific applications.


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To support your business, RANTLE offers you a reasonable cost and rapid delivery for TL494ID orders.

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Thus, we are able to be part of your business’s success. Since we are integrated with responsibility, quality and effectiveness will be provided to you!

In this way, we can make a higher value while offering the best solutions all time to our most valued customers!

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