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  • 0.7 A output current
  • has built-in with a thermal shutdown
  • 32 V clamp digital I/O with a minimum voltage
  • VN340SP
  • VN340SP

RANTLE is a professional supplier of high-quality VN340SP.

It is a monolithic device which are fabricated through the use of VIPower STMicroelectronics technology. T

hese devices are intended for any driving independent four inductive or resistive loads with only one side of the connected to the ground.

VN340SP Distributor

RANTLE’s excellent quality VN340SP is incorporated with active current limiting.

This prevents the system from dropping the power supply especially when there is a short load.

Also, RANTLE is built-in with a thermal shutdown which gives protection to the chip against short-circuit and over temperature.

A diagnostic open-drain output is also equipped into our superior quality VN340SP.

This indicates the over temperature condition of the device.

Each I/O of our excellent quality VN340SP will be pulled down if the over temperature condition in a relative channel will be verified.

Moreover, every channel of our top-quality VN340SP has an output current of 0.7 A.

VN340SP Price

A clamp digital I/O with a minimum voltage of 32 V is also integrated into our excellent quality VN340SP.

To give you the best solution you need, an over temperature and short load protections are specially designed in our VN340SP.

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Reliable VN340SP Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

As an innovative VN340SP, these features protection from ground loss.

Premium quality VN340SP supplied by RANTLE is also designed with a current limiter and a built-in undervoltage shutdown.

We are also supplying trusted quality VN340SP which features a diagnostic open-drain output.

In China, RANTLE is an expert distributor of reliable quality VN340SP which supports faster demagnetization of inductive loads.

At RANTLE, you can surely find the exact VN340SP for your business and applications.

To give you the most convenient purchasing experience, RANTLE offers supply and quote including connectors, transistors, diode, capacitors, and resistors.

We are also superior in supplying a broad range of electronic parts and integrated circuits.

VN340SP Supplier

If you buy at your order of VN340SP at RANTLE, convenient buying and best services will be offered to you!

RANTLE will be your world-class business partner!

For around 16 years, RANTLE is persistent on offering an array of electronic parts including VN340SP which will surely meet your ever-changing demands.

We always aim to provide you quality first and customer first services.

Throughout the years, RANTLE is consistent on doing our best to suit your potential needs.

We sincerely cooperate with business firms and enterprises around the globe.

Thus, we are a trusted supplier of high-quality electronic parts.

You can trust us too!

We always deal with the swift and rapid delivery of your VN340SP orders.

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If you buy VN340SP from RANTLE, rest assured that you can save your money because we will offer you a reasonable cost.

At RANTLE, your business is surely in a good hand!

If you are interested with our VN340SP, our customer service is 24/7 online to answer your questions.

Send us your inquiries immediately!

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