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  • Fast Delivery with AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1
  • certified by RoHS and totally lead-free
  • 1.5 V very load current with 5 A maximum
  • 6.5 A current limit
  • 0.015% line-regulation
  • AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1
  • AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1

The AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 from RANTLE is a device with low positive dropout voltage regulators.

Our high-quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 comes with a 1.5 V at every load current of 5 A maximum dropout.

Our series of excellent quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 is equipped with a thermal limiting on-chip.

It offers a maximum protection from any ambient temperature and overload combination which will result in junction excessive temperatures.

RANTLE’s top-quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 is also incorporated with a limiting current circuit and a band-gap trimmed reference.

AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 Supplier

You can also avail RANTLE’s trusted quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 in different versions such as 2.5 V, 1.5 V, 5.0 V, and 3.3 V.

RANTLE is also a professional supplier of excellent quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1with fixed versions.

All our fixed versions of AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 are highly integrated with an adjustable resistor.

As an additional, you can also avail our top-quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 which is incorporated with adjustable versions.

With these adjustable versions, this device’s output voltage can be set with only two pieces of external resistors.

A typical of 1.3 V at every 5 A lower dropout voltage is also embedded into our highest-quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1.

To provide a maximum performance level, our premium quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 is specially designed with 5 A output current and 6.5 A current limit.

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Reliable AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s proven quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 can operate a range of junction temperatures from 0 up to +125°C.

It also has a type of 0.015% line-regulation in an adjustable version.

Moreover, a typical of 0.1% load regulation in an adjustable version is incorporated into our tested quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1.

Also, our AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 is certified by RoHS, totally lead-free and verified by the various quality and safety standards.

To suit your requirements, RANTLE distributes highest-quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 which is highly recommended for higher efficiency and performance of linear regulators.

If you are also dealing with battery chargers, we also suggest choosing RANTLE’s AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1.

buy AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1

Post regulation, especially for a switching supply, can also utilize RANTLE’s excellent quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1.

RANTLE also deals with top-quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1which will be perfectly suitable for microprocessor supply and other related applications.

You can also use our AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 for processor embedded supply, RISC and desktop PC’s.

At RANTLE, you can certainly find the best quality AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 you need for your business and applications.

If you are tasked to source AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 and other electronic parts, don’t forget to source at RANTLE!

If you are looking for a hard-to-find or obsolete electronic parts, RANTLE also got you covered!

At RANTLE, we offer unlimited stocks of AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 and more electronic parts readily available for your wholesale or immediate orders.

High-quality electronic components including AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 are offered by RANTLE.

AZ1084S2-3.3TRE1 Distributor

In fact, before we ship your orders, we always made sure that our expert team of quality control meticulously tested these to ensure functionality and condition.

If you will contact our sales representative today, detailed and clear information will be given to you!

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