The Leading IRFR420A Supplier in China

  • Competitive Price for IRFR420A
  • can operate up to 500 V and 450 V
  • 3.0Ω t0 4.0Ω on-resistance
  • -55 up to 150ﹾ storage and operation
  • dissipate power up to 50 A
  • IRFR420A

RANTLE is a reputable distributor of the best quality IRFR420A.

These devices are enhancement mode N-channel silicon gate transistor with field effect power.

RANTLE is also popular in China for supplying a latest technology power MOSFETs which are tested, guaranteed and designed to endure a specific energy level in the process of breaking down the avalanche mode in the operation.

This IRFR420A with MOSFETs is specially designed with 2.2 A, 2.5 A.

It can also operate up to 500 V and 450 V.

RANTLE’s excellent quality IRFR420A also supports input high impedance.

These are also incorporated with a switching speed of nanoseconds for better performance.

In China, RANTLE supplies a broad range of IRFR420A with a carrier majority device.

It does have a limited power dissipation of SOA.

A 3.0Ω, as well as 4.0Ω on-resistance, is equipped into our superior quality IRFR420A.

IRFR420A Supplier

You can also avail of RANTLE’s excellent quality IRFR420A with transfer linear characteristics.

RANTLE is also a distributor of top-quality IRFR420A which can withstand a range of storage and operation from -55 up to 150ﹾ.

Our premium quality IRFR420A can dissipate power up to 50 A.

A derating linear factor up to 0.4 is also equipped into our high-quality IRFR420A for a maximum performance.

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Reliable IRFR420A Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Because of its integrated features, RANTLE’s best quality IRFR420A is perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications.

Its applications typically include switching regulators.

These are also designed especially for switching converters applications.

Moreover, if you need a reliable quality IRFR420A for your motor drivers, choose to purchase at RANTLE.

Additionally, RANTLE’s best quality IRFR420A is also suitable for relay drivers.

IRFR420A Distributor

If you are also dealing with drivers for bipolar high-power switching transistors that need a low gate and high-speed drive power, RANTLE’s IRFR420A can be best used.

These types of applications will be directly operated from its integrated circuit.

RANTLE is a global distributor of electronic parts. Since our establishment, we always aim to provide the best reputation, best electronic parts, reasonable price, and best services.

Based on consistent professionalism and excellent quality, we have won the support and trust of more customers which rising faster in the market.

buy IRFR420A

Choose RANTLE to be your business’s supplier of highest-quality IRFR420A.

We have almost 16 years of experience in distributing and supplying electronic parts industry.

We also have a broad array of a channel in order to suit your diverse demands.

At RANTLE, we have a sufficient IRFR420A stock ready for your bulk and urgent needs.

Also, RANTLE is a professional and reliable supplier of electronic parts and we are top in the field.

We have great passion and dedication to provide you with the most innovative IRFR420A and other electronic components.

Trust RANTLE and make us your long-term supplier! Make transactions with us today!

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