Your Best DS2482S-100+ Supplier in China

DS2482S-100+ Distributor - Your best DS2482S-100+ Supplier in China

Rantle is a famous distributor of DS2482S-100+ devices. We have full capability to provide a DS2482S-100+ with good function. Rantle electronics is the professional supplier and producer of electrical components. We can absolutely meet your DS2482S-100+ specifications to support your project requirements.


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Whether you need a reliable source of DS2482S-1 00+ device or any part number of electronic components, Rantle electronics is your great answer. Rantle electronics has a wide range of electronic components with different part numbers.

Rantle DS2482S-1 00+ truly allows Easy Interface Between an I2C Microport and a 1-Wire Slave. supports three 1-Wire features that are enabled or selected through the Configuration Register. You can always count on Rantle electronics if you need DS2482S-1 00+, DS2482S-100+T&R, and DS2482S-100.

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Professional DS2482S-1 00+ Distributor - Rantle East Electronic

As a professional distributor of a MAXIM/DALLAS IC components DS2482S-100+, our products can be distributed in the whole world. Providing electronic components is the main of our business fields. We always make sure the quality of every device to distribute in the best condition.

DS2482S-100+ supplier

The DS2482S-100+ is an I2C-to-1-Wire bridge device that interfaces directly to the standard. It performs slew-rate control on rising and falling 1-Wire edges and provides additional programmable features to match drive characteristics to the 1-Wire slave environment.

DS2482S-100+ combines these features with an output to control an external MOSFET for enhanced strong pullup application. This treats the rising edge of the time slot in which the strong pull-up starts as if the active pull-up was activated.

DS2482S-100+ distributor

MAXIM/DALLAS IC chips DS2482S-100+ are suitable for various types of application. It is perfect for Printers, Medical Instruments, Industrial Sensors, Cell Phones, and PDAs. Due to its unique features and characteristics, it can work well in every type of operation.

Rantle electronics is an expert supplier and distributor of DS2482S-100+. If you are handling a business that is related to electronics, Rantle is the best partner for that matter. We have rich experience and more knowledge in this industry.

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We are proud to recommend our company that produces awesome products. Rantle East Electronic is well-known as an independent supplier of the DS2482S-100+, DS2482S-100+T&R,  DS2482S-100, and so on.

 As a reputable distributor, we always do our best to produce excellent DS2482S-1 00+. We are looking forward to working with you and bringing your business to a higher level. We keep providing reliable products to make your project successful.

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For more information, you may contact us through email. We are glad to entertain any of your inquiries!

To learn more about the DS2482S-100+T&R, please click the DS2482S-100 datasheet.

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