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DS90LV031ATM Distributor - Your Best DS90LV031ATM Supplier in China

Rantle is one of the most expert DS90LV031ATM distributor and supplier in China. We are in 20 years of experience in this industry, and that experience allow us to have many loyal clients. We always distribute quality DS90LV031ATM to our beloved customers.


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Our DS90LV031ATM is a quad CMOS differential line driver designed for applications requiring ultra-low power dissipation and high data rates.

This device is designed to support data rates in excess of 400 Mbps using Low Voltage Differential Signaling technology.

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The DS90LV031ATM accepts low voltage LVTTL or LVCMOS input levels and translates them to low voltage differential output signals.

In addition, the driver supports a TRI-STATE function that may be used to disable the output stage, disabling the load current, and thus dropping the device to an ultra-low idle power state of 13 mW typical.
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Rantle DS90LV031ATM and companion line receiver provide a new alternative to high power psuedo-ECL devices for high speed point-to-point interface applications.

DS90LV031ATM is a differential line driver is a balanced current source design. A current mode driver, generally speaking has a high output impedance and supplies a constant current for a range of loads.

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Current is switched through the load in one direction to produce a logic state and in the other direction to produce the other logic state. The output current is typically 3.5 mA, a minimum of 2.5 mA, and a maximum of 4.5 mA.

It truly provides substantial benefits over voltage mode drivers, including an RS-422 driver. Its quiescent current remains relatively flat versus switching frequency.

The footprint of the DS90LV031ATMX/NOPB is the same as the industry standard 26LS31 Quad Differential Driver and is a step-down replacement for the 5-V DS90C031 Quad Driver.

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Rantle DS90LV031ATM The has a great work for various applications. It has a flow-through pinout that allows for easy PCB layout.

The LVDS signals on one side of the device easily allow for matching electrical lengths of the differential pair trace lines between the driver and the receiver as well as allowing the trace lines to be close together to couple noise as common-mode.

Noise isolation is achieved with the LVDS signals on one side of the device and the TTL signals on the other side.

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Learn more about the DS90LV031ATMX/NOPB, please click the DS90LV031ATM datasheet.

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