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ULN2002AN Distributor - Your Best ULN2002AN Supplier in China

Rantle is an excellent distributor of Texas Instruments(TI) ULN2002AN transistor arrays.  A range of ULN2002AN transistor is suitable for medium current to high current driver applications. You can purchase or buy  ULN2002AN right now, right here.


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Rantle is an international distributor of products and solutions for both industrial and commercial users of electronic components like ULN2002AN. The ULN2002AN transistors are high voltage. It consists of high current Darlington arrays containing seven open collector common-emitter pairs rated at 500mA each. 

The TI ULN2002AN transistors are capable of driving a wide range of loads including relays,  solenoids, LED displays, DC motors,  thermal printheads, filament lamps, and high-power buffers. The ULN2002AN is available in both the small outline PDIP-16 package and the 16-pin package (SO-16). 

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Rantle is a professional distributor of ULN2002AN for over 20 years all over the world. Ideally suited for interfacing between multiple peripheral power loads, and low-level logic circuitry. 

A range of  ULN2002AN are arrays with general-purpose which can be used for limiting external input current. 

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 The IC chips ULN2002AN devices are designed specifically for use with 14-V to 25-V PMOS. The input of each device has a resistor in series and Zener diode to control the input current to a safe limit.

ULN2002AN are high-voltage and high-current Darlington transistor arrays that consist of a 2.7-kΩ series base resistor for direct operation with 5-V CMOS or TTL devices.

Rantle supplies ULN2002AN with a collector-current rating of a single Darlington pair at 500 mA. Each pair can be paralleled for a higher current capability to handle numerous needed interfaces.

Most transistors could produce low current gains.  Rantle ULN2002AN transistors can provide the much higher value that you need. It has a maximum collector-emitter voltage of 100mA/200mA/350mA V. 

The ULN2002AN are devices with an operating temperature minimum of  -20 °C and a maximum of 70 °C and a maximum DC collector current of  0.5 A.

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Rantle grants accelerated delivery on Texas Instruments(TI) IC chips ULN2002AN transistors. In just 2-5 operation days, you can certainly get your order. Through our world top couriers, trouble-free delivery guarantee.

Besides, we implement a 1-month warranty service on any transistors. Rantle offers ULN2002AN  transistors with the most suitable technology at the right price, at the right place, and at the right time to our valued customers. 

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For your requests and consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach us. We have 24/7 online customer-friendly workers who will assist you. 

To learn more about the Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts ULN2002AN, please click the ULN2002AN datasheet.

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