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You are in Denmark and you want to buy electronic components. Where should you start from? It starts by knowing what you want to buy. Which electronic components are you planning to buy? You should then know why you are buying. If you are a hobbyist, you could be buying the components to use on your projects. Here you will need to buy only a few components. If you are a commercial entity in Denmark, you will have to buy electronic components in Bulk.

Regardless of the reason for buying, the electronic component that you choose will always matter. The store that you choose will determine the quality of components that you will end up with and the services that you will get. In this article, we are going to discuss the best electronic components near me in Sweden.

Rutronik Electronics Denmark ApS

Rutronik UK LTD

Founded in 1973, Rutronik has been in the business of supplying electronic components for over 50 years. We celebrated our anniversary just a few weeks ago. The supplier is an independent family-owned business that was started in Germany and now has 80 offices worldwide, including in Denmark. You can get the best services from the local offices in the country.

Rutronik is an online electronic component store that has sold millions of electronic components. You can be sure of getting whichever component that you need for your application. Our capacity gives us allowance to sell both wholesale and individual buyers of electronic components. We have a dedicated Rutronik24 sales team committed to answering all queries concerning purchasing electronic components in Denmark. Additionally, our website is embedded with a Mass Quotation Tool that allows customers to upload the components that they need and they will get instant quotations.

AddressHerstedøstervej 27-29, 2620 Albertslund, Denmark

More Electronics ApS

We are an electronic component supplier and solution provider in Denmark. We are a team of highly skilled people, who trace their origins to the Nordic countries. In addition to being experts in the industry, the team members have solid experience in the area of electronics. Our primary goal is to supply quality electronic components to our customers in the Nordic countries, including Denmark, with quality electronic components.

As a fully-fledged electronic components store, we stock different types of electronic components. We have passive components, embedded components, electrochemical cables, connectors, and other related products. We are also committed to giving our customers the best services so that they can get true value for their money.

AddressLyngager 10 C, 2605 Brøndby, Denmark

Elextra.dk – Brinck Elektronik

We are your specialists in electronic components in Denmark. This is an online shop that brings together different retailers under one platform. All these retailers have one thing in common: electronic components. You will find all types of electronic components here. Together, we offer our customers quality electronic components at reasonable prices. Whether you want components in bulk or you just want a few pieces of components for your hobby project, you can be sure of finding something that will meet your needs.

The fact that Elextra is a Danish company means that you can be sure of getting the best customer service from the brand. Our online store not only gives you access to thousands of components but also guarantees safe transactions and shopping experience. You also have the option of visiting our physical stores to buy the electronic components that you want. Our customer care team is ready to give you maximum support.

AddressFrederiksborggade 42, 1360 København, Denmark


Power is an e-commerce store that stocks a broad array of electronic components for different application areas.  The store mainly serves Nordic countries in which Denmark is included. The brand has more than 200 stores spread across different countries and has more than 4000 employees who are ready to give you the best services. We are always motivated to be a step above the rest of the brands in the electronics market.

We have new and obsolete components relevant to any electronic application. Our website is easy-to-use and you can easily find any electronic component that you need. We also have a dedicated customer service team that is committed to giving you the best customer experience.  You can even chat with our customer team online for instant help.

AddressKlampenborgvej 215A, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark


At Elgiganten we are powered by the will to help everyone in Denmark enjoy the amazing technology. Are you an innovator and you are wondering about where to get genuine electronic components for your next innovation? We are here to help you. We supply thousands of electronic components to different clients and for different application areas.

We are flexible and efficient with how we supply and distribute electronic components in Sweden. Our flexibility is based on the fact that we can cater to both small-scale and large-scale buyers. Since we source the components from the best global brands, you can be sure of a smooth and stable supply chain. You will always get the components that you need in our store. Additionally, we have efficient customer support to facilitate a smooth purchasing process.

AddressNørrebrogade 231, 2200 København N, Denmark


We are an online store that is designed to serve the needs of complete electronic devices and their components. We stock an extensive range of electronic parts including microcontrollers, connectors, active components, passive components, and connectors. Whether you are running a commercial entity or you are a DIY enthusiast, you will find the exact component that you are looking for in our store. We source all of our components from the best brands, a factor that guarantees you the quality and quantity of the components. Our responsive website makes it easy to source electronic components in Denmark. We also have technical support care that provides a wide range of services including consultation.

AddressBådehavnsgade 2B, 2450 København, Denmark

Polaris Electronics A / S

Are you building an electronic product that will be used for the communication system? You should consider using Polaris Electronics. Established in 20000, we are a brand that is committed to helping our customers find the right electronic products and components.  We stock a wide range of electronic products that perfectly fit your industrial needs. For years, we have been sourcing products from other brands. However, we have recently invested in developing our products. We have a physical office in Denmark to cater to your needs.  Polaris Electronics has also built systems to ensure their fast shipping and other customer services.

AddressKærholt 1, 9210 Aalborg, Denmark

Rantle East Electronic

While looking for the best electronic component stores in Denmark, you may also consider importing electronic components from China to Denmark. This is where Rantle East Electronics comes in. We are a global brand when it comes to electronic components in China.  We have the full capacity to ship the components from China to Denmark.

We have a wide network of vendors worldwide, a key factor that ensures you will always find the components that you need in our store. Our primary focus is on active, passive, and electromechanical components. However, we can still source other components that don’t fall under these categories.  You can be sure of finding whatever component that you need regardless of the industry that you belong to. Our inventory is easily accessible online, so you can select whichever component that you want and place your order. You can also contact us for electronic component sourcing services in Denmark.

Farnell Danmark A/S

Farnell Singapore

Farnell Electronics is a global brand that guarantees to deliver the right components for tomorrow’s success. We are a fast and reliable distributor of parts and components for electronic applications. We also do repair and maintenance of various electronic applications. On the manufacturing side, we take part in the design of the electronic components.  This implies that you can work with us in case you need custom design of the electronic components and even complete products.

We have more than 950,000 products in our catalog. We source them from 2000 top industry manufacturers and suppliers. You are likely to find the exact component that you need for your application area. We offer fast and reliable delivery of orders. Additionally, we have a 24/5 technical support that is happy to help clients. We also have a large online community that brings together learners and other industry players. You can learn and interact with other members on matters relating to electronic components.

AddressLyskær 9b, 2730 Herlev, Denmark

RS Components A/S

RS Components

RS Components is another global brand that is trusted when it comes to supplying quality electronic components worldwide. Denmark is one of the countries in which the brand has established a strong footing. We offer a broad selection of electronic components for DIY projects as well as for serious commercial entities. Other than semiconductors, RS stocks sensors, measuring equipment, power systems, and many others. Our extensive catalog ensures that you can buy you can order as many components as you want. We provide customer support both online and from our store in Denmark.

AddressNattergalevej 6, 2400 København, Denmark

Mouser Electronics Denmark

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is a global authorized distributor of semiconductor components. We source the components from over 1200 reputable brands in the industry. This ensures that buyers in Denmark get premium products for their applications. By getting the components directly from the manufacturers, you are assured of continuous supply at reasonable prices. We have a reputation for introducing new products that can meet modern technological demand. If you are looking for those hard-to-find components for your project, you should consider working with us.

We are a customer-centered organization that prioritizes the needs of our clients. We are always ready to take you through the journey of buying electronic components in Denmark. We have a state-of-the-art distribution center that ensures all the orders are dispatched safely and timely.

DigiKey Electronics Denmark

DigiKey Spain

DigiKey has managed to remain a competitive name when it comes to supplying and distributing electronic components globally for many years.  One of the key features that distinguishes us is the vast inventory that comprises different electronic components. We stock millions of electronic components from more than 1500 brands. Customers are assured of finding any components that they want regardless of the simplicity or complexity of their applications. As a big name in the industry, we strive to give our customers the best support and care. Our online customer representatives are available 24/7 to answer any queries that you may have about electronic components. We also have technicians to give technical support regarding our products.

Avnet Nortec A/S

Avnet Barcelona Spain

We are a brand that is committed to helping innovators turn their ideas into actual products. One way of doing this is by stocking all the electronic components that are expected to be the drivers of future innovation. We can help you source the components directly from the manufacturers and suppliers, and deliver them to your location in Denmark.

AddressKnudlundvej 24, 8653 Them, Denmark


From this guide, you have an idea of where to buy electronic components in Denmark, especially when it comes to choosing electronic component stores near your location in Denmark. As long as you fully understand your requirements and needs about the electronic components that you would like to purchase, you can proceed to choose a store that meets your needs to the fullest. An important advice that you should consider when making that choice is to take your time. Don’t be in a rush as you may end up buying from the wrong store, whether it is online or physical store.

In case you would like to import electronic components in China, you should prioritize choosing the right sourcing agent. We at Rantle East Electronics will always be there for you. We are a reliable supplier and sourcing agent for electronic components in the country. Contact us directly and we will facilitate the process of importing electronic components from China to Denmark.

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