20 Electronic Component Store Near Me in Greece

Electronic Component Store Near Me in Greece

Greece has a thriving electronic component market that caters to a wide range of needs, from enthusiasts to industrial demands. The country is home to a broad assortment of electrical component retailers, both real and online, ranging from the bustling streets of Athens to the peaceful corners of Crete and the industrial districts of Thessaloniki. Navigating the environment of these stores may be an experience, whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner. Here is a thorough list of the best electronic component stores in Greece:

Top Electronic Components S.A.

Top Electronic Components S.A.

Top Electronic Components A.E. was founded in 1993 and evolved from its predecessor firms, P. Toumpis & Co. OE, I. Poulos & Co. OE, and A. Tsagogeorgas & Co. OE, which had been engaged in the Greek market since 1973. Initially focusing on the import and distribution of electronic, electrical, and telecommunications equipment, the company has grown into the information technology industry, introducing and distributing computer peripherals.

Their strategic location in Athens, at Alkminis 66, Athina 118 53, Greece, allows their operations both locally and globally. Top Electronic Components A.E. is well-known for its versatility and forward-thinking approach to fulfilling the changing needs of the electronics business.

  • Address: Alkminis 66, Athina 118 53, Greece
  • Website: http://www.topelcom.gr/



acdcshop.gr, which has been in business in Sitia since 1995, increased its reach in 2009 by creating an internet store. They specialize in wholesale and retail sales of electronic gear and tools to specialist businesses as well as individual customers in Greece and abroad. The company is dedicated to staying ahead of market demands by actively participating in the continuous technological transformation of the digital era. Their dedication has established them as one of Crete’s leading enterprises specializing in high-tech applications. Acdcshop.gr, located at Misonos 47, Sitia 723 00, Greece, acts as a critical center for electronic hardware needs, offering a comprehensive range of products to fulfill a variety of demands.

  • Address: Misonos 47, Sitia 723 00, Greece
  • Website: http://www.acdcshop.gr


TECHNOLIN, founded in 2009, is a wholesaler in the automotive electrical and electronic parts and components sector. The company, based in Patra, Greece, provides accessories, parts, and components for industrial equipment and plants, as well as mechanical parts. TECHNOLIN, located at Skyroy, 94263 32 Patra, Greece, services a wide range of sectors by offering a diverse array of electrical and electronic components, accessories, and mechanical parts adapted to their specific requirements.

  • Address: 174 Patission Street112 57 Athens – Greece



GROBOTRONICS STORE is an online retail store based in Athens, Greece, that specializes in the sale of robot parts and electronic components. The company was founded in 2010 with the goal of bridging the robotics and electronics gap in the Greek market.

Recognizing the demand for high-quality products, the company became an official distributor of Arduino products in January 2012, and in June 2012, it expanded its capabilities by becoming an official distributor of Sparkfun products. Their website now includes over 2,500 electronic components, development boards, sensors, tools, and numerous other items, as part of their dedication to diversifying their inventory.

Their global reach is seen in their shipping services, which include international delivery via registered airmail or express carriers such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx. The organization takes pleasure in customer satisfaction, trying to successfully service and meet the needs of clients.

  • Address: Tzortz 26, Athina 106 82, Greece
  • Website: https://www.grobotronics.com/

Smart Kit Electronics

Smart Kit Electronics

Smart Kit Electronics, located at Favierou 6, Athina 104 38, Greece, is a one-stop shop for electronics, hobby items, tools, gadgets, LED lighting, cables, home electronics, remote controls, and batteries. Smart Kit Electronics caters to a wide range of needs, whether you’re looking for DIY project components, household electronics, or specialist tools, making it a useful center for electrical enthusiasts and amateurs alike.Top of Form

  • Address: Favierou 6, Athina 104 38, Greece
  • Website: http://www.smartkit.gr/

Prisma Electronics S.A.

Prisma Electronics S.A.

Prisma Electronics S.A. provides a wide range of services and technology solutions to businesses and organizations. The company specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing IT products, wireless systems, and integrated electronics, and has a dedicated Research and Development department.

Prisma Electronics S.A., based in Northern Greece, serves a diverse range of clients in industries such as agriculture, shipping, museums, defense, ground transportation, and aerospace. The infrastructure of the corporation includes a production plant and headquarters in Alexandroupolis, with Athens serving as the hub for the Research & Development and Sales departments.

Prisma Electronics S.A. also expands its global reach with headquarters in New York, where it oversees Marketing and Sales activities for the American Continent. The company’s complete services and broad customers highlight its status as a significant technology solutions supplier in Greece and globally. It is located at Leof. Dimokratias 85, Alexandroupoli 681 32, Greece.

  • Address: Leof. Dimokratias 85, Alexandroupoli 681 32, Greece
  • Website: https://www.prismaelectronics.eu/index.php/el/

Euronics Greece (Mega Electrics AEBE)

Euronics Greece (Mega Electrics AEBE)

Euronics Greece, a subsidiary of Mega Electrics AEBE, focuses the delivery of modern technical items that improve daily living conditions. With a customer-centric mindset, the organization focuses on recognizing and meeting individual needs in a variety of contexts, including personal, professional, and social.

Their commitment is to providing 100% customer satisfaction by stressing excellent products, competitive prices, and exceptional service. Euronics Greece (Mega Electrics AEBE), located at o 12, Acharnes 136 71, Greece, aspires to improve lives through creative and value-driven technical solutions, thereby improving the quality of life for its clients.Top of Form

  • Address: Δαμάσκου Σταμάτη 12, Acharnes 136 71, Greece
  • Website: https://www.euronics.gr/


MODUS TECHNICA works as an agent/representative in the electrical and electronic components and parts business for commercial vehicles. The corporation, based in Piraeus, Greece, specializes in this industry. MODUS TECHNICA, located in Tsamadou 12, 185 31 Piraeus, Greece, plays an important role in representing and supplying commercial vehicles with electrical and electronic components and parts throughout the region.

  • Address: Tsamadou 12185 31 Piraeus – Greece
  • Website:http://www.modustech.eu/



VRDS INDUSTRIAL is a wholesaler in the electronic components business based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company, located at Sindos Industrial Area, 57022 Thessaloniki, is a prominent player in the region’s supply of electronic components.

Address: Sindos Industrial Area 57022 Thessaloniki – Greece

Website: https://www.vrds-industrial.com/



Axinar SMPC, which was founded in 2010, initially focused on the production of boilers and heating systems. The company has evolved into a leading OEM maker of high-quality metal parts for the machinery industry by mastering metal processing procedures. Axinar, based in northern Greece, has established a reputation as a trusted supplier to major Western European corporations, demonstrating a dedication to delivering exceptional quality.

Axinar is equipped with cutting-edge CNC technology such as lathes, mills, plasma cutters, rollers, and welders, allowing it to produce a varied range of precision metal parts suited to exact requirements. The company efficiently manages orders of various sizes with an annual manufacturing capacity of 3000 tons. Axinar’s aim is to provide high-quality, precision-engineered metal components that exceed client expectations.

Axinar maintains a high level of service by cultivating long-term partnerships built on trust with partners and suppliers. With over a decade of experience, the company focuses in providing unique solutions that are adapted to specific client demands. Furthermore, their production line is designed to meet tight deadlines while maintaining high quality standards.

Axinar SMPC, located at Emm. Panselinou, Industrial Park of Oreokastro 570 13 Thessaloniki, Greece, is a trustworthy provider of precision-engineered metal components committed to exceeding client demands and expectations.

  • Address: Emm. Panselinou, Industrial Park of Oreokastro 570 13 Thessaloniki – Greece
  • Website:https://www.axinar.com/


MOBILE COMMUNICATION CENTER S.A., founded in 1996, is a manufacturer/producer in the active electronic components business. The company is located in Piraeus, Greece, at 76a, Filonos & Skouze Str, 185 35 Piraeus. MOBILE COMMUNICATION CENTER S.A. contributes to the industry landscape by specializing in active electronic components and serving the region.

  • Address: 76a, Filonos & Skouze Str185 35 Piraeus – Greece


AUTOELECTRICA, based in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, specializes in trading and servicing automotive components such as alternators, starters, stators, fuel pumps,  lighting systems, slip rings, batteries,  rectifiers, rotors, and more. They are also quite good at refurbishing ancient alternators and starters. AUTOELECTRICA provides shipping services within the EU zone upon request, catering to consumers in the region’s automobile electrical demands. Mafsolou 20, 716 01 Heraklion, Greece is their address.

  • Address: Mafsolou 202716 01 Heraklion – Greece



RIBAS.GR is a service provider in the automotive electrical and electronic parts and components business, as well as GPS systems. The company is based in Ptolemaida, Greece, and can be found at 25hs martioy, 80502 00 Ptolemaida. RIBAS.GR responds to the different demands of its clientele in the region by specializing in vehicle electrical and electronic components as well as GPS solutions.

  • Address: 25hs martioy 80502 00 Ptolemaida – Greece
  • Website:http://ribas.gr/



ELECTROTRUST SA is a wholesaler in the electronics import-export market that was founded in 1985. The company, based in Kessariani, Greece, specialized in industrial electronic components and electric wires. ELECTROTRUST SA, with an emphasis on import-export operations, is a key player in the distribution of electrical components and electric wires throughout the region.

  • Address: 25, Iroon Skopeftiriou Str161 21 Kessariani – Greece
  • Website:http://www.electrotrust.gr/



KOUROUKLIDIS KONSTANTINOS is a retailer specializing in car electrical and electronic components and parts. Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, their product line includes spotlights, motor vehicle generators, and starter motors. The company, located at KERDILLION 6, 546 27 Thessaloniki, Greece, supports the automobile sector by providing a variety of electrical components and parts, as well as supplemental items such as spotlights, generators, and starter motors.

  • Address: KERDILLION 6546 27 Thessaloniki – Greece
  • Website:https://www.kourouklidis.gr/


TECHNOLIN, founded in 2009, is a wholesaler in the automotive electrical and electronic parts and components sector. The company, based in Patra, Greece, provides accessories, parts, and components for industrial equipment and plants, as well as mechanical parts. TECHNOLIN, located at Skyroy, 94263 32 Patra, Greece, services a wide range of sectors by offering a diverse array of electrical and electronic components, accessories, and mechanical parts adapted to their specific requirements.Top of Form

  • Address: skyroy 94263 32 Patra – Greece


KARRAS GEORGE LTD, founded in 1985, is a wholesaler in the electrical and electronic components and parts market for cars. The company is located in Thessaloniki, Greece, at 124 Monastiriou Street, 46 27 Thessaloniki. KARRAS GEORGE LTD operates in the automotive industry landscape in the region, specializing in the provision of electrical and electronic components for automobiles.

  • Address: 124, Monastiriou Street 46 27 Thessaloniki – Greece
  • Website:http://www.gkarras.gr/



GKARAZOPORTES ROLA is a manufacturer/producer in the electrical and electronic parts and components business for automobiles. Furthermore, the corporation is involved in the industries of automatic dispenser’s aid and automatic car parks. GKARAZOPORTES ROLA, based in Athens, Greece, manufactures automobile components and contributes to the region’s automatic dispenser’s assistance and automatic car parks industries.

  • Address: Alios 9, 11528, Athens115 28 Athens – Greece
  • Website:http://garazoportes-rolla.gr/

Online stores

Future Electronics Greece

Future Electronics Greece

Future Electronics, a worldwide recognized company, has created a strong presence in Greece by providing superior supply chain solutions, market information, engineering experience, and cutting-edge products. Their success can be credited to a specialized sales force that is easily accessible via a click or call, with the goal of bringing product ideas to life. Future Electronics, a market leader, offers comprehensive support and solutions to its clients in Greece, encouraging creativity and success.

Mouser Electronics Greece

Mouser Electronics Greece

Mouser Electronics stands out in Greece as a provider with the world’s largest inventory of semiconductors and electronic components. Their broad inventory meets a wide range of needs in the electronics sector, providing a wide range of components to support a variety of projects, innovations, and technical developments. Mouser Electronics is a go-to source for semiconductors and electronic components in Greece, covering the needs of professionals, enthusiasts, and industries alike, with a focus to delivering a wide range of solutions.


The landscape of electronic component stores in Greece showcased here is just a glimpse of the thriving market catering to diverse needs across regions, industries, and skill levels. Whether you’re a hobbyist, student, engineer, or professional, exploring these stores unveils a world of possibilities for your electronic pursuits. Greece, with its array of specialized components and comprehensive solutions, offers abundant choices.

When it comes to electronic components, Rantle East Electronic is here to assist you every step of the way. Share your requirements, and let us be your guide in sourcing exactly what you need to bring your ideas to life. Explore the endless potential of electronic components with Rantle – your partner in innovation.

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