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Electronic circuit developers in Indonesia face a myriad of challenges during product development. One of the key problems is the availability of electronic components. In as much as this may sound to be a non-issue, it is a key determinant to the success of the project.  Some components are hard to find. In some cases, the available components may not meet the technical specifications of the electric circuit that you are building. Also, walking from one store to another looking for components may not be the easiest job that you can do.

The good news is we have a perfect solution for you. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best electronic component stores in Indonesia.  At the end of it all you will be in a perfect position to choose the right store that will meet your needs.



DigiKey is a global online shop for electronic components. Indonesia is one of the countries from which you can easily shop for electronic components at DigiKey. The brand provides a massive collection of electronic components used in different application areas.  You can be sure of finding any type of component that you need, no matter how complex your application may be.

Customer service is among the strongest points of DigiKey. It does pretty well when it comes to helping customers buy and use the electronic components that they have purchased.  We have engineers who specialize in providing much-needed technical support. Also, you cannot ignore how easy it is to buy electronic components at DigiKey and get them delivered to your location in Indonesia. All you need is to create an account on the store’s website and purchase the component that you want.



While SparkFun is an American company, it has the full capacity to supply all types of electronic components worldwide. The company is mainly known for supporting DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and is supported by the community of electronic enthusiasts. So, if you are doing some DIY projects in Indonesia, it will be wise to consider SparkFun. You are likely to get full support from the design to the implementation of the project. The site also supplies tools for carrying out such projects. You will also find complete tutorials and guides on how to implement electronic projects on the site.

One of the main reasons why you should choose SparkFun is the wide range of products available on the site. Whether you want integrated circuits, sensors, connectors, switches, or even regulators, you will find them at SparkFun.  The community environment is another factor that should motivate you to buy components at SparkFun. You can always consult other members of the community when it comes to finding the right electronic component, no matter how complex your project may be.  The fact that SparkFun supports fast shipping of components to Indonesia should be among the key motivators for buying your components on the website.



When you need semiconductor chips or ICs in Indonesia, you should be able to find them. This is where FindChips comes in. It is a global supplier of high-end electronic components, including semiconductor chips. The website gives you the power to make instant comparisons of different components and get quick results. It is a go-to platform for agile developers or those who want to build products and deliver them within short timeframes.

With the platform’s parametric search feature, you will compare the features and prices of the components that you would like to buy.  The feature will even give you a list of suppliers that are stocking the components. An efficient inventory management feature makes it easy to track the movements of the products on the site.



Ubuy is an online shopping platform that is custom-made for Indonesians. It stocks a wide range of products and you can easily find the right electronic components you need for your applications. Even though it is an international online store, it customizes most of its features to meet the needs of local shoppers. For example, you will be assured of getting the best customer experience.

As an international store, Ubuy enjoys a wide network of global electronic component suppliers. It stocks all types of electronic components from different suppliers across the world. You don’t have to worry about importing electronic components to Indonesia as we are capable of doing the job for you. If you need ICs, resistors, PCBs, or any other component, contact us; we will gladly deliver.

Rantle East Electronic

Importing electronic components from  China to Indonesia will always be a viable option, especially when you are keen on the variety, quality, and price of the components. Rantle should be your top priority when it comes to buying electronic components in China. Rantle has been in this business for many years and the fact that it specializes in electronic components means that you will be dealing with experts in the industry. With experience, you willed up getting the best customer services from the brand-whether technical or non-technical assistance.

One area that Rantle has done pretty well is guaranteeing the availability of electronic components for sale. Since this is a China-based company, it has direct connections to the manufacturers of these components.  It sources from the world’s best manufacturers before distributing to the market. Additionally, Rantle operates as an electronic component sourcing agent in China. We accept requests from customers and help them to source the best electronic components directly from the manufacturer. Do you have a special request or a customized component? We will also meet your needs.

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics is a USA-based company that is enjoying quite a massive popularity in Indonesia, especially from electronic enthusiasts. Commercial players in the industry such as electronic device manufacturers also trust Arrow Electronics when it comes to the delivery of quality electronic components in Indonesia. While this is an online store, it has physical offices in Indonesia. This means that you can walk into their offices and have a one-on-one consultation regarding the electronic components that you would like to buy.

The physical presence of Arrow Electronics in Indonesia means that you will get the best customer support regarding electronic components. The many years of experience is another top reason that should draw you towards Arrow. Started in 1973,  the brand has built solid networks and relationships with both manufacturers and customers.

Arrow Electronics Asia (S) Pte Ltd Spaces, World Trade Center 3, 3rd Floor Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29 – 31, Jakarta

RS Components

RS Components

It always feels safe to buy from the world’s best electronic component suppliers. This is exactly what RS Components Indonesia promises to deliver. As a global brand, RS has quite a significant footprint in Indonesia. The company has built its name to be among the most trusted suppliers of electronic components.  As long as you are looking for components in Indonesia, you are likely to enjoy numerous benefits of buying from RS Components.

One reason for choosing the RS brand is the availability of the components. As a big name in the industry, the company stocks a wide variety of electronic components. No matter how big or small your application may be, you will find the right component that will suit your needs. Whether you want passive electronic components or automation tools for your project, you can be sure of finding them at RS Components. With an expansive network in Indonesia, you are guaranteed of timely delivery of the components.



There is no doubt that Alibaba is the biggest online shop for all types of products. Given the versatility of this brand, we can confidently state that you are likely to find quality electronic components in this store. The size of Alibaba gives it full capacity to support different forms of trading online. Here, you will find both B2B and B2C types of business operations. So, if you are a business that intends to buy electronic components in bulk, the store will be your perfect fit. Individual buyers can also purchase components at the store though it all depends on the limitations placed by the specific suppliers.

One advantage of buying at Alibaba is access to a variety of components.  The size of the brand will give you the freedom to buy any type of electronic component. You will also be able to compare what different suppliers and distributors have and their prices. As a precautionary measure, pay attention to each supplier that is listed on the site. Check their reviews and even contact them directly.



Just like Alibaba, Amazon is another giant e-commerce store from which you can buy different types of electronic components. It is easy to buy a piece of electronic component at Amazon and get it shipped straight to your location in Indonesia. As a big e-commerce store, Amazon boasts of variety and versatility. You will find any type of electronic component that you need for your project.

The ability to compare what different customers have is another desirable feature of Amazon. You can check the reviews and ratings of the suppliers before buying from them. Does Amazon ship electronic components to Indonesia? Yes, most products can be shipped to Indonesia, however, you also need to check and confirm as there are some unique cases where the product may not be shipped.

Element 14

Element 14

Element14 is an American-based company that mainly specializes in the distribution of hardware and technological components. It also does the design and manufacturing of some of these components. Clines of prefer to have customized electronic components usually choose Element14 for such services. Although the company’s head office is based in North America, it has placed its subsidiaries in different parts of the world including in Asia Pacific countries such as Indonesia.

Element14 makes it easy for customers to buy electronic components online thanks to its interactive and responsive website. You can choose the local language and currency when browsing through the site.  The company has built its reputation on community engagement. It hosts an online forum where electronic enthusiasts come together to share their ideas on different topics related to electronic projects. You can also get some tips on how to purchase and utilize the latest electronic components. Element14 works closely with top electronic components manufacturers and customers are assured of quality products.



eBay is one of the largest global marketplaces for electronic components. It brings together suppliers from different parts of the world to sell their electronic components. Since this is a big name, it allows shipping products to different destinations, including Indonesia.  However, just like other marketplaces, you should pay attention to every fine detail of the suppliers.

Martha Electronics

Martha Electronics is an Indonesian-based company that specializes in the manufacturing of PCBs and the distribution of raw materials and components that are used for manufacturing printed circuit boards. Starting in 1995, the company has achieved some significant milestones in producing various components that are used in PCB production. It has gone to the extent of distributing raw materials to other major manufacturers in the industry. The company is known for using Precision CNC Drilling Technology to produce its PCBs. This technology is known for its high levels of accuracy and efficiency.

By buying electronic components from Martha Electronics, you are assured of quality, efficiency, and reliability. As we have seen, the company utilizes some of the world’s best manufacturing techniques to produce its products such as PCBs. Reliability stems from the fact that Martha Electronics produces high-quality PCBs. Also, the capacity to produce PCBs from scratch, means that the manufacturer can modify and customize PCB components according to the needs of the client. As long as you are in Indonesia, you can contact the company for custom electronic components. Being a local manufacturer, you should expect the best services.

Tambak Osowilangun No. 35 Blok C/17-18, Tambak Langon, Kec. Asem Rowo, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60191, Indonesia

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is another global brand that has the full potential of meeting your electronic component needs in Indonesia. It is a go-to distributor of semiconductor components and most manufacturers choose it because of several reasons. At the top of the list is the company’s distribution capacity. It stocks all types of electronic components. Whether you want active or passive components, you will find them here. The company also supplies discrete semiconductors for different application areas.

With 24 offices located around the globe, you can be sure of a streamlined supply and distribution chain from the company. This is accompanied by an elaborate customer service.  Our main global distribution center is manned by a state-of-the-art wireless warehouse management system that ensures all the orders are dispatched timely. With more than 3700 employees globally, you can be sure of adequate, if not the best customer care services from the brand.



Freetronics is an online store that specializes in distributing Arduino-compatible electronic parts and components.  Even though the brand has curated its business model to meet the needs of hobbyists and learners, it still has the capacity to satisfy the needs of commercial buyers. This means that you can still order electronic components in bulk and the company will deliver.

In terms of the product range, Freetronics distributes a wide range of electronic products suitable for different application areas. The primary product of the company is the development of Arduino boards.  The company also supplies sensors and other essential accessories that hobbyists and learners need.

The open-source philosophy of the company paves the way for many other partners to make their contributions to different projects that are run by the company. Freetronics also publishes numerous educational materials that learners and hobbyists can use for building different projects.

Seed Studio

Seed Studio

Seed Studio is another respected brand in the field of electronics.  The company specializes in distributing open-source components that are essential in the development of electronic projects. It also supplies tools, equipment, and platforms that are needed in such production environments.

If you are keen on building products to be used in the Internet of Things, Seeds Studio could be your perfect companion. Of late the brand has been expanding to supply components for technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. It manufactures PCBs while at the same time providing CNC milling services to its clients.

Seed Studio is driven by the need and desire to make technology accessible to all.  One way of achieving this goal is by supplying and distributing different types of electronic components at reasonable prices. Being a China-based company means that you will find literally everything under one roof.  The company has elaborate quality, control, and inspection departments that ensure only the best components reach the market. The location also makes it easy for the company to ship components from China to Indonesia.


When it comes to buying electronic components locally, you should consider DigiWare. This is a popular store that specializes in electronic components that are directly related to the fields of microprocessors, sensors, microcontrollers, robotics, wireless systems, embedded systems, and signal processors among others. While the company’s vision is to become a global brand, it is making significant steps in establishing its presence in Indonesia.

Since it was founded DigiWare has always been a customer-oriented brand. It has been focusing on making electronic components accessible to customers, including the hard-to-find components. The company enjoys a broad network of global suppliers, a  key factor that has contributed to its ballooning catalog. To support the rapid development of electronic components, DigiWare   has been focused on the fast shipping of its electronic components

Ngagel Jaya Selatan St Komplek Ruko RMI i No.22, Baratajaya, Gubeng, Surabaya, East Java 60284, Indonesia

We have just discussed the stores where you should consider buying electronic components in Indonesia. Some are online stores while others are physical stores. So, which one should you choose? There are several factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing the best electronic components stores.

The first thing that you should consider is your product requirements. You know the kind of product that you are planning to build and its technical requirements.  It will be a best idea to list down all the requirements such as functions and power features of the product. It is also at this stage that you should be able to decide whether you are buying electronic components for personal use or commercial applications. Your requirements will determine the kind of electronic component store that you should choose to work with in Indonesia.

Now that you know what you need, you can proceed to analyze the location of the electronic component store in Indonesia. It is always wise to choose a store that is near you as this will ease the burden when it comes to dealing with logistics. However, with the popularity of e-commerce, you may consider buying electronic components online in Indonesia. This will be an ideal method, especially when you consider that most international brands supply their components online.

Now that you know what you want and the kind of store that is suited to deliver, the next step is to buy the electronic component. Here, you only need to ensure that the store gives easy and the most convenient ways of buying electronic components in Indonesia.


I hope that with this guide, you will be able to choose the best electronic component store near me in Indonesia. You can also use the guidance and tips that we have given on what you should look out for when selecting the right store for your electronic components.

While looking for the best stores in Indonesia, you may also consider importing electronic components from China to Indonesia.  After all, by choosing to buy in China, you are assured of a wide variety and affordability. If this is what you plan to do, then consider using Rantle Electronics. We are a reputable global supplier of electronic components. We can ship from China to any location in the world. Contact us and we will source the components and then deliver them to your location in Indonesia.

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