19 Electronic Component Store Near Me In Portugal

Electronic Component Store Near Me In Portugal

Portugal, with its rich history and vibrant culture, is also home to a thriving electronic component industry. For engineers, inventors, students, and technology enthusiasts alike, having access to a reliable electronic component store is crucial for turning ideas into reality. In this article, we will explore some of the prominent electronic component stores in Portugal, providing a comprehensive guide for those seeking high-quality components for their projects.

Arrow Electronics Portugal

Arrow Electronics Portugal

Arrow Electronics stands out as a global provider of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions, serving over 180,000 leading manufacturers worldwide. With a network of more than 302 locations, Arrow Electronics Portugal, located at Av. da Boavista 1847, 4100-116 Porto, is a key player in the industry, offering a wide range of products and services for both industrial and commercial markets.

  • Address: Av. da Boavista 1847, 4100-116 Porto, Portugal
  • Website: http://www.arrow.com/



Founded in 2010, PTRobotics operates as a startup following a LEAN business model. Situated at Praca do Relogio 15 Loja 3, 2635-457 Rio de Mouro, this electronic component store aims to democratize access to technology for engineers, teachers, inventors, and technology enthusiasts. Boasting over 7000 references in stock and representing renowned brands, PTRobotics is a go-to destination for those seeking materials to bring their ideas to life.

  • Address: Praca do Relogio 15 Loja 3, 2635-457 Rio de Mouro, Portugal
  • Website: https://www.ptrobotics.com/

Vishay Portugal

Vishay Portugal

As a global manufacturer of semiconductors and passive electronic components, Vishay Portugal, located at R. Magalhães Lima 256, 4760-363 Vilarinho das Cambas, specializes in diodes, MOSFETs, optoelectronics, resistors, inductors, and capacitors. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Vishay is a reliable source for high-performance electronic components.

  • Address: R. Magalhães Lima 256, 4760-363 Vilarinho das Cambas, Portugal
  • Website: http://www.vishay.com/



TE connectors and sensors from TYCO ELECTRONICS find their way into various devices, providing reliable data, power, sensing, and connectivity. Situated at Estr. de Almeirim, 7005-797 Évora, TYCO ELECTRONICS COMPONENTS ELECTRO-LDA plays a vital role in ensuring robust electronic connections, even in the harshest environments.

  • Address: Estr. de Almeirim, 7005-797 Évora, Portugal
  • Website: http://www.te.com/evora/

J. Rome, Ltd

J. Rome, Ltd

  1. ROMA, Lda. is a company that was started in 1919 to sell test and measurement equipment to business, industry, and services, as well as educational tools for science classes and professional training.
  • Address: Praça da Figueira 12, 1100-241 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Website: http://www.jroma.pt/

Mixtronica With Electronic Material Ltd

Mixtronica With Electronic Material Ltd

Mixtrónica, founded in Coimbra in 2000, breathes new life into the electronics industry. Despite being a young squad, they have almost a decade of experience in the field.

Their products range from loudspeakers to batteries, power supplies, educational kits, and critical electronic components. They are committed to offering supplies for electronics education and have a global supplier network, notably in Asia, which allows them to offer reasonable costs.

Mixtrónica, located in Urb. Do Loreto Lt 6 Lojas 4/5, 3025-037 Coimbra, Portugal, is a thriving hub for electronic components and technology that drives innovation through accessibility and low pricing.

  • Address: Urb. Do Loreto Lt 6 Lojas 4/5, 3025-037 Coimbra, Portugal
  • Website: http://www.mixtronica.com/

Chiptec Lisboa

Chiptec Lisboa

The company began operations in Montijo in November 1996, providing computer equipment at reasonable costs and focusing solely on commerce and technical help in the Montijo region.

  • Address: Campo dos Mártires da Pátria 114, 1150-227 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Website: http://www.chiptec.net/



FXautomation specializes in increasing manufacturing output and is based at Nucleo Emp. da Crel, Estrada Pinteus, Edf. M, 2660-194 Santo Anto do Tojal, Portugal. Their machines are designed to boost output, assisting firms in maintaining worldwide market competitiveness.

  • Address: Nucleo Emp. da Crel, Estrada Pinteus, Edf. M, 2660-194 Santo Antão do Tojal, Portugal
  • Website: https://www.fxautomation.com/



HHO Plus Limited specializes on the development of hydrogen generators and related electronic devices, particularly hydrogen carbon cleaning equipment made entirely in Europe with European components. These devices effectively remove carbon deposits from engines, increasing engine power by 10% and lowering fuel consumption by 11% to 28% across various automobile models.

Furthermore, they reduce dangerous exhaust gas emissions by 50% to 70%, delivering a safer and more environmentally friendly driving experience. Their technology works with all gasoline automobiles and engine components. The company provides specialized customer support for inquiries and installation instructions five days a week, assuring a smooth experience for those looking for efficient and ecologically responsible solutions for their automobiles.

  • Address: Rua Manuel Joaquim Afonso Lote 12430-837 Vieira De Leiria – Portugal
  • Website:https://hhoplus.com/



Cablotec – Cablagens e Sistemas, LDA, founded in 1992, is a manufacturing firm specializing in electric cables, electrical and electronic components, railroad cabling, electrical installation components and systems, and electrical systems. The company, headquartered in Abrunheira-Sintra, Portugal, is a prominent participant in the provision of diverse electrical systems and components across multiple industries.

  • Address: Zona Industrial da AbrunheiraQuinta do lavi – edificio 3 2710-089 Abrunheira-Sintra – Portugal
  • Website:https://www.cablotec.com/



  1. Fonseca, S.A., founded in 1978, works primarily as an agent/representative in the active electronic components business. Furthermore, the company’s operations are expanding into the industrial automation and vocational training areas. F. Fonseca, S.A., based in Aveiro, Portugal, is a key representative in the electronic components and allied industries, making important contributions to the industrial automation and vocational training sectors.
  • Address: EsgueiraRua Joao Francisco Do Casal, 87/89 3800-266 Aveiro – Portugal
  • Website:http://www.ffonseca.com/



  1. Fonseca, S.A., founded in 1978, is principally an agent representative in the active electronic components sector. Furthermore, the corporation expands its operations into the industrial automation and vocational training sectors. With its headquarters in Aveiro, Portugal, F. Fonseca, S.A. plays an important role as a representative in the electronic components and allied industries, making substantial contributions to the industrial automation and vocational training sectors.
  • Address: Rua Francisco Sá Carneiro, 304595-484 Paços De Ferreira – Portugal
  • Website:http://www.essani.pt/



ITEC – Iberiana Technical, founded in 2006, is a distributor that specializes in electrical and electronic components. ITEC, headquartered in Braga, Portugal, is a key player in the distribution and supply of critical components in the electrical and electronic sectors.

  • Address: Rua da Quintã, Lotes 13Frossos 4700-154 Braga – Portugal
  • Website:http://www.itec.pt/



Established in 2010, SKYSYS, Soluçes Integradas, LDA is a manufacturer/producer in the Electrical & Electronic Components market. This company not only manufactures electronic components but also electronic devices, electronic switchgear, and electronic blackboards. SKYSYS, headquartered in Navais, Portugal, is a major producer of electronic solutions for a variety of industries.

  • Address: Rua Nacional 13, 193Póvoa De Varzim4495-204 Navais – Portugal
  • Website:https://www.skysys.pt/


SPINDLE – Sociedade Portuguesa de Equipamentos Industriais, LDA, founded in 2000, is a manufacturer/producer specializing in electric and electronic components for manufacturing machinery. In addition, the company is involved in the industrial plumbing and expansion compensators industries. SPINDLE, headquartered in Lisboa, Portugal, is committed to creating machinery and components critical to the manufacturing industry, with a focus on electric and electronic components, as well as operations in industrial pipelines and expansion compensators.

  • Address: Rua Helena Felix, 8 Escritorio 11600-121 Lisboa – Portugal



NAUTEL – Sistemas Eletrónicos, LDA. was founded in 1990 as a reseller of passive electronic components and printed circuit boards. NAUTEL, headquartered in Lisboa, Portugal, is a key player in the distribution of these critical components in the electronic sector.

  • Address: Rua Fernão Mendes Pinto, 461400-146 Lisboa – Portugal
  • Website:http://www.nautel.pt/



ASPCK PORTUGAL, S.A., founded in 1976, is a manufacturer/producer specializing in automobile spare parts. The company also works with automobiles, notably electrical and electronic components, headlights for motor vehicles, LED lighting for vehicles, and photometry. ASPCK PORTUGAL, S.A., based in Cucujaes, Portugal, is a key player in the production of numerous components and parts for automobiles, with a particular emphasis on their electrical and lighting systems.

  • Address: Zona Industrial de Rebordões Rua do paraíso – apartado 131 3721-908 Cucujaes – Portugal
  • Website:https://www.aspoeck.com/en



TORRES & CUNHA-PEAS AUTO, LDA., founded in 1996, is a retailer in the automotive electrical and electronic components and parts market. This company also sells electrical and electronic parts for cars, as well as mechanical components and parts for vehicles, car accessories, and mechanical parts. TORRES & CUNHA-PEAS AUTO, LDA., with headquarters in Trofa, Portugal, is a key player in the selling of a varied range of car components and accessories, including both electrical and mechanical aspects.

  • Address: Rua Abade Inácio Pimentel, Nr. 2084785-273 Trofa – Portugal
  • Website:https://www.torrescunha.pt/


COMPONENTES ROBTICA – BOX ELECTRNICA is a store that specializes in software business management. The company also works in the electronic components and electronic switchgear industries. COMPONENTES ROBTICA – BOX ELECTRNICA is a retailing company based in Porto, Portugal, that specializes in software for business administration as well as electronic components and switchgear.

  • Address: Travessa De Monte Louro, Nº154250-322 Porto – Portugal

Helpful Tips When Sourcing Electronic Components

List Your Needs

  • Specifications: Make sure you are clear about your project’s features, functions, and technology needs. Knowing the details will help you choose the right parts.
  • Compatibility: Make sure that the parts you pick will work with the technologies or systems you already have. To make sure they work together, look for datasheets and technical specs.

Quality Is Important

  • Being reliable: Choose parts that have been shown to be reliable in the past. Quality parts may cost more at first, but they usually work better and last longer, which lowers your long-term costs.
  • Testing and Certification: Look for parts that have been through a lot of testing and meet industry standards or licenses. This makes sure of their quality and dependability.

Look Into And Compare

  • More than one supplier: Check out several suppliers to see not only their prices but also the goods they offer, how long it takes to ship, how easy it is to return items, and how helpful their customer service is. Check for reviews and scores to get an idea of how trustworthy and well-known they are.
  • Diversity of Components: Look at suppliers that give a lot of different parts. This variety could help with future projects or changes that come up in the current job.

Talk To Experts

  • Forums and the community: Join online communities, forums, or groups that are specific to your business. Ask people with a lot of experience for help. They can give you great tips and insights.
  • Technical help: Give suppliers with good technical help more weight. Talking to experts directly can clear up any questions and make sure the right parts are chosen.

Think About Future Growth

  • Scalability: Choose parts that can be upgraded or changed in the future. By planning for scalability, you can avoid becoming obsolete and avoid having to do a full rebuild when you upgrade.

See If There Is Warranty And Support

  • Help for Customers: Check out how good the supplier’s customer service is. In case of problems or questions, quick and expert help can be very important.
  • Guarantee: Look for parts that have a guarantee that makes sense. If something breaks, a warranty guarantees that you will get a new one or your money back.

Stay Up To Date

  • Trends in the area: Keep your skills up to date on new technologies, innovations, and trends in your field. You can stay up to date on the latest developments by subscribing to newsletters, going to classes, or reading trade magazines.
  • Remember that the market for electronic parts is very varied and changes very quickly. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to make better choices that will help your projects succeed and be more efficient while also cutting costs and improving performance.


The collective efforts of these electronic component stores in Portugal mark a significant contribution to the nation’s technological advancement. Their unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and diverse offerings positions Portugal as a dynamic force within the global technology sphere. When seeking electronic components, it’s crucial to consult with seasoned experts in the field. Connect with Rantle today, and let us elevate the success of your projects with our expertise and quality components. Step into a field of seamless innovation and reliability with Rantle East Electronic by your side.

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