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Electronic Component Store Near Me In Spain

What is the best store to buy electronic components in Sweden? And in case it is for an online store, you are likely to ask what is the best website to find high-quality electronic components in Sweden. Where you buy matters because you would like to end up with high-quality electronic components, also, your focus should be a store near your location as this will save the time and effort that you need to buy the components. For instance, you won’t have to worry about the shipping fee or even the delivery timelines. Well, we have good news for you. In this guide, we are going to break down the top electronic component stores near you in Sweden.

Are you a hobbyist who is trying to build electronics? Are you a commercial entity that relies on electronic components for your business? Or, are you an enthusiast who is just getting into the field of electronics? This guide is perfect for you. As long as you are in Sweden and need the components, you will find any of these stores relevant.

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics (UK) Ltd

Arrow Electronics is a global store that specializes in supplying innovative products. Electronic components are among the products that you can get from the company. Since the brand has a good footing in Sweden, you should consider it among the top choices of electronic component stores in Sweden. Arrow Electronics works with over 210,000 leading manufacturers and suppliers in the world of technology and innovation.  Rising and even established innovators prefer getting their electronic components from the brand. In 2022 alone, the brand had total sales of up to $37 billion. With a broad range of electronic components, it will be easy to find the exact electronic components that you need for your application.

Electrokit Sweden AB

Since 2004, Electrokit has been in the business of providing its clients in Sweden with quality electronic components, kits, and measuring instruments. Our range of customers includes companies that build electronic devices, schools that teach electronics, and private individuals who are undertaking various electronic projects. In short, we have the full capacity to meet the needs of different customers. We are a Swedish-owned company and our warehouse is in Sweden. You can easily visit us and pick the electronic components that you need.

We are driven by the theme of making electronic components affordable in Sweden. Come to us with your budget and you will get any component that will meet your needs. Would you like to buy electronic components online? You can still do so on our website. We have a caring employee in Malmo and they will ensure that you get what you want.

AddressVästkustvägen 7, 211 24 Malmö, Sweden


Started in a small apartment in central Stockholm, Webhallen has grown to be a major electronic components store in Sweden. It also stocks other electronic hardware and even complete devices. Even as the brand has been continuously expanding its portfolio, it has retained its original values which were to meet the needs of the clients at reasonable cost. It is a store that guarantees you quality yet affordable electronic components in Sweden. The brand is also driven by a strong passion for technology. Today, the brand has up to 17 stores spread across Sweden.  You can easily pick a Webhallen store near you.

AddressSveavägen 39, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden

Kjell & Company

Kjell & Company is one of the most trusted brands in Sweden when it comes to electronics.  The store was started 30 years ago and has extensive experience in the electronics industry. Started as a family business, the brand has evolved to become a major player that boasts of having at least 142 physical stores. With 30 years in this business, we have enough knowledge that you can rely on when it comes to the supply and distribution of electronic components in the country.

We stock a large assortment of electronic components that are relevant in different application areas. It does not matter what you intend to build, as long as you will need the components, we will give you the right solutions. We source our components from top manufacturers in the world, a factor that guarantees the availability and quality of electronic components. We regularly update our inventory with new components in the market. Our salespersons are ready to give you maximum help whenever you seek any information that you want concerning buying electronic components in Sweden.

AddressKungsgatan 41-43, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden


TekLager is a Stockholm-based online store that specializes in selling premium-quality electronic components for networking applications. Of course, you can use the components for other communication-related applications. We sell hard-to-find components that you will not find anywhere in Sweden.

The company was started by experienced programmers who were passionate about technology and computer networking. They understand how hard it is to find hardware components in this field and that is why they opted to fill this gap. They source parts directly from manufacturers in China and supply them in Sweden. You don’t have to worry about importing the components by yourself. The company’s business model is perfectly curated for small businesses and electronic enthusiasts.

AddressCatalinavägen 5, 183 68 Täby, Sweden

EG Electronics Sweden

From the concept to the delivery of the products, we are committed to giving you the right solutions for your electronic applications. We work closely with selected manufacturers and suppliers in the world to deliver quality electronic components in Sweden.  We import directly from our vendors worldwide, a factor that ensures you get the best price for electronic components. Additionally, we have a fully-fledged production department that produces components, connectors, and cabling components.

Our experience in the industry keeps us floating. With over 90 years of experience, you can trust us to deliver whichever component you need.  You can also trust us when it comes to logistics and customer support services that are related to buying electronic components in Sweden.

Address: Fagerstagatan 3, 163 53 Spånga, Sweden

Rantle East Electronic


Importing electronic components from China to Sweden should always be your top priority, especially when you want to buy in bulk at reasonable prices. This is where Rantle East Electronics comes in. We are a global supplier of electronic components in China. We stock different types of components including ICs, PCBs, and active and passive components. Whichever electronic component you are looking for in Sweden, be sure to find it at Rantle East Electronics. This includes hard-to-find components and even obsolete electronics. We are wondering about where to start from. Our customer service is always there to offer help, including giving technical assistance in different areas of electronics.


Elgiganten is an electronics store in Sweden whose primary goal is to help everyone enjoy amazing technology. This help starts with availing the required electronic components that are used for developing technological products.  Whether you are a company or you are an independent electronic enthusiast, you can contact us for different electronic components in Sweden. We are the largest electronics retailer in Nordic countries and have stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. All these stores are fully stocked with modern components though you will still find the obsolete components that will meet your needs. The company is run by a team of engineers and business managers, meaning that you will get technical support as well as customer support. Other than walking to the store, you can also buy electronic components online.

AddressKungsgatan 12-14, 111 35 Stockholm, Sweden

Velocity Electronics

Velocity Electronics

Velocity Electronic is a trusted source of quality electronic components in Sweden. We are your trusted global electronic components distributor in the country. We are also a trusted sourcing partner, meaning that we can source the components from the manufacturers and have them delivered to your location. We have been mentioned among the fastest-growing semiconductor companies to watch in 2023. This is proof of our capacity and dedication to meeting the needs of our clients.

Our operations go beyond sourcing components. We also conduct inspection and testing to ensure the components meet the industry-set standards. We have experienced quality inspectors who conduct all the activities that pertain to testing the quality and reliability of the components. We are fully certified by relevant bodies in the electronic industry. We have published learning resources on our website that you can use to learn more about electronics.

TTI Europe

TTI is a multinational electronic component supplier in Europe. We specialize in interconnect, passive electrochemical, and discrete components. All these are relevant in the modern world of electronics.  As a global brand, TTI has offices in Europe from where you can place orders for the electronic components that you would like to purchase.

Our mission is to be the most preferred electronics distributor in the region. We aim to achieve this by supplying quality electronics components at reasonable prices and in good time. It is through continuous improvement that we aim to exceed our customer expectations. We have a team of hardworking and experienced engineers who are always willing to provide maximum support in the field of electronics. We have partnered with the best brands on the global scene to facilitate constant supply and distribution of electronic components.

 Address: TTI Electronics Nordic AB First Office Åby Arenaväg 8A431 62 Mölndal Sweden


DigiKey Spain

DigiKey is a global online platform that is designed to enhance the accessibility of electronic components. You should consider using it if at all you are planning to buy electronic components in Sweden. It is an all-in-one website that makes it easy to find any type of electronic component, whether it is active, passive, or even electrochemical components.

DigiKey’s website is embedded with numerous features that make it easy to search and access various types of components. For example, you can use the search feature to browse and compare different components and their prices. The online store has dedicated employees who provide the technical support that customers need. DigiKey is always updating its website with new electronic components, a move that encourages innovation and invention.


For over 100 years, Kemet has been actively involved in the supply and distribution chains of electronic components in Sweden.  We specialize in components that are used in unique application areas such as spacecraft, military equipment, and other elements that make up the space exploration industry. Given the nature of the industries that we serve, we are more specific with where we source the components. They should meet the technical requirements for their application areas. If you are building a sophisticated application and you are not sure of where to get those hard-to-find components, consider making us your partners.

Address: Thörnblads väg 6, 386 90 Färjestaden, Sweden

Mouser Electronics Sweden

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is also a global name that is quite popular in Sweden. The brand is known for providing a wide range of electronic components that are relevant in every other area of electronics. Bing a global name, Mouser has partnered with other major names in the industry to ensure that customers get high-quality electronic components at all times. You can easily buy the components through the website or you can choose to visit the physical store in Malmo, Sweden.

Address: Jungmansgatan 12, Floor 9, 211 11 Malmö, Sweden


There you have it! You have many options when it comes to choosing electronic components in Sweden. Each store that we have discussed has the full potential of meeting your needs; whether you want electronic components in bulk or you want to buy single pieces of electronic components. Now the biggest question should be, which of the above stores should I choose?

There are several factors that you should consider: they include the location of the store, the price of the components, and the capacity of the store to deliver the exact components that you need. You should also factor in the ability of the store to deliver the best customer service.  In case you would like to import electronic components from China to Sweden, you should also consider the ability of the store to support this.

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