10 Electronic Component Stores Near Me In Peru

Electronic Component Store Near Me in Peru

Electronic components are the bedrock of innovation in an era driven by technological progress. Peru, a burgeoning technological growth hub, is home to a variety of electronic component stores that cater to the needs of electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals. This thorough guide tries to delve deeply into the environment of Peruvian electronic component stores, exploring their offerings, specialties, and contributions to the country’s expanding technology ecology.

Set against the backdrop of Peru’s technological progress, this piece takes readers on a tour of the country’s dynamic and diversified electrical component stores. We unearth the hidden jewels and established giants that fuel Peru’s creativity, from the bustling streets of Cercado de Lima to the tech hubs of Miraflores and beyond.

Doc electronic Peru

Doc electronic Peru

Doc Electronic Peru provides access to a vast online arena of electronic equipment and expertly picked merchandise. This digital emporium is a paradise for computer lovers, featuring a carefully curated selection of electronic components and equipment. Doc Electronic Peru entices people into a world of innovation and technology potential with a user-friendly design and a broad collection.

Explore a wide range of components, from basic parts to sophisticated devices, all easily accessible with the push of a button. Whether you’re a hobbyist working on a project or a professional looking for a specific component, Doc Electronic Peru caters to your electronic needs with ease and precision.

  • Address: Av. Nicolás Ayllón 500, Cercado de Lima 15018, Peru

LTR Electronica SA

LTR Electronica SA

Welcome to LTR Electronica SA, the pinnacle of electronic component importation and distribution. The world of electronics opens here, revealing a treasure trove of components sourced from all over the world. LTR Electronica SA, as an import hub, displays a varied spectrum of electronic elements, ensuring access to a comprehensive variety of items for both hobbyists and experts. Explore a storehouse of components ranging from fundamental building blocks to advanced technological marvels. LTR Electronica SA is a go-to site for electronic components catering to a wide range of needs and projects, with an unrelenting commitment to quality and diversity.

  • Address: Jr, Jr. Dante 708, Surquillo 15047, Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru is the best place in Cercado de Lima to get extra parts for home appliances. This business takes pride in being a reliable source of real spare parts for a wide range of appliances. They cater to the needs of both homes and businesses. If you’re looking for genuine spare parts for kitchen appliances, electronics, or other home products, Electronica Ruiz Peru has a large selection to choose from. They help people in Cercado de Lima fix and maintain their appliances because they care about quality and customer happiness. This makes things easier and more reliable for their customers.

  • Address: AV. NICOLAS DE PIEROLA 1755 Interior 153 – 250 – 180, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru



Step into the world of solutions for networking, computing, and telecommunications that are specifically designed for homes, businesses, and industries. The mission of HD Multimedia Peru is to serve as a comprehensive resource by offering cutting-edge technology solutions to fulfill the varying connection needs of many industries.

  • Address: Avenida Petit Thouars 5356 Tienda 1047 – 1060, Miraflores 15074, Peru

RadioShack Perú

As one of the first companies to sell things online, RadioShack continues to live up to its image as a reliable source of electronic parts and components. It caters to the needs of tech fans, hobbyists, and experts by selling a wide range of parts, gadgets, and accessories on its online store.

RadioShack has a website, but it also has a network of franchised stores that keep its tradition of being a real hub for electronic parts alive. These stores are beacons of knowledge and ease of access, making sure that customers can get electronic parts and help right away.

RadioShack has a long history because it has always been dedicated to selling original electronic parts while also changing with the times. RadioShack Peru is still a reliable place to get electronic parts and encourage innovation in Peru’s tech community, whether it’s through its online stores or its standard franchised stores.

  • Address: Centro Comercial Open Plaza Angamos, Av. Angamos 1803, Surquillo 15036, Peru

Aes Peru

Aes Peru

Aes Peru is a leader in industrial power and provides a wide range of services, from making panels to carefully installing them.

Making electrical screens is more than just a job at Aes Peru; it’s an art form. They are experts at making electrical panels that are specifically designed to meet the needs of different businesses. These panels are like nerve centers because they control the flow of energy in factories and make sure that work is done quickly, safely, and accurately.

Aes Peru is very good at more than just making panels; they are also very good at doing complicated electrical systems. A group of specialized professionals works for them, and they know how to build electrical systems well. They make sure that systems work well together in industrial settings by doing everything from laying the groundwork to carefully setting up electrical parts.

Aes Peru is also committed to providing customized options that are in line with the newest industrial power trends and technologies. Their services include a lot of different things, like making industrial signs, printing ads, and giving different kinds of electrical installation services.

  • Address: Jiron Cajamarquilla 1216, Cercado de Lima 15427, Peru

Globaltec S.A.C.

Globaltec S.A.C.

With its wide range of well-known and respected brands, Globaltec S.A.C. is one of the biggest names in electrical products. It mainly serves large businesses and industries. As an important link between top names and the electrical supplies that big companies in Peru need, this business is very important.

Businesses of all sizes can get a wide range of electrical equipment from Globaltec S.A.C. They offer a wide range of basics for smooth operations, from high-quality cables and wiring to electrical parts that are at the cutting edge of technology.

Being dedicated to finding and selling well-known names in the electrical supply field is what makes Globaltec S.A.C. stand out. In order to make sure that their products are of the highest quality and dependability, they work with well-known and respected names such as Sofamel, Phillips, Fluke, General Electric, bTicino, Indeco, and General Cable.

  • Address: Mz G Lt 11, Leoncio Prado, Rímac, Peru

Tiendas Efe

Tiendas Efe

Tiendas Efe began in 1961 as a part of Enrique Ferreyros SA, and its main business at the time was selling furniture and electronics. Tiendas Efe SA was formed from what began as a commercial section. This was the start of an amazing journey.

As a young company, Tiendas Efe started out in the city of Chiclayo, which set the stage for its future growth. The success of the business was built on its dedication to selling high-quality electronics and giving great customer service.

Due to Tiendas Efe’s success, the company grew and now has a large network of shops all over Peru. The company became a household name for high-quality electronics by strategically growing and focusing on meeting the changing needs of customers. It solidified its position in many cities.

As Tiendas Efe grew, it started selling more than just electrical tools. The company expanded into many types of consumer electronics to meet the needs of a wide group of people and to keep up with changes in technology. This increased variety made it even stronger as a one-stop shop for tech goods.

  • Address: Av. Perú 2240, San Martín de Porres 15101, Peru



Coolbox is the best place to find the newest technology because it has a wide range of high-tech tools and devices at low prices. Coolbox is the best place in Peru for tech fans to go because it has a huge selection of the newest and most-wanted tech goods. They do this to meet the changing needs and wants of customers.

At Coolbox, new ideas are the most important thing. The store is a treasure trove of the newest gadgets, devices, and technological marvels that make our time unique. Coolbox makes sure that everybody can get their hands on the newest tech, like the hottest smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game systems.

Coolbox knows how important it is to be affordable without sacrificing quality. The shop keeps its prices low so that a wide range of customers can afford the newest technology. Coolbox has a reputation for being a reliable and affordable place to shop because they are dedicated to keeping their prices low.

  • Address: Jirón de la Unión, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru

SAISAC Mecatrónica

SAISAC Mecatrónica

SAISAC Mecatrónica is a large warehouse and store that sells a wide range of electrical parts, modules, and other things. This business is a key resource that meets the wants of electronics fans, professionals, and businesses looking for a wide range of electronic solutions.

SAISAC Mecatrónica is a flexible platform that meets the needs of both wholesale and retail customers for electrical parts. Their large collection makes sure that customers with a wide range of needs can find what they need, whether they are buying in bulk or looking for individual parts.

The company sells a wide range of electronic modules, parts, and other goods that are related. SAISAC Mecatrónica offers a wide range of electronic products, from basic parts like resistors and capacitors to advanced modules and specialized tools.

SAISAC Mecatrónica is here to help, whether it’s businesses that need large amounts of materials or individuals working on their own projects. Their services, which include robotics, automation, prototyping, and more, help people in many areas be more innovative and creative.

  • Address: JR, Jr. Paruro 1349, Cercado de Lima 15003, Peru

Critical Factors to Consider When Selecting an Electronic Component Store in Peru

Product Range

  • When a store has a large and diversified inventory of components and gadgets, it demonstrates that it is able to cater to a wide range of customer requirements. Conduct an analysis of the store’s inventory and make certain that it contains a wide variety of electronic components, ranging from the most fundamental resistors and capacitors to the most specialized modules and microcontrollers.

Quality and Authenticity

  • In the realm of electronic components, maintaining authenticity is of the utmost importance. It is imperative that the components be authentic and in accordance with the norms of the industry. It is important to look for certifications or quality assurances from respected brands in order to guarantee the dependability and functionality of the product.

Customer Service

  • One of the most distinguishing characteristics of an excellent store is its exceptional customer service. Conduct an evaluation of the dependability and effectiveness of their customer support. A great shopping experience is significantly influenced by factors such as prompt responses, knowledgeable staff, and a desire to assist consumers with questions or technical advice.

Location and Accessibility

  • You should take into consideration how convenient and easily accessible the store’s location is. It is possible that the closeness of a physical store to your place of living or place of employment is an important factor. In contrast, when it comes to online stores, the most important aspects to consider are the simplicity of navigation, the user-friendliness of the interface, and the effectiveness of the delivery services.

Reviews and Recommendations

  • Utilize the power that comes from the ratings and suggestions of customers. Check out online discussion groups, review websites, and social media platforms to get feedback from other people who share your interests or who are professionals. It is possible for their experiences and feedback to provide vital insights into the authenticity of the store, the quality of the products, and the general satisfaction of the customers.

Individuals are able to make educated selections about the selection of an electronic component store in Peru if they give serious consideration to the aforementioned elements. In order to provide a comprehensive shopping experience, each component plays a role in ensuring that customers have access to genuine components, dependable service, and effortless purchasing procedures.


Peru’s electronic component stores stand as beacons of innovation, anchoring the nation’s quest for technological excellence. In a world propelled by rapid advancements, these stores serve as indispensable gateways to authentic and diverse electronic components, empowering Peru’s journey toward an inspired future. Their pivotal role in fostering accessibility and nurturing innovation resonates deeply, propelling collective progress and shaping Peru’s dynamic technological landscape.

To explore the vast possibilities and ensure access to quality electronic components, connect with us at Rantle East Electronic. Let us guide you on an exciting journey where innovation meets reliability, propelling you towards your technological aspirations.

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