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EP3C55F484I7N Distributor - Your Best EP3C55F484I7N Supplier in China

Rantle is your one-stop distributor of electronic components products in China. Rantle supplies electronic components including the EP3C55F484I7N. We aim to remain an outstanding supplier in the electronics industry. Rantle has a wide and best experience in the electronic industry.


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If you are looking for the best supplier and reliable source of EP3C55F484I7N. Rantle is the best place to count. We have a different part number of electronic components to offer for you. And all of our electronic devices is in good function and has stable performance.

ALETRA EP3C55F484I7N devices are implemented in a system, they are rated according to a set of defined parameters. To maintain the highest possible performance and reliability of EP3C55F484I7N devices, system designers must consider the operating requirements in this document. 

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EP3C55F484I7N from Rantle East electronic is of the best quality and high performance. If you are looking for the best source of EP3C55F484I7N  device Rantle electronics is your ultimate solution. We have a wide range of electronic components and we can support your needs according to your specifications.

This ALTERA EP3C55F484I7N support Schmitt trigger input on TDI, TMS, TCK, nSTATUS, nCONFIG, and nCE.  A Schmitt trigger feature introduces hysteresis to the input signal for improved noise immunity, especially for a signal with slow edge rate. 


It offers the following benefits, Lowest power consumption with TSMC low-power process technology and Altera power-aware design flow, Extended battery life for portable and handheld applications, Reduced or eliminated cooling system costs, Operation in thermally-challenged environments, and Hot-socketing operation support.


Rantle EP3C55F484I7N is a cyclone family that offers a lot of best features including Configuration security using advanced encryption standard with 256-bit volatile key, Design separation flow achieves both physical and functional isolation between design partitions, Provides visibility over the intentional or unintentional change of configuration random-access memory bits and so on.

Rantle is the best source of high-quality EP3C55F484I7N and offered at competitive prices. Our products certainly suit your budget. With top-notch service, Rantle will be your most reliable one-stop source. Rantle is the best option to count if you are in need of an EP3C55F484I7N  device.


For more than 16 years of experience, RANTLE has become the most trusted supplier of EP3C55F484I7N and EP3C55F484I7 in China. To give you the best services, we offer competitive prices, fast delivery, and easy communication.

Rantle is not only a qualified distributor but also is a professional, trusted, and the most reliable electronic device supplier. Our products are of the best quality and best prices. Rantle electronics care about the product you receive that’s why we always make sure of the quality and stability of our products before distribution.


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Learn more about the EP3C55F484I7N, please click the EP3C55F484I7 datasheet

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