Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In Colombia

Integrated Circuits(ICs) distributors in Colombia

Integrated Circuits (ICs) are the fundamental component of contemporary electronics, transforming the operation and communication of devices. These tiny electronic circuits, filled with transistors, resistors, and capacitors, enable the smooth functioning of complex machinery, medical equipment, smartphones, and computers.

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of trustworthy IC wholesalers in Colombia’s developing electronics sector. These distributors operate as an essential intermediary between producers and consumers, guaranteeing engineers, technicians, and enthusiasts a consistent supply of premium components. Beyond simple transactions, they play an innovative role that makes it possible to realize ground-breaking undertakings and technical developments.

The complex network of electronics development and manufacture is kept strong and functional by the presence of trustworthy wholesalers. In addition to providing components, they also contribute knowledge, direction, and customized solutions to address various industry needs.

This article explores the Colombian market for IC distributors, highlighting their functions, areas of expertise, and contributions to the nation’s technological developments. Comprehending the significance of these distributors is essential to understanding the development and expansion of Colombia’s electronics sector.



Tdrobotica is a leading source of advice and knowledge in Bogotá, Colombia. They specialize in setting up cutting-edge labs and offering project advice. Their areas of expertise are broad and include digital manufacturing, virtual reality, biomedical technologies, control and automation systems, and more. They provide unmatched guidance and assistance in all of these areas.

Known for its superior quality, Tdrobotica is a creative sparkplug that offers customized solutions to businesses and people. Their consulting services go beyond providing guidance; they also cover the finer points of project conception and implementation. By collaborating closely with customers, they guarantee that their solutions effortlessly correspond with their distinct ideas and objectives.

Tdrobotica is a priceless partner for anyone attempting to manage the challenges of implementing cutting-edge technology because of their knowledge and cooperative style. Their Bogotá headquarters acts as an innovation hub, encouraging a collaborative atmosphere and pushing the frontiers of technical growth.

Tdrobotica represents creativity, knowledge, and a dedication to influencing technology in Colombia and abroad.

  • Address: Cra. 16a ##78-75, Bogotá, Colombia

Betacolor SAS

Betacolor SAS

In Bogotá, Colombia, Betacolor SAS is proud to be a leading provider of electronic parts. Beyond providing products, they go above and beyond to ensure that technicians, engineers, and end users can easily acquire the required electronic components.

Betacolor SAS’s core values revolve around delivering unmatched customer service. They put efficiency first, providing their clients with many options and superior substitutes. Their commitment is evident in the quality and sufficiency of the data they offer, guaranteeing that clients have access to the knowledge they need to make wise decisions.

For Betacolor SAS, their customers’ appreciation and contentment are more valuable than money. Ensuring that customers locate replacement components and top-notch services is their main priority. Their dedication is evident in the top-notch human and technology resources they make available to their clientele.

Betacolor SAS is a shining example of dependability and quality when delivering electronic parts. They’ve made a name for themselves as the go-to source for premium electronic components and unmatched service by focusing on the needs of their customers and giving their all.

  • Address: Cra. 9 ##22-47, Bogotá, Colombia

Electrónica Senel SA

Electrónica Senel SA

With over 25 years of expertise, Electrónica Senel SA is a pillar of the Colombian electrical and electronics industry. During its existence, the corporation has been essential to the industry’s growth.

The company’s primary focus is importing and distributing components and accessories essential to Colombia’s electronics sector. Electrónica Senel SA guarantees a smooth supply chain, meeting the various demands of the business and industrial domains.

The values of quality, competitiveness, and perfection fundamentally drive Electrónica Senel SA. Their operations are based on these principles, guaranteeing that all the components they import and distribute meet strict criteria.

The company’s goal is to meet the diverse needs of other industries in addition to distribution. They have established themselves as a household name in the Colombian electronics industry by upholding their key beliefs.

Colombia’s Electrical and Electronics industry is still shaped by the experience and dedication to quality left by Electrónica Senel SA. They continue to be a major factor in the development of the industry thanks to a solid foundation based on quality, competitiveness, and an unrelenting commitment to satisfying various industrial demands.

  • Address: Cl. 22a ##46-36, Bogotá, Colombia


Audiocentro takes great satisfaction in being the best place to get the highly regarded MV7 streaming microphone range from SHURE. Customers can browse and purchase these premium streaming microphones—well-known for their excellence and functionality—at their locations.

Recognizing the value of individualized care, Audiocentro invites clients to stop by. Here, they advertise an immersive experience where clients get individualized care and comprehensive details regarding the SHURE MV7 series.

Consumers can contact Audiocentro by phone or email if they need information or help outside the store. The committed support staff works hard to satisfy client demands by guaranteeing thorough and timely solutions to questions.

Audiocentro is a specialist sanctuary for audiophiles and pros, providing great streaming microphones and dedication to individualized care. They stand out in Bogotá’s audio equipment market thanks to their emphasis on the client experience and the uniqueness of the SHURE MV7 range.

  • Address: Cl. 20 ###8-97, Bogotá, Colombia

All Technology Colombia

All Technology Colombia

With over 20 years of unmatched computer equipment repair and maintenance knowledge, All Technology Colombia is a proud industry member. Their long stay is indicative of their depth of expertise in the field.

The company provides complete repair and maintenance services for various computer equipment, catering to individual users and corporate companies. Their knowledge includes a wide range of models and brands.

The foundation of All Technology Colombia’s services is excellence. They ensure every maintenance or repair job is carried out carefully, giving customers dependable, superior results.

Due to their extensive experience in the field, they are now regarded as a reliable and competent partner for private citizens and large organizations needing computer equipment repair and maintenance services.

All Technology Colombia is a testament to its proficiency and dependability in maintaining and repairing computer equipment. They are still Bogotá’s first choice for computer-related needs thanks to their solid foundation of decades of experience and dedication to quality.

  • Address: Cra. 74 ##55-26, Bogotá, Colombia

Sony Store

Bogotá’s Sony Store takes great satisfaction in providing an unmatched online buying experience. The store, which allows electronics enthusiasts to browse and purchase products safely from anywhere, 24/7, is designed with simplicity and access.

Customers may find an extensive selection of Sony goods at the Sony Store, ranging from state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to innovative devices. Customers can always visit the Sony Store without interruption, day or night, weekday or weekend.

At the Sony Store, security is of utmost importance. Robust procedures are implemented to secure customer data and guarantee secure transactions. Customers may shop online with assurance since they know their information is certain.

The Bogotá Sony Store is evidence of Sony’s dedication to offering electronics aficionados an easy-to-use, safe, and always-accessible online platform that meets their requirements and preferences whenever they want, from wherever.

  • Address: #122-1 a, Cra. 18 C ##12259, Bogotá, Colombia

Audio Concept de Colombia S.A.

With the best solutions available, Audio Concept de Colombia SA takes pleasure in being a multipurpose center that serves professionals, businesses, and homeowners alike. Their goal is to serve a variety of market sectors all under one roof.

To meet and surpass industry standards, Audio Concept de Colombia SA offers a carefully selected range of premium items to professionals looking for top-tier audio and electronic solutions.

The company provides dependable and effective electronics for commercial use, catering to businesses with customized solutions that address their unique needs.

Simultaneously, Audio Concept de Colombia SA sel intended to improve living spaces, giving customers state-of-the-art gadgets to improve their homes.

The company’s dedication is to bridge the gaps between various markets by providing a wide range of solutions that meet specific requirements and guarantee quality, dependability, and innovation in the business, residential, and professional sectors.

As a cohesive platform, Audio Concept de Colombia SA is dedicated to providing top-notch electronic solutions that are suited for professionals, businesses, and household customers. It brings excellence and innovation to various market segments under one roof.

Address: Autopista Nte. #12019, Bogotá, Colombia



Electroigom is a prominent player in Colombia’s electronic landscape, boasting a 39-year legacy. Their extensive tenure signifies a wealth of experience and proficiency in the industry.

With a strong 39-year career, Electroigom is a prominent actor in Colombia’s electronic landscape. Their long stay indicates their depth of knowledge and expertise in the field.

  • Electrical Components:Various electronic components essential for various applications are provided.
  • Instruments and Tools:Offering precise instruments and tools crucial for measuring and manipulating electronic elements.
  • Cable Line:Ensuring a comprehensive selection of cables to meet varying needs.
  • Lighting Solutions:Catering to domestic, commercial, and industrial lighting requirements.
  • Sound, Battery, and UPS:Providing solutions in the sound, battery, and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) categories.

Because of Electroigom’s dedication to quality, its products are delivered to nationwide customers through its network of distributors. They take great satisfaction in offering outstanding customer service, guaranteeing prompt delivery, and upholding exceptional product quality.

The company’s commitment is to providing unmatched support in addition to product distribution, guaranteeing promptness, excellence, and dependability in all facets of its offerings.

With its wide range of experience, strong portfolio, and dedication to quality and support, Electroigom has established itself as one of Colombia’s leading suppliers of electrical solutions. Their long history and steadfast commitment to quality have made them a reliable partner for projects in various industries.

  • Address: 88, Cra. 13 #65, Cra. 13, Bogotá, Colombia



Beyond traditional duties, TNC ELECTRONICS SAS sets itself apart as an electronic parts provider. In addition to providing various electrical components, they act as a catalyst for concepts and recommendations to help clients with product conception, development, and execution.

The company is dedicated to its products throughout their lives. TNC ELECTRONICS SAS ensures clients have the support they need at every step by offering invaluable ideas and suggestions from the early planning phase through development and eventual implementation.

Their extensive selection of electronic parts meets various requirements, making it easy for technicians, engineers, and hobbyists to locate appropriate parts for their projects. This range guarantees that clients can choose multiple solutions for their unique needs.

TNC ELECTRONICS SAS serves as a resource, guiding clients through the challenges of conceptualizing and implementing new products. Their mentorship encourages creativity, allowing clients to translate ideas into reality successfully.

The company’s top priority is the success of its clients. By offering electronic components and creating an atmosphere encouraging ideation and implementation assistance, they hope to enable customers to accomplish their objectives.

  • Address: Cra. 9 #19-20, Bogotá, Colombia


With its headquarters in Newport Beach, California (USA), and direct distribution in Bogotá, Colombia, Microelectrónicos is a progressive corporation. Their area of expertise lies in offering an extensive selection of electronic components to satisfy their clients’ design requirements.

The organization takes pride in its expertise in various parts from well-known producers. National Semiconductors, Microchip, Atmel, Motorola, Freescale, Renesas, STMicro, Linear Technologies, Texas Instruments, Altera, Xilinx, Kemet, Zetex, and Lego Education are a few of these, but they’re not the only ones.

Microcontrollers, FPGAs, electronic sensors, development systems, programmers, power components, IGBTs, MOSFETs, special connectors, data acquisition cards, printed circuit boards, operational and instrumentation amplifiers, robotics kits, A/D and D/A converters, and power components are just a few of the electronic components in which they specialize.

As the official distributor of Arduino in Colombia, Microelectrónicos guarantees that professionals and enthusiasts in electronics will have access to an extensively used and versatile platform.

The business takes great satisfaction in its ability to change quickly in response to the always-changing electronics market. They can always provide their clients with the latest international technology thanks to their flexibility.

Microelectrónicos is a dynamic and adaptable supplier of various electronic components. Their dedication to innovation, global connections, and area of expertise make them the preferred choice for professionals, hobbyists, and engineers looking for cutting-edge technology in Bogotá and beyond.

  • Address: Cra. 69 #3, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia


In summary, these distributors constitute the core of Colombia’s thriving electronics sphere, providing a rich spectrum of top-notch components and unparalleled access for engineers and enthusiasts. Their combined influence not only spurs innovation and fosters industry expansion but also steers the course of technological progress. Their unwavering dedication to quality, accessibility, and expertise positions Colombia as a vanguard in electronic innovation and advancement. To explore a broader range of electronic components and orders from China, connect with Rantle East Electronic for a tailored experience meeting your requirements.

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