Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In Israel

Integrated Circuits(ICs) distributors in Israel

The world of electronic components is vast and intricate, with integrated circuits (ICs) playing a pivotal role in powering modern technology. In Israel, numerous distributors cater to the demand for high-quality ICs and electronic components. This comprehensive guide navigates through the prominent distributors, shedding light on their offerings, specialties, and locations.

GreenTree Electronics

GreenTree Electronics

GreenTree Electronics LTD. is a leading independent distributor situated in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, at Binyamin mi-Tudela St 53. They specialize in various electronic components and operate as a critical link between producers and consumers. Their dedication to quality ensures that only high-quality, dependable components reach their customers. They are more than just a distributor; they provide specialized solutions, and technical support, and value long-term partnerships to ensure customer satisfaction in Israel’s electrical components sector.

  • Address: Binyamin mi-Tudela St 53, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6954848, Israel
  • Address: 4952802, Mota Gur St 9, Israel

Vishay Israel

Vishay Israel

Vishay Israel is headquartered at Ha-Kotser St 3, Be’er Sheva, Israel, and is well-known for its key role in fostering innovation and success in the electronic components industry. Vishay is a beacon of quality and diversity, delivering a broad and top-tier selection of electronic components.

Vishay is distinguished by its dedication to curating one of the world’s greatest collections of electronic components. This emphasis on a large inventory isn’t just about quantity; it’s also about quality as a basic concept. Vishay assures that every component they provide fulfills strict quality requirements, demonstrating their commitment to dependability and performance.

Vishay’s constant pursuit of excellence resonates across industries, making the company a global destination for electrical components. They’ve positioned themselves as a reputable and trusted source for high-quality electronic components by emphasizing quality as a cornerstone, attracting both inventors and industry leaders.

  • Address: Ha-Kotser St 3, Be’er Sheva, Israel

Talmir Electronics

Talmir Electronics

Talmir Electronics, with headquarters at Derech HaAtsma’ut 63 in Haifa, Israel, stands out for its unwavering devotion to customer service. Their approach is to give outstanding service before, during, and after purchasing their items.

Talmir Electronics’ dedicated and professional crew is one of its distinguishing traits. They take pleasure in ensuring that customer service is more than simply a pre-purchase pledge, but a commitment that extends far beyond the time of sale. The team is readily available to respond to any questions or problems that customers may have, maintaining a consistent experience throughout the product lifecycle.

Talmir Electronics’ commitment to providing comprehensive responses to any post-purchase inquiries or issues reflects their customer-centric attitude. Their mission is to help customers fully utilize and maximize the potential of their products. This focus on ongoing support ensures that customers are confident in their investment and have the resources they need to overcome any issues that may emerge.

Talmir Electronics distinguishes itself as a company that values long-term client happiness and success by stressing comprehensive and attentive service. Their focus on post-buy help and customer care sets a standard for guaranteeing a satisfying experience for clients well beyond the time of purchase.

  • Address: Derech HaAtsma’ut 63, Haifa, Israel

Arihav Electronic components Ltd

Arihav Electronic components Ltd

Arihav Electronic Components Ltd is based in Nordyia, Israel, and specializes in offering a wide range of electrical components, construction kits, and robotics for industrial and institutional applications.

Arihav Electronics specializes in meeting the demands of diverse sectors and institutions by providing a wide range of electronic components. They distinguish themselves not only as component suppliers but also as manufacturers of construction kits and robotics solutions. This broad range of solutions meets the different needs of enterprises and educational institutions alike.

Their dedication to electronic components extends beyond simply supplying parts. Arihav Electronics promotes creativity and learning by providing construction kits and robotics solutions. These kits provide a hands-on approach to electronic components and their applications, particularly in robotics and industrial environments.

Arihav Electronics’ location in Nordyia’s industrial zone strategically places them to serve a variety of businesses, allowing rapid access to their extensive product line. Their devotion to offering electronic components as well as construction and robotics kits demonstrates their passion for aiding technological growth across businesses and educational institutions.

  • Address: Industrial zone, Nordyia, Israel

Cidev Group Ltd

Cidev Group Ltd

Cidev Group Ltd is a well-known and long-standing name in Israel’s electrical component distribution scene. Cidev Electronics, a member of the Cidev Group, was founded in 1973 and has established itself as one of the country’s leading distributors of electrical components.

Cidev Electronics distinguishes itself as the exclusive representative and distributor for key global manufacturers of active and passive, electro-optical, electro-mechanical, microwave, and RF components. Their strategic partnerships with these prominent manufacturers provide them with access to a diverse range of high-quality components, establishing them as a go-to supplier for industry-standard electronic parts.

Cidev Electronics operates from its headquarters in Israel, primarily at Ha-Banai St 3, Hod Hasharon, with a workforce of over 100 individuals scattered globally. Their reach, however, extends far beyond Israel, with significant subsidiaries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, and Europe. This global presence promotes smooth operations and guarantees that its diversified assortment is available to clients worldwide.

Cidev Electronics’ large global network and collaborations with top-tier manufacturers enable them to offer unrivaled access to a wide range of electronic components. Their dedication to quality, along with a global presence, puts them as a prominent player in the electronic components distribution sector, serving the demands of a wide range of industries and clients on a global scale.

  • Address: Ha-Banai St 3, Hod Hasharon, Israel

Future Electronics Israel

Future Electronics Israel

Future Electronics Israel is based in The Holland Building, Euro Park, Yakum, Israel 6097200, and is an important part of the Future Electronics global network. Future Electronics Israel has built a strong global presence with a multidimensional approach that combines world-class supply chain solutions, exceptional market knowledge, engineering skills, and a dedicated sales team.

The commitment to offering top-tier supply chain solutions is at the heart of Future Electronics Israel’s success. Their competence in this field provides efficiency and dependability in the acquisition and distribution of electrical components. They use market information to predict trends and requests, allowing them to provide bespoke solutions that fit the industry’s ever-changing needs.

Future Electronics Israel’s engineering expertise is a cornerstone in creating new solutions to bring product ideas to reality. The technical expertise of their team assists clients in designing, developing, and implementing electrical components and solutions, supporting innovation and advancement.

Their customer-centric approach is dependent on accessibility. They ensure that clients have immediate access to help and solutions by having a dedicated sales team just a click or call away. This accessibility streamlines the process, allowing for quick and effective communication and, as a result, a more seamless experience for their customers.

  • Address: The Holland Building, Euro Park, Yakum, 6097200, Israel

Fly Chips Electronic Components

Fly Chips Electronic Components

Fly Chips Electronic Components, headquartered at Derech Meir Weisgal 2, Rehovot, Israel, offers a wide range of electronic components. Their key strength is their ability to meet a wide range of electronic component requirements.

Fly Chips distinguishes itself by wide and long-standing ties with both local and international authorized suppliers. These ties give them access to a diverse selection of components, allowing them to meet a wide range of purchasing requirements. Their supplier network establishes them as a dependable source for a wide range of electronic components.

Fly Chips takes pleasure in delivering numerous famous brand semiconductors as one of the top distributors of electronic components, demonstrating their commitment to quality and reliability. Furthermore, their capacity to obtain difficult-to-find components distinguishes them, making them a sought-after destination for components that may be difficult to source elsewhere.

Fly Chips’ ability to supply well-known brand chips as well as unique components at reasonable pricing demonstrates their commitment to offering value to their clients. Their commitment to diversity, combined with their ability to provide both common and unique components, cements their position as a leading distributor in Israel’s electronic components market.

  • Address:Derech Meir Weisgal 2, Rehovot, Israel

4-Chain electronics supplier

4-Chain electronics supplier

4-Chain Electronics Supplier is a comprehensive hub catering to varied demands in the IT and electrical component areas, located at Gefen St 219, Sdei Hemed, Israel.

As a one-stop shop, 4-Chain provides a comprehensive range of services for electrical components and IT-related items, including buying, selling, reselling, and logistics. Their adaptability makes them a perfect destination for a wide range of industry needs, providing a streamlined and effective platform for procurement and delivery.

What distinguishes 4-Chain is its reputation as a first responder in a variety of industries. Their ability to respond quickly distinguishes them as a dependable partner for organizations in need of quick solutions. Their distinctive skill lies in providing quick solutions, allowing businesses to continue with their everyday operations uninterrupted. This efficiency and reactivity are critical for organizations to continue their pace without interruption.

4-Chain’s dedication to providing complete services, combined with its ability to provide quick and effective solutions, confirms its position as a crucial partner for businesses across industries. Their commitment to optimizing procurement, sales, and shipping procedures assures that enterprises in Israel’s electrical components and IT sector can rely on them as a dependable and efficient service providers.

Address: Gefen St 219, Sdei Hemed, 4585500, Israel

Telsys Ltd

Telsys Ltd

Telsys, which was founded some decades ago, has amassed vast knowledge and competence, solidifying its position as a dependable and powerful company in Israel’s components market. its longevity demonstrates its dedication to excellence, adaptability, and long-term consumer pleasure.

Telsys has evolved in tandem with technical improvements and industry demands. Their capacity to adapt to changing industry environments, as well as their consistent delivery of high-quality components, has contributed to their market-leading status.

Telsys, as a dominant power in Israel’s components market, has played a critical role in setting the industry’s destiny. Their persistent presence, combined with a reputation for dependability and quality, establishes them as a pillar of stability and innovation in Israel’s electronic components scene.

  • Address: Granit St 5, Petah Tikva, 4951404, Israel

Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Distributer In Israel.

When choosing a distributor in Israel for electronic components, several key factors can significantly impact your decision-making process. Here are some critical considerations:

Product Range and Quality

  • Diverse Inventory:Ensure the distributor offers a comprehensive range of electronic components relevant to your industry or application.
  • Quality Assurance:Verify that the components meet industry standards and have a reputation for reliability.

Supplier Relationships

  • Partnerships:Evaluate the distributor’s relationships with local and international suppliers. Strong ties can ensure access to a wider range of components and potentially better pricing.
  • Authorized Distributor Status:Check if they are an authorized distributor for major manufacturers. This status ensures the authenticity and reliability of the components.

Technical Support and Expertise

  • Technical Assistance:Consider the availability and quality of technical support provided by the distributor. This becomes crucial for complex components or specific application needs.
  • Expertise:Look for distributors with knowledgeable staff who can provide guidance and assistance in selecting the right components.

Reliability and Reputation

  • Industry Experience:Consider the distributor’s tenure and track record in the industry. Longevity often signifies reliability and stability.
  • Reputation:Seek reviews, testimonials, or references to gauge the distributor’s reputation and credibility within the industry.

Global Presence and Logistics

  • Accessibility:Assess if the distributor has a global presence or collaborations. This can ensure ease of access to components and expedite shipping or logistics processes.
  • Logistics Efficiency:Evaluate their logistics capabilities to ensure timely delivery and handling of orders.

Customer Support and After-Sales Services

  • Customer Service:Check for responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support. This includes assistance pre and post-purchase, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • After-Sales Support:Ensure the distributor offers comprehensive after-sales services, including warranties, replacements, or technical assistance.

Pricing and Cost Efficiency

  • Competitive Pricing:Compare pricing structures with other distributors. Consider not only the component costs but also any additional fees, shipping costs, or bulk order discounts.
  • Value for Money:Assess whether the quality and services offered align with the pricing structure.

Compliance and Certifications

  • Compliance Standards:Ensure the distributor complies with industry standards and certifications, particularly if your industry requires specific compliance regulations.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting a distributor in Israel, ensuring that your electronic components needs are met effectively and efficiently.


Navigating the environment of Israeli integrated circuits (IC) distributors necessitates a thorough understanding of their distinct skills, offerings, and unshakable commitments. Each distributor profiled in this guide offers a distinct set of offerings that are perfectly tuned to fulfill a wide range of consumer preferences. Embracing these distinct differentiators enables informed judgments in the sourcing of electrical components across a wide range of industries and applications.

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