Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In Peru

Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In Peru

Integrated Circuits (ICs) are the essential components of contemporary electronics, driving the core of technical breakthroughs in a wide range of sectors. ICs are the foundation of innovation and functionality, found in everything from the complex systems in smartphones to the sturdy machinery in various industries.

The distributors’ involvement is crucial to the accessibility and dependability of these integrated circuits in Peru’s ever-changing tech scene. These organizations serve as a conduit between producers and consumers, guaranteeing a smooth and effective supply chain. Their crucial function extends beyond simple distribution; they act as engines for innovation, enabling enterprises and propelling the expansion of Peru’s technology sector.

This in-depth manual explores the web of IC distributors in Peru, illuminating significant players influencing the nation’s innovation landscape. Their profiles reveal details about each distributor’s specialization, products, and contributions to the complex web of electronic components. See how vital these distributors are to Peru’s electronics industry development.

The Significance of ICs in Peru

In Peru, integrated circuits (ICs) have become essential parts of many industries, demonstrating ICs’ increasing importance in promoting innovation and advancing technology. ICs are the backbone of network infrastructure in telecommunications, enabling smooth data transmission and connectivity. The increasing use of the internet and the widespread adoption of mobile devices have increased the need for upgraded integrated circuits (ICs) that provide enhanced communication protocols and faster data processing.

ICs are essential to the healthcare industry’s wearable technology, medical equipment, and diagnostic tools. Advanced integrated circuits (ICs) enable healthcare practitioners to transform patient care and treatment approaches by providing accurate data processing, imaging capabilities, and real-time monitoring.

Peru’s automotive sector is undergoing a radical metamorphosis, primarily due to ICs. These chips are essential to operating contemporary cars, powering infotainment systems and engine control units. The rise in popularity of hybrid and electric cars highlights how crucial integrated circuits are to improving the performance and efficiency of automobiles.

Furthermore, integrated circuits (ICs) have come to represent innovation and miniaturization in consumer electronics. The need for specialized integrated circuits (ICs) is growing, facilitating better user experiences, increased functionality, and energy efficiency in everything from smartphones to smart home appliances.

The need for tailored integrated circuits (ICs) made for particular purposes has increased due to technological breakthroughs. ICs designed for high-performance computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) are some examples of these. Peru’s tech environment is changing, and to meet these specific needs, it needs innovative ICs that can support R&D efforts in multiple industries.

The nation’s developing technology scene depends on the ongoing advancement and availability of sophisticated integrated circuits. The demand for specialized and high-quality integrated circuits (ICs) will continue to grow as Peru embraces digital transformation across industries, positioning these parts as essential catalysts for innovation and advancement within the nation’s rapidly developing technological landscape.

Intel Semicondutores del Peru SAC

With its headquarters in Santa Clara, California, the innovative American multinational corporation Intel Corporation is the world’s largest semiconductor chip producer in revenue. Intel is a critical player in the technology industry, known for creating the x86 line of microprocessors, which are essential to most personal computers’ operation.

With a range of semiconductor chips essential for various electronic applications, Intel Semicondutores del Peru S.A.C. represents Intel Corporation’s reach in the Peruvian electronics market. Their location in San Isidro symbolizes their dedication to offering state-of-the-art technological solutions and a consistent supply of Intel’s renowned microprocessors to support the nation’s technical achievements. By facilitating access to these vital components, Intel Semicondutores del Peru S.A.C., a significant actor in the distribution of semiconductor chips, significantly contributes to the development of Peru’s technological landscape.

  • Address: Torre Real 1, Av. Victor Andres Belaunde 147, Torre Real 1, Via Principal 123, Of 1001 27, Peru, Via Principal 123, San Isidro, Peru

Tesla Electronic E.I.R.L

Tesla Electronic E.I.R.L

The goal of Tesla Electronic EIRL, founded in the broad field of electronics, is to become a leading company in the marketing and distribution of embedded systems. Beyond distribution, they also provide specialized technological solutions that meet each customer’s requirements.

Tesla Electronic EIRL is a company dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and specializes in designing and producing electronic cards while upholding strict quality standards. The foundation of their strategy is the use of engineering standards and the integration of state-of-the-art communication protocols into electronic interfaces. Tesla Electronic EIRL confirms its position as a critical factor in promoting quality in their designs and meeting customized client requests, hence advancing embedded systems accessibility and advancement in Peru’s electronics industry.

  • Address: Urbanización Las Flores del Golf, manzana C, lote 56, oficina 201, Distrito de Víctor Larco Herrera 13009, Peru

ABB Peru

ABB Peru

ABB Peru is a crucial player in distributing a wide range of electrical equipment, including vital parts like integrated circuits, in the vibrant technical area of Cercado de Lima, Peru. They have demonstrated their dedication to offering state-of-the-art technology solutions in automation, power systems, and robotics by leaving their mark on the region. Beyond just distribution, ABB Peru contributes significantly to advancing Peru’s technology infrastructure by providing crucial electrical components and knowledge, establishing itself as a significant force in the nation’s electronics industry.

  • Address: Av. Argentina 3120, Cercado de Lima 15081, Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru

Electronica Ruiz Peru is a leading player in the Cercado de Lima electronics market, serving as a specialist provider for the complex requirements of appliances.

Electronica Ruiz Peru is an essential resource for people and businesses looking for specialized components to maintain and repair electronic devices. The company focuses on providing spare parts for a varied range of appliances. Their excellent position in Cercado de Lima highlights their accessibility and dedication to satisfying local market needs. Electronica Ruiz Peru ensures that necessary replacement parts are always available, which helps create a variety of electronic products that are more sustainable and functioning while also making the community more efficient and convenient.

  • Address: AV. NICOLAS DE PIEROLA 1755 Interior 153 – 250 – 180, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru

LTR Electronica SA

LTR Electronica SA, an import and distribution company with expertise in various electronic components, is essential to Surquillo’s electronic ecosystem.

LTR Electronica SA is a critical supply chain link that imports and supplies various electronic components. Because of their Surquillo location, they are easily accessible to the market, facilitating the smooth movement of electronic components among different businesses. By offering a wide range of components, LTR Electronica SA meets the various demands of companies and tech enthusiasts and substantially contributes to Surquillo’s technological progress by guaranteeing the availability of vital electronic components required for development and innovation.

  • Address: Jr, Jr. Dante 708, Surquillo 15047, Peru



Committed to providing state-of-the-art computing, connection, and telecommunications solutions, HD MULTIMEDIA PERU is a well-known organization serving various industries in Miraflores.

HD MULTIMEDIA PERU is a well-positioned company that provides a wide range of customized products and technology solutions to meet the demands of families, businesses, and industries. Their dedication to offering cutting-edge computing solutions, telecommunications equipment, and excellent connection solutions highlights their role in satisfying the diverse needs of the local market. With a broad range of goods and services, HD MULTIMEDIA PERU makes it easier for technology to be seamlessly integrated into various industries, which advances business operations, improves industry advancement, and enhances connectivity options for homes in Miraflores and beyond.

  • Address: Avenida Petit Thouars 5356 Tienda 1047 – 1060, Miraflores 15074, Peru

Aes Peru

Aes Peru

Aes Peru, doing business as Arriola Electric Service, is a respected leader in the industrial energy sector that can handle the complex requirements of companies using electricity.

Aes Peru has an extensive portfolio that is carefully crafted to meet the demands of its clients. They cater to the diverse needs of sectors that depend on solid electrical infrastructure, specializing in producing electrical panels, electronic gadgets, industrial signage, and advertising material printing. Their chosen site in Cercado de Lima symbolizes their dedication to servicing the industrial sector and ease of reach. By providing customized electrical panel and industrial signage solutions, Aes Peru significantly improves operational effectiveness, guarantees security, and promotes the development of industrial operations in the area.

  • Address: Jiron Cajamarquilla 1216, Cercado de Lima 15427, Peru

Globaltec S.A.C.

Globaltec S.A.C.

Globaltec S.A.C. is a vital supplier of electrical supplies to large firms in Peru, serving as a bridge to support the operating requirements of essential industries in Rímac.

Offering a wide range of electrical supplies, Globaltec S.A.C. distributes well-known brands, including Indeco, General Cable, Sofamel, Phillips, Fluke, General Electric, and bTicino. Its dedication to serving the industrial sector is indicated by its advantageous location in Rímac. Globaltec S.A.C. helps large organizations in Peru enhance their technological capabilities and operational efficiency by providing high-quality electrical components from respected brands. Their provision of vital electrical supplies highlights their importance in facilitating the seamless operation and technical advancement of the region’s industry.

  • Address: Mz G Lt 11, Leoncio Prado, Rímac, Peru

SAISAC Mecatrónica

SAISAC Mecatrónica

Functioning in the broad domain of electronics, SAISAC Mecatrónica is a committed organization specializing in the wholesale and retail distribution of various electronic cards, modules, parts, and components.

SAISAC Mecatrónica is dedicated to meeting the demands of the retail and wholesale industries by providing a wide range of electronics products. They are positioned as a major center for electronic components because of their advantageous location in Cercado de Lima. SAISAC Mecatrónica makes essential electrical components more accessible and available to industries, enterprises, and amateurs by providing a wide array of cards, parts, and components. Their commitment to providing services to the wholesale and retail sectors highlights their critical role in maintaining Peru’s electronics industry and promoting innovation.

  • Address: JR, Jr. Paruro 1349, Cercado de Lima 15003, Peru

Factors to Consider When Choosing an ICs Distributor

Careful consideration of crucial variables is essential when choosing an Integrated Circuits (ICs) distributor in Peru for optimal alignment with specific business or project objectives.

  • Reliability: Select distributors who have a reputation for being trustworthy and dependable. Examine their credentials, past performance, and client testimonials to see how reliable they are in producing ICs that are up to par.
  • Product Range: An extensive selection of products is essential. Assess distributors that provide a wide range of integrated circuits (ICs) for different sectors and uses. Ensure they offer the precise kinds, brands, and variants needed for the undertaking or company.
  • Technical Support: Evaluate the support and technological know-how of the distributor. Seek distributors who can offer advice, support, and technical documentation—especially when specialty ICs or custom solutions are required.
  • Pricing: While cost-effectiveness is important, quality shouldn’t be sacrificed for it. Examine prices from several distributors, considering things like bulk savings, enduring relationships, and value-added services connected with the cost.
  • Delivery Efficiency: Maintaining project timeframes requires timely delivery. To guarantee the prompt and dependable delivery of ICs, evaluate the distributor’s inventory control, logistics, and shipping choices.
  • Alignment with Specific Needs: The distributor’s products ought to precisely match the needs of the project or the company. Ensure the distributor can successfully handle these needs related to customized ICs, niche applications, or specific performance requirements.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Think about distributors who follow rules and regulations and meet industry standards. To ensure the dependability and functionality of the ICs, confirm their validity, quality control procedures, and certifications.

Businesses and individuals can choose an ICs distributor in Peru with knowledge if they prioritize these considerations. In addition to providing a large selection of excellent integrated circuits (ICs), the ideal distributor should also guarantee prompt delivery, competitive pricing, dependable technical assistance, and a dedication to fulfilling particular project or business requirements.


Integrated Circuits (ICs) are the cornerstone of Peru’s technological progress, permeating vital sectors like telecom, healthcare, automotive, and electronics. Our exploration of various distributors—from global leaders like Intel Semicondutores del Peru SAC to specialized experts like SAISAC Mecatrónica—reveals a diverse tapestry of contributions, each enriching Peru’s tech landscape uniquely.

Selecting an IC distributor demands a reasonable approach, considering reliability, range, support, pricing, and alignment with specific needs. This decision fuels innovation, ensuring seamless access to top-notch ICs that shape Peru’s tech future. Smart choices empower businesses and individuals, propelling excellence within Peru’s dynamic electronics sphere.

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