Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In Qatar

Integrated Circuits(ICs) distributors in Qatar

Integrated Circuits (ICs) are the fundamental components of contemporary electronics. These tiny electronic circuits comprise several parts integrated into a single semiconductor chip, including transistors, resistors, and capacitors. They make innumerable gadgets possible to operate, from computers and smartphones to sophisticated medical devices and car systems. Because of their efficiency, portability, and compactness, integrated circuits (ICs) are essential to the evolution of modern technology.

The electronics industry in Qatar has experienced a notable upsurge in the past few years. High-quality electronic components, or ICs, are in high demand due to the rapid advancement of technology and the growing reliance on electronic devices in industries such as consumer electronics, healthcare, energy, and telecommunications. A thriving network of distributors serving the various demands of the nation’s enterprises, enthusiasts, and professionals has been propelled by this growth.

This guide’s primary goal is to thoroughly explain Qatar’s well-known distributors of integrated circuits (ICs). It wants to be a one-stop shop for people, companies, and sectors looking for dependable suppliers of electrical components. This book aims to help readers navigate the landscape of IC distributors, comprehend their specialties, and facilitate informed decision-making while sourcing electronic components in Qatar by outlining the significant participants in the market.



Alannabi Electronics is a full-service electronics distributor in Doha, Qatar. They provide a broad spectrum of electrical demands with their varied range of products and services, making them a go-to option for various businesses and people.


Solar Energy Systems: Offering solutions and components for harnessing solar power.

UPS Batteries & Lithium Battery Assembly: Providing uninterrupted power supply solutions.

Digital Satellite Equipment: Products related to satellite communication and broadcasting.

Low Voltage Cables & Breakers: Various cables and electrical breakers for different applications.

Internet Boosting & Networking Accessories: Components enhancing internet connectivity and networking.

Voltage Testing Equipment: Tools for measuring and testing electrical voltage.

Public Address & Heavy-Duty Sound System: Systems for public announcements and robust sound solutions.

Electronics Spare Parts & Components: Components for repair and assembly.

Video Door Phone System: Security and communication systems for doors.

LED TV Brackets & Data Show Screens: Mounting solutions for TVs and data projection screens.

Step Down Voltage Transformers and converters: Equipment for voltage transformation and conversion.

  • Address: طريق سلوى بالقرب من مخابز الهدى وقطر ديزاينSALWA ROAD NEAR TO QATAR DESIGN &AL-HUDA BACKERY, Doha, Qatar

Voltaat Store

Voltaat Store

Voltaat Store promotes innovation and creativity as a dynamic hub for Qatar’s professional and maker communities. They provide various services and goods, including 3D printing, electronics, the Internet of Things, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and smart devices. Interestingly, they are not limited to Qatar; they also serve the KSA, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco. Voltaat Store promotes discovery and interaction by offering free delivery and a prime location in Doha. This makes it easy for professionals and individuals to start and grow their initiatives.

  • Address: Building 52, Street 958, zone 32, Doha, Qatar

Softel Electronics Musheireb

Softel Electronics Musheireb

Founded in 1990, Softel Electronics has been a leading provider of electronic accessories, components, and spare parts in Qatar. The company has a long and illustrious history. From its modest beginnings as a TV repair shop, the group quickly expanded, bringing full-service electronics solutions to market. Softel Electronics has more than thirty years of expertise in the business and has seen firsthand the incredible advancement of technology from the days of VHS video cassette players to the current 4K HD world.

Softel Electronics has continuously maintained its leadership position in innovation and advancement within the field of electronics technology during its existence. They have effectively met the needs of many clients by utilizing the vast experience they have gained over the years, offering not only items but also long-lasting solutions. Over the years, their dedication to quality has won them the approval of numerous clients.

Softel Electronics, easily accessible at Shop No. 84, Sofitel, Wadi Musheirib St., Doha, Qatar, symbolizes reliable quality and knowledge in providing electronic parts and solutions.

  • Address: Computer Complex، Shop No. 84, Sofitel، Wadi Musheirib St, Doha, Qatar

Square Electronics & Trading

Square Electronics & Trading

Square Electronics & Trading is more than just an electronics provider; it’s a trailblazing company in Qatar with a remarkable 25 years of innovation-filled expertise. Their business strategy is based on innovation, shaping consumer interactions and offerings.

Recognizing the critical need to offer superior products, Square Electronics goes above and beyond to provide nothing less than perfection. Their dedication is to finding and providing the best products on the market, anywhere globally, so their clients can access the best available.

Located at Al Khaleej St, B Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar, Square Electronics & Trading distinguishes itself as a beacon of innovation and quality in the electronics industry.

  • Address: Al Khaleej St, B Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar

Modern Electrical Supplies

Modern Electrical Supplies

Modern Electrical Supplies is Qatar’s leading provider of electrical accessories, components, and spare parts. Their dedication to delivering superior products has established them as industry leaders.

Modern Electrical Supplies is an easy place to go for various electronic needs. It is located at 23 Al Asmakh St., Doha, Qatar. Their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction highlights their importance in selling electronic components and accessories within Qatar’s electronics market.

  • Address: 23 Al Asmakh St, Doha, Qatar

Control Electronics Qatar

Control Electronics Qatar

Control Electronics Qatar is a reputable distributor of electrical and electronic machinery in Qatar. Their dependability makes them the preferred choice for various technological requirements.

Their address, Building No. 11, Doha, Qatar, demonstrates their reachability and dedication to providing their customers with dependable technology solutions. Control Electronics Qatar upholds its standing as a trusted provider in Qatar’s electronic equipment distribution market by prioritizing quality and dependability.

  • Address: Building No. 11, Doha, Qatar

Video Home & Electronic Centre

Video Home & Electronic Centre

With a rich history, Video Home & Electronic Centre was founded in 1980 in Qatar by the late Mr. Jassim Mohammed Sulaiman, two colleagues, and Mr. C.V. Rappai, who was also a co-founder and initial employee. The company has experienced significant growth since its founding, and it now employs over 800 people and generates more than QAR 800 million in revenue annually.

Video Home & Electronic Center has made a name for itself as a diverse business by operating in four primary verticals: retail, distribution, business-to-business, and MEP (Jumbo Electromech Engineering, Jumbo Security Equipments & Services, Jumbo Fire Protection & Safety Engineering). The well-known Jumbo Electronics, LG Brand, and Harman House showrooms are all part of their retail division.

Video Home & Electronic Centre presents a wide range of products as the official distributor for internationally recognized brands in Qatar, including LG, Indesit, Ariston, Brother, JBL, Harman Kardon, Kyocera, Oscar, Kenwood, Morphy Richards, Maytag, Mr. Light, Mediacom, Rotpunkt, Symphony, and Dometic. Furthermore, they consistently add top-notch brands to their portfolio, specializing in MEP sector companies like Secutron, Bosch, Hikoki Power Tools, Interal, Siemens, Actron, Belden, and Cisco, among others.

Video Home & Electronic Centre, located at 55 Al Arab St., Doha, Qatar, is a leading distributor that provides a wide selection of internationally recognized brands, confirming its position as a pioneer in the country’s electronic retail and distribution market.

  • Address: 55 Al Arab St, Doha, Qatar



1996 City Centre Electronic Services WLL (CCES) was founded with a small staff and opened its first store in the Sofitel Complex. Since then, it has developed into a well-known IT supply option across various business and government organizations in Qatar, including SMEs.

Well-known for being a significant force in the business world, CCES is uniquely positioned as HP’s Amplify Power Partner for supplies and a Synergy Partner for Computers and printers. They serve many businesses, including banks, schools, construction, property management, senior care, government organizations, hospitality, catering, education, insurance, and more, in addition to the financial sector.

Their address, Street 320, zone 25, building 20, Doha, Qatar, indicates they are easily accessible to clients looking for all-inclusive IT supplies and services. CCES is a reputable and adaptable provider of high-quality IT solutions in Qatar, catering to various businesses and sectors.Top of Form

  • Address: Street 320, zone 25, building 20, Doha, Qatar

Square Electronics & Mobile Accessories

With 25 years of experience and unwavering commitment to innovation, Square Electronics & Mobile Accessories is a leading player in Qatar’s electronics sector. Their customer-centric approach is centered on innovation, the basis for customer communication.

Acknowledging the critical significance of outstanding products, Square Electronics commits to providing the best worldwide. Thanks to this dedication, customers will have access to premium products from all over the world.

Square Electronics & Mobile Accessories is the leading distributor of various electronic products. It is located at 6GGR+XG5, Doha, Qatar. Satellite products, cables, connector batteries, electronic replacement parts, remote controls, adapters, power supplies, converters, splitters, inverters, regulators, power extensions, sensors, wall mounts, DVD stands, sound systems (amplifiers, speakers, microphones), and different lighting options like LED lights, beam lights, and strip lights are all part of their vast product line. They also sell equipment, hand tools, electronic technical tools, and other electronic products.

Square Electronics & Mobile Accessories’ commitment to innovation and wide range of products reinforce their status as a top distributor for various electronic needs in Qatar.

  • Address: 6GGR+XG5, Doha, Qatar

United Electronics Co. Qatar WLL

When United Electronics Co. Qatar WLL was founded in Abu Dhabi in 1982, it was the only distributor of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and household appliances. The business has grown throughout time, enhancing its range of products and services and establishing itself as a significant player in the electronics industry.

UNITCO’s strength is its ability to provide customized solutions, evidenced by the four extensive branches with showrooms, service centers, warehouses, and devoted teams of electromechanical engineers. With this configuration, the business may offer effective, locally tailored solutions to satisfy a wide range of client demands.

United Electronics Co. Qatar WLL, which has its headquarters in Al Diwan St. in Doha, continues to uphold its heritage by utilizing its vast experience and vital infrastructure to provide its customers in Qatar with high-quality electronic goods and services.

  • Address: Al Diwan St, Doha, Qatar

Growing Demand for Electronic Components in Qatar’s Industries

The need for integrated circuits and other electronic components is rising in Qatar’s industries for several reasons.

  1. Technological Advancements:To increase production and efficiency, industries are adopting technology-driven solutions, which call for a steady supply of cutting-edge electrical components.
  2. Infrastructure Development:Qatar’s swift infrastructure growth in industries such as energy, building, healthcare, and telecommunications necessitates a consistent supply of electronic components for intelligent systems and advancements.
  3. Consumer Electronics Market:The demand for high-quality electronic components, particularly ICs, in gadgets and devices is fueled by the growing consumer electronics sector in Qatar, driven by rising expectations for digitalization and connectivity.

Market Trends and Demands in the Electronics Sector

Several vital trends and demands shape the electronics sector in Qatar:

  1. Renewable Energy Solutions:Demand for electronic parts for renewable energy systems, such as solar panels and energy storage devices, is driven by the growing emphasis on sustainability.
  2. Connectivity and IoT:The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent gadgets requires a steady supply of integrated circuits (ICs) and sensors to create interconnected systems and devices.
  3. Telecommunications and Networking:Due to Qatar’s emphasis on having a vital telecommunications infrastructure, equipment and components for networking are always needed to meet the connectivity needs.
  4. Industrial Automation:The need for integrated circuits (ICs) for robotics, control systems, and industrial process sensors is rising as more industries implement automation solutions.
  5. Digital Transformation:Advanced integrated circuits (ICs) are required due to the transition in many industries toward digital transformation and the resulting demand for high-performance computer components.

The electronics industry in Qatar is characterized by a dynamic environment fueled by the development of infrastructure, consumer demands, and the need for sustainable solutions. This is reflected in the growing reliance of various industries on electronic components, particularly integrated circuits.


Embrace the power of comprehensive electronic solutions tailored to Qatar’s diverse needs with our trusted distributors. From specific ICs to all-encompassing electronic provisions, our partners stand ready to serve professionals, hobbyists, businesses, and industries nationwide. For a seamless experience and access to top-quality products at affordable prices, connect with us at Rantle East Electronic. Reach out today to elevate your electronic endeavors.



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