Top 10 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In Sri Lanka

Integrated Circuits (ICs) distributors in Sri Lanka

Integrated Circuits (ICs), also known as microchips or just chips, are the foundation of modern electronics. The operation of many devices we use every day is enabled by these microscopic electronic circuits packed into a single semiconductor material. ICs serve a critical role in a wide range of industries, enabling the operation of anything from cellphones and computers to medical equipment and automotive systems.

The compactness and efficiency of integrated circuits (ICs) have revolutionized electronics, enabling higher performance, lower power consumption, and expanded functionality. Their ability to interpret and send data quickly has accelerated technological progress, shaping our interconnected world.

This article aims to provide a thorough review of the key Integrated Circuits (ICs) distributors in Sri Lanka. The goal of this investigation into the landscape of electronic component suppliers in the country is to illuminate the specialties and distinctive offers given by these distributors. Readers will acquire useful insights into the varied offerings offered in Sri Lanka’s ICs distribution sector by analyzing their distinct features, specialties, and market niches.

Overview of the Electronics Industry in Sri Lanka

The electronics industry in Sri Lanka has grown steadily, becoming a key sector both locally and globally. While Sri Lanka was historically recognized for its tea and textile sectors, the rise of electronics has broadened the country’s economic landscape. This sector’s growth has been spurred by factors like as technological developments, rising consumer electronics demand, and a growing tech-savvy populace.

Internationally, Sri Lanka has emerged as a significant participant in the manufacturing and distribution of electronic components. The country’s excellent geographical location and favorable trade links have strengthened its status as a regional and global electronics commerce hub. Government measures aimed at stimulating technological innovation and attracting international investments in the electronics sector have aided the industry’s growth.

Role of ICs in the Electronics Landscape

Integrated Circuits (ICs) are the foundation of the electronics landscape, acting as the basic building blocks for practically all electronic devices. Their significance cannot be emphasized, given their function in powering a wide range of devices and systems. ICs enable the functionality of cellphones, computers, medical devices, automotive systems, and a variety of other applications across sectors due to their sophisticated design and downsizing.

The impact of integrated circuits on technological growth is enormous. These microcircuits have evolved throughout time to become more powerful, energy-efficient, and capable of completing complex jobs. The constant growth of IC innovation has spurred breakthroughs in computing power, data processing speed, and the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing the construction of smarter and more efficient electronic gadgets.

In essence, integrated circuits (ICs) serve as the foundation of modern electronics, spurring innovation and enabling the seamless integration of technology into various aspects of our lives in Sri Lanka and around the world.

Silvertones Limited

Silvertones Limited

Silvertones Limited dates back to October 1945, when it began as a tiny radio repair workshop situated in an attic in Negombo. For 76 years, the company has evolved into one of Sri Lanka’s leading suppliers of dependable radio, electronic spares, accessories, and components.

Recognizing the growing demand for electronic equipment and the need for easy access to them, Silvertones Limited opened an office and shop in Colombo in 1956. This strategic initiative aimed to serve a large network of dealers throughout the island who found it inconvenient to travel to Negombo for supplies. The Colombo site served as a central point for dealers to more efficiently access their essential electronic spares and components.

Silvertones Limited dates back to October 1945, when it began as a tiny radio repair workshop situated in an attic in Negombo. Over 76 years, the company has evolved into one of Sri Lanka’s leading suppliers of dependable radio, electronic spares, accessories, and components.

Recognizing the growing demand for electronic equipment and the need for easy access to them, Silvertones Limited opened an office and shop in Colombo in 1956. This strategic initiative aimed to serve a large network of dealers throughout the island who found it inconvenient to travel to Negombo for supplies. The Colombo site served as a central point for dealers to more efficiently access their essential electronic spares and components.

  • Address: No: 132 Vauxhall St, Colombo 00200, Sri Lanka

Micro Electronics

Micro Electronics, located at 01100 1st Cross St, Colombo 01100, Sri Lanka, strategically puts itself in the center of Colombo, the bustling hub of technical breakthroughs and trade. Customers seeking specialist electronic components critical for numerous industries and applications will find this site convenient.

Micro Electronics’ market specialty stems from its commitment to producing high-quality semiconductor devices, a wide range of passive components, and networking accessories that fulfill the various and changing needs of Sri Lanka’s technology-driven sectors. Their dedication to quality and specialized offers solidifies their status as a trustworthy distributor in the country’s electronics market.

  • Address: 01100 1st Cross St, Colombo 01100, Sri Lanka



Lankatronics proudly made its mark in the Sri Lankan electronics arena in 2012 by pioneering as the country’s premier Arduino store. Recognizing the growing interest in Arduino microcontrollers and the need for specific components, Lankatronics forayed into uncharted areas, catering to the growing community of electronics enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals looking for Arduino-related products.

Responding to the needs of its growing customer base, Lankatronics made a strategic move in the same year by developing This change marked the company’s entry into the world of online electronic shopping, broadening its reach beyond physical boundaries to provide a comprehensive selection of electronic components and modules to clients throughout Sri Lanka.

The expansion of Lankatronics as a significant provider in Sri Lanka’s electronics market went beyond individual customers. The company has established itself as a reliable supplier, selling high-quality electronic components and modules to prestigious educational institutions, research institutes, and R&D firms throughout the island. This strategic alliance supports these groups’ educational and scientific initiatives, boosting creativity and technological growth.

Address: 122/4, Attidiya Road, Bellantara Ln, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 10350, Sri Lanka

Alphatronic Technology

Alphatronic Technology

Alphatronic Technology has established itself as the premier destination in Sri Lanka for digital and do-it-yourself (DIY) electronics. Alphatronic Technology, the country’s largest store of its sort, caters to tech enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals looking for a wide range of electronic components and tools for their projects.

The commitment of Alphatronic Technology to a broad inventory, customer-oriented services, and a reputation for quality and dependability cements its position as the go-to destination for digital and DIY electronics in Sri Lanka.

  • Address: 28 BAS Building, High Level Rd, Homagama 10200, Sri Lanka

Future Electronics Sri Lanka

Future Electronics Sri Lanka

Future Electronics, a global leader in electronic components, expands its reach to Sri Lanka by leveraging its extensive global network. The organization, known for its solid supply chain solutions, brings a lot of expertise and resources to the table, connecting Sri Lanka to a huge network of suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. This global reach offers access to a diverse range of electronic components, enabling enterprises and technology enthusiasts alike to find timely and efficient solutions.

Future Electronics’ success is built on its unrivaled engineering competence. The company’s drive to stay at the forefront of technical innovations enables it to provide complete market intelligence, allowing consumers to make informed decisions. Future Electronics’ technological expertise serves as a guiding force, assisting clients in turning product concepts into reality.

Future Electronics, located in a strategic position in Sri Lanka, offers unique product lines showcasing the latest and most advanced electronic components to meet the changing demands of the local market. The company introduces unique goods that encourage success and innovation across numerous industries by matching global trends and technical advancements.

With its global knowledge, supply chain solutions, and commitment to innovation, Future Electronics Sri Lanka catalyzes technical improvement and success in the country’s electronics scene.


TRONIC is the component sourcing arm of SKYTRONIC (PVT) LTD., a well-established electronics and software R&D firm founded in Sri Lanka in 1999. TRONIC excels in acquiring a varied range of electronic components and tools from a global network of respected manufacturers, leveraging SKYTRONIC’s knowledge and industry position. This strategic collaboration provides a smooth procurement process, giving consumers access to high-quality components from all around the world.

The commitment to quality is key to TRONIC’s activities. The company carefully selects and imports electronic components and modules from recognized suppliers in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, Italy, England, Germany, and Australia. Strict quality control measures and compliance with international standards ensure that each component satisfies demanding quality criteria, ensuring reliability and performance.

  • Address: No. 8/1/1, Sunetradevi Road, Nugegoda 10250, Sri Lanka

Nilambara Electronics

Nilambara Electronics

Nilambara Electronics is Sri Lanka’s largest provider of electronic components and parts. The company serves the different demands of individuals, corporations, and industries requiring critical components for their electronic projects and systems, with a comprehensive inventory encompassing a wide range of electronic parts.

Customers may browse and purchase electronic components from the comfort of their homes or workplaces thanks to the company’s online presence, which provides a smooth purchasing experience. Nilambara Electronics’ online platform gives detailed information about their product line, manufacturer information, and pricing, allowing for more educated purchasing options.

Their effective delivery procedures assure timely and secure deliveries to clients’ doorsteps throughout Sri Lanka. Nilambara Electronics’ commitment to dependable and timely deliveries guarantees their customers a pleasant and trouble-free experience.

The commitment of Nilambara Electronics to become the largest supplier, together with its user-friendly online shop and efficient delivery procedures, highlights its influential position and dependability in Sri Lanka’s electronic components sector.

  • Address: 482, A3 Colombo – Hanwella Low-Level Rd, Kaduwela 10640, Sri Lanka


Partslanka is a well-known distributor of a wide range of electronic, electrical, and industrial components in Sri Lanka. With a large inventory, the company meets the diverse demands of industries that rely on electronic components, electronic parts, and industrial supplies.

The online platform of Partslanka provides users with a safe and user-friendly interface for browsing and purchasing electronic, electrical, and industrial components. The company promotes client pleasure by assuring secure online transactions and giving delivery guarantees to ensure that items arrive reliably and on time.

Partslanka’s position as a leading distributor, commitment to secure online transactions, reliable delivery systems, and focus on a wide array of components and parts for diverse industries underscores its significance and reliability in Sri Lanka’s electronic and industrial components market.

  • Address: microcomputers & electronics, kadurupokuna, Tangalle 82200, Sri Lanka

How To Choose the Best Integrated Circuits (ICs) Distributors in Sri Lanka

Choosing the best Integrated Circuits (ICs) distributor in Sri Lanka entails taking into account several critical variables to ensure dependability, quality, and compatibility for your unique requirements. Here’s how to choose the best distributor for you:

Factors to Consider

Range and Specificity of Inventory

  • Examine the distributor’s inventory variety and depth to ensure they have the precise ICs you need.
  • Look for distributors who offer a comprehensive choice of brands, types, and applications to fulfill a variety of project requirements.

Quality and Authenticity

  • To assure genuine and trustworthy ICs, confirm the distributor’s sourcing techniques and quality control procedures.
  • Check to see if they get their products directly from reliable manufacturers or authorized sources.

Customer Service and Support

  • Assess the quality of their customer service, timeliness, and after-sales assistance.
  • Consider their ability to accommodate last-minute requests or provide technical assistance.

Reputation and Reliability

  • Examine the distributor’s reputation, which should include reviews, testimonials, and industry position.
  • Seek suggestions for reputable distributors from industry peers or online forums.

Unique Offerings or Specialties:

  • Examine whether the distributor provides additional services such as custom sourcing, kitting, or value-added services.
  • Look for distributors who have specialties that match your project’s needs.

Shipping and Delivery Options:

  • Examine shipping rules, delivery times, and costs.
  • Consider distributors who provide speedy or dependable shipment within Sri Lanka.

Technical Expertise and Documentation:

  • Examine whether the distributor provides thorough technical documentation, datasheets, and IC certifications.
  • Examine their technical competence and support for challenging projects or questions.

Cost and Payment Terms:

  • Compare the pricing structures of different distributors for the same integrated circuits.
  • Examine the available payment arrangements, discounts, and bulk order possibilities.

Location and Accessibility:

  • Consider the distributor’s proximity to your location for faster delivery or simple pickups.

Sustainability and Compliance:

  • Examine whether the distributor follows industry standards, rules, and sustainability practices.

Choosing the best IC distributor in Sri Lanka entails a thorough examination of their inventory, dependability, customer service, and fit for your project needs. To create a seamless and successful buying experience, prioritize authenticity, dependability, and quality in your decision process.


Navigating the Sri Lankan ICs distributor sector entails matching specific needs with the strengths of each distributor. When making a decision, consider inventory diversity, shipping, service quality, reputation, and unique offerings.

The Sri Lankan electronic components industry is changing as a result of technological improvements, specialization, e-commerce growth, and sustainability measures. Rantle East Electronic has over 20 years of experience sourcing from China, helping you to the proper components for your needs.

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