Manufacturer Introduction: KB Electronics Manufacturer

Manufacturer Introduction: KB Electronics Manufacturer

Founded in 1997, King Billion Electronics (TWN STOCK INDEX: 3056) has established itself as a prominent professional fabless semiconductor company. Headquartered in Taiwan, with a strategic sales office in China, KB Electronics has steadily grown in its expertise and market presence. The company has carved out a niche in the consumer and communications sectors, specializing in microprocessors and analog to digital signal processing ICs. With a commitment to innovation and quality, KB Electronics has become a key player in the semiconductor industry.

Company History and Milestones

King Billion Electronics was founded in 1997. Within a year, it commenced mass production in 1998 and quickly reached break-even by 1999. This swift progress marked the beginning of KB Electronics’ journey towards becoming a leading player in the semiconductor industry.

The company has consistently focused on innovation and development, creating several notable product series. Among these are the KBDMCU (a range of microcontrollers), OTP (One-Time Programmable devices), KBL (a series of low-power microcontrollers), and the HE80000 series, which showcases the company’s prowess in analog to digital signal processing ICs. These developments have significantly contributed to the company’s reputation for producing high-quality, reliable semiconductor products.

KB Electronics embraces a human-oriented management philosophy, emphasizing the stimulation of individual potential and fostering a work environment where every employee can thrive. The company’s shared purpose, “stimulate the potential of every individual to enjoy each day,” reflects its commitment to technological advancement and the well-being and growth of its team members. This philosophy has been a cornerstone of KB Electronics’ success, driving innovation and excellence across all aspects of the business.

Product Portfolio

KB Electronics boasts a diverse and comprehensive product range, catering to various industrial and consumer needs. The company’s portfolio includes AC Drives, Inverters, DC Drives, and triac fan controls, each designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability.

AC Drives

KB’s AC drives highlight their product range, offering variable speed control for 3-phase AC induction motors from 1/8 through 5 horsepower. These drives are engineered to meet the demands of various applications, ensuring efficient and smooth operation. They are available in multiple voltage options, including 115, 208/230, and 400/460 VAC, operating at 50/60 Hz with single-phase and three-phase input configurations. The AC drives come in different enclosure types, such as Chassis / IP20, NEMA 1 / IP20 & IP50, and the robust NEMA 4X / IP65, which features a rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure with a hinged cover for enhanced durability.

Drive Technology and Features

KB Electronics integrates advanced technology into their AC drives, including Sensorless Flux Vector Compensation with Static-Auto-Tune. This feature provides excellent speed regulation from zero to full load across a wide frequency range, ensuring consistent performance. Additionally, these drives offer auto energy savings at light loads, contributing to overall energy efficiency. The drives also ensure smooth motor torque operation, enhancing the longevity and reliability of the motor.

KB Electronics offers various optional accessories to cater to specific and demanding applications. These accessories are designed to extend the functionality and adaptability of their AC drives, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial uses. With such a comprehensive and technologically advanced product portfolio, KB Electronics continues to meet and exceed the needs of its diverse customer base.

Product Applications

KB Electronics’ products are utilized in various applications across various industries, showcasing their versatility and reliability. Their AC drives, DC drives, and other control solutions are integral to the efficient operation of many systems and machines.

Specific Applications:

  • Air Moving Devices:KB’s drives control the speed and efficiency of fans and blowers in HVAC systems, ensuring optimal air circulation and energy savings.
  • Automated Truss Machines:Precision and reliability of KB’s control systems enhance the productivity and accuracy of truss fabrication processes.
  • Conveyors:KB’s variable-frequency drives ensure conveyor systems’ smooth and consistent operation, which is crucial for material handling and manufacturing processes.
  • Door and Gate Openers:KB robust motor controls provide reliable performance for automated door and gate systems, ensuring security and convenience.
  • Elevators and Hoists:KB’s advanced drive technology ensures the safe and efficient operation of elevators and hoists, supporting smooth and stable movement.
  • Exercise Equipment:KB’s motor controls provide precision and durability for various fitness equipment, from treadmills to elliptical machines.
  • Grinding and Polishing Machines:KB’s drives ensure the precise control needed for the high-accuracy requirements of grinding and polishing tasks.
  • Misting Pumps:KB’s advanced control solutions ensure the reliability of misting systems in agricultural and industrial settings.

Quality and Customization

At KB Electronics, quality is a paramount priority, as reflected in their slogan, “Products You Know, Quality You Need.” The company is dedicated to building high-quality products right the first time, every time. This commitment to excellence is ingrained in every aspect of their manufacturing processes, ensuring that customers receive reliable and durable products.

KB Electronics also excels in providing customization capabilities to meet specific customer needs. By offering tailored solutions, they help clients avoid unnecessary extras, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency. This ability to customize motor drive products ensures that KB Electronics can address unique requirements across various applications, providing optimal performance and value for their customers.

Nidec Acquisition and Synergy

In 2015, KB Electronics was acquired by Nidec Motor Corporation, a strategic move that significantly enhanced both companies’ capabilities and global reach. Nidec Corporation, founded in 1973 by Shigenobu Nagamori in Japan, began with just four employees and has since grown into an international powerhouse employing over 140,000 people worldwide. Known for its passion, enthusiasm, and tenacity, Nidec has become the world’s largest manufacturer of electric motors, supplying a vast array of products that power everything from computers and cell phones to heavy industrial equipment.

Nidec’s acquisition of KB Electronics brought numerous benefits, including increased resources, expanded product lines, and enhanced technological capabilities. Integrating KB’s expertise in motor controls and drives with Nidec’s extensive experience and global infrastructure has created significant synergies. These shared values of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction have strengthened both brands, allowing them to deliver superior products and services to a broader market.

The synergy between KB and Nidec is evident in their combined efforts to advance technology and provide customized, high-quality solutions. Together, they drive innovation in the electric motor and control industry, impacting various applications and contributing to technological advancements globally.


KB Electronics, founded in 1997, has evolved into a leading fabless semiconductor company renowned for its consumer and communications products expertise. Its diverse product portfolio, which includes AC drives, inverters, DC drives, and Triac fan controls, caters to a wide range of applications, from air-moving devices to misting pumps. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality and customization was further enhanced by its acquisition by Nidec Motor Corporation in 2015, significantly expanding its global reach and technological prowess.

As KB Electronics looks to the future, it remains dedicated to innovation and excellence, continuously developing new solutions to meet the dynamic needs of its customers. For more information about KB Electronics and its products, visit their website or contact their sales office for inquiries and potential collaborations.

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