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RANTLE is an independent LTC4100EG distributor.  We used advanced and latest mechanics, we make sure to distribute and supply excellent LTC4100EG device. Our LTC4100EG are useful and great for various   applications.


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The LTC4100EG smart battery charger is a single chip charging solution that dramatically simplifies construction of an SBS compliant system.

The LTC4100EG implements a Level 2 charger function whereby the charger can be programmed by the battery or by the host.

A Safety Signal on the battery being charged is monitored for temperature, connectivity and battery type information.

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Analog Devices Inc(ADI)/Linear Technology(LT) IC chips LTC4100EG charger controller uses a constant off-time, current-mode step-down architecture. During normal operation, the top MOSFET is turned on each cycle when the oscillator sets the SR latch and turned off when the main current comparator ICMP resets the SR latch.

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While the top MOSFET is off, the bottom MOSFET is turned on until either the inductor current trips the current comparator IREV, or the beginning of the next cycle. The oscillator uses the equation, to set the bottom MOSFET on-time.

The Smart Battery, acting as a bus master device, sends the Alarm Warning message to the LTC4100EG to notify it that one or more alarm conditions exist. Alarm indications are encoded as bit fields in the Battery’s Status register, which is then sent to the LTC4100EG by this function.

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Our LTC4100EG#TRPBF will use the information sent by this function to properly charge the battery. The LTC4100EG will only respond to certain alarm bits. Writing to this function does not necessarily cause an alarm condition that inhibits battery charging.

Linear Technology / Analog Devices LTC4100EG charger operations are handled by the control block. This block is capable of charging the selected battery autonomously or under SMBus Host control.

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Learn more about the Analog Devices Inc(ADI)/Linear Technology(LT) LTC4100EG#TRPBF, please click the LTC4100EG  datasheet.

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