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EXAR/SIPEX/MAXLINEAR SP3232EEN series is an RS-232 transceiver solution intended for portable or handheld applications such as notebooks or palmtop computers.

The SP3232 series has a high-efficiency, charge-pump power supply that requires only 0.1µF capacitors in 3.3V operation.

This charge pump allows the SP3232EEN series to deliver true RS-232 performance from a single power supply ranging from +3.3V to +5.0V.

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held applications such as notebook or palmtop computers.

The ESD tolerance of the SP3232EEN devices are over ±15kV for both Human Body Model and IEC1000-4-2 Air discharge test methods.

The SP3232EEN device has a low-power shutdown mode where the devices’ driver outputs and charge pumps are disabled. During shutdown, the supply current falls to less than 1µA.

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Rantle can supply SP3232EEN drivers that can maintain high data rates up to 235Kbps fully loaded. Figure 8 shows a loopback test circuit used to test the RS-232 drivers.

A solid RS-232 data transmission rate of 120Kbps provides compatibility with many designs in personal computer peripherals and LAN applications.

The SP3232EEN driver’s output stages are turned off when the device is in shutdown mode. When the power is off, the SP3222E device permits the outputs to be driven up to ±12V.

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The drivers typically can operate at a data rate of 235Kbps. The drivers can guarantee a data rate of 120Kbps fully loaded with 3KΩ in parallel with 1000pF, ensuring compatibility with PC-to-PC communication software.

The SP3232EEN transceivers meet the EIA/ TIA-232 and V.28/V.24 communication protocols and can be implemented in battery-powered, portable, or hand-held applications such as notebook or palmtop computers.

Our SP3232EEN has best features a 1µA shutdown mode that reduces power consumption and extends battery life in portable systems.

Its receivers remain active in shutdown mode, allowing external devices such as modems to be monitored using only 1µA supply current.

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Learn more about the EXAR/SIPEX/MAXLINEAR IC components SP3232EEN, please click the SP3232E datasheet.

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