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Your Top ADUM1100BRZ Distributor- RANTLE is Your Best ADUM1100BRZ Supplier in China

Rantle is an excellent ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) ADUM1100BRZ distributor and supplier in China. We have the greatest ADUM1100BRZ that very suit to your desired application and suit to your budget. You can’t go wrong if you are planning to choose us as your distributor.


We Source ADUM1100BRZ. We can be your best ADUM1100BRZ Manufacturer.


Rantle is one of the great sources of electronic components including ADUM1100BRZ and ADUM1100BRZ-RL7. We distribute outstanding products which is very useful in various application.

The ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) ADUM1100BRZ is offered in three grades. The ADUM1100BRZ and ADUM1100BRZ-RL7can operate up to a maximum temperature of 105°C and support data rates up to 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps, respectively.

The ADUM1100BRZ can operate up to a maximum temperature of 125°C and supports data rates up to 100 Mbps.

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Your Trusted ADUM1100BRZ Distributor in China-RANTLE East Electronic

Rantle can supply ADUM1100BRZ and different quality electrical components to different manufacturers in mainland China and outside are of China.

The ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) IC components ADUM1100BRZ digital isolator requires no external interface circuitry for the logic interfaces. A bypass capacitor is recom-mended at the input and output supply pins. The input bypass capacitor can conveniently be connected between Pin 3 and Pin 4.

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Alternatively, the bypass capacitor can be located between Pin 1 and Pin 4. The output bypass capacitor can be connected between Pin 7 and Pin 8 or Pin 5 and Pin 8. The capacitor value should be between 0.01 μF and 0.1 μF. The total lead length between both ends of the capacitor and the power supply pins should not exceed 20 mm.

ADUM1100BRZ components operated at the same operating temperature and having the same output load.The limitation on the magnetic field immunity of the ADUM1100BRZ is set by the condition in which induced voltage in the transformer’s receiving coil is sufficiently large to either falsely set or reset the decoder.

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The analysis that follows defines the conditions under which this can occur. The 3.3 V operating condition of the ADUM1100BRZ is examined because it represents the most susceptible mode of operation.

Rantle supply ADI components ADUM1100BRZ-RL7 which is extremely immune and can be effected only by extremely large currents operated at high frequency and very close to the component. For the 1 MHz examples noted, one would have to place a current of 0.5 kA 5 mm away from the ADUM1100BRZ to affect the component’s operation.

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RANTLE is a world leading distributor specializing in sourcing high-quality ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) IC chips ADUM1100BRZ and other electronic components. We aim to help electronical engineers, brokers, and manufacturers to find the hard-to-locate electronic parts.

With over 16 years of experience, RANTLE continuously offer fast delivery and high-quality electronic components. You can surely find what you need at RANTLE!

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To learn more about the ANALOG DEVICES INC(ADI) electronic components and chips ADUM1100BRZ, please click the ADUM1100BRZ datasheet.

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