Manufacturer Introduction: ROAL Electronics USA, Inc Manufacturer

Manufacturer Introduction: ROAL Electronics USA, Inc Manufacturer

One of the major players in the LED lighting and power conversion sectors is ROAL Electronics USA, Inc. In 2013, the Efore Group acquired ROAL Electronics, a company well-known for its creative and energy-efficient power solutions, expanding its skills and market penetration. Through the acquisition, Efore’s vast global operations and ROAL’s expertise in solid-state lighting and digital power conversion were combined, resulting in a synergy that drives technological improvements and greater product offerings. Serving various industries, including the data communications, telecom, industrial, medical, and maritime sectors, ROAL Electronics is a leader in developing state-of-the-art power conversion solutions that satisfy the strict requirements of contemporary industries.

Company Overview

Distinguished producer ROAL Electronics USA, Inc. specializes in AC/DC power supply, LED drivers, and custom and conventional DC power systems. Known for being a pioneer in solid-state lighting power supplies and digital power conversion, ROAL has advanced significantly in offering creative, energy-saving solutions to various sectors.

Established in the early 2000s, ROAL Electronics has rapidly established itself as a leader in power electronics, meeting the rigorous requirements of the military, telecom, industrial, medical, lighting, and utility sectors. The organization’s reputation as a dependable power solutions provider has been solidified by its dedication to technological innovation and excellent product design.

The Efore Group, a multinational company with operations on four continents and its headquarters in Finland, purchased ROAL Electronics in 2013. Through this calculated acquisition, ROAL capitalized on Efore’s vast resources and worldwide market exposure, improving its capacity for product development and customer support. The company continues to develop and produce state-of-the-art power conversion equipment with unmatched flexibility, clever designs, and exceptional energy efficiency under the well-known ROAL name.

Serving a wide range of international clients, ROAL Electronics now runs a strong sales and marketing network in China, the US, and Europe. The company’s continuous success in the power electronics sector is fueled by its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, which remain central to its mission.

History and Background

ROAL Electronics was established in the early 2000s to transform the power electronics sector through innovation and quality. Since then, ROAL has concentrated on creating cutting-edge digital power conversion and solid-state lighting power solutions to meet the demands of various industries, such as the military, telecom, industrial, medical, lighting, and utility sectors.

ROAL Electronics quickly became known as a pioneer in power conversion technology during its early years of operation. The company’s commitment to R&D produced innovative products that raised the bar for dependability and energy efficiency. ROAL achieved notable market penetration and industry recognition as its customer base expanded with its growing reputation.

2013, the Efore Group acquired ROAL, marking a significant turning point in the company’s history. With this calculated decision, the business entered a new chapter and took advantage of Efore’s vast resources and worldwide reach. Incorporating Efore Group, a global enterprise spanning four continents, improved ROAL’s product creation, production, and customer support capacities.

Through the acquisition, ROAL was able to reach a wider global audience and provide innovative power solutions to a more diverse variety of sectors. The combined knowledge of Efore and ROAL made it easier to create outstanding energy-efficient products with clever designs, enhancing ROAL’s standing as a reliable brand in the power electronics sector. Because of this collaboration, ROAL Electronics has maintained its position at the forefront of technological breakthroughs in the LED lighting and power conversion industries.

Product Portfolio

ROAL Electronics offers various premium power solutions, such as LED drivers, AC/DC power supplies, and both standard and customized DC power systems. Their goods are dependable and efficient, catering to the demands of different sectors.

DC Power Systems

ROAL offers standard and customized DC power solutions to meet particular industry needs. These systems are very efficient, dependable, and have a sturdy architecture, which makes them perfect for use in the industrial, medical, and telecommunications industries.

AC/DC Power Supplies

The AC/DC power supply from ROAL is designed to provide reliable, effective power for a variety of uses. Reliable electricity is essential in the utility and military industries, where these goods are used.

LED Drivers

The company’s LED drivers are well known for their clever designs and exceptional energy efficiency. These drivers offer versatility and improved performance for various lighting applications, such as general, industrial, and architectural lighting.

Customers in the telecom, industrial, medical, lighting, utility, and military sectors—where accuracy and dependability are critical—trust ROAL’s power solutions. Every product is made with the unique requirements of these industries in mind, guaranteeing lifetime and peak performance.

Technological Innovation and R&D

Power conversion and LED lighting technologies are being advanced by ROAL Electronics, a company that is strongly committed to technological innovation and research and development (R&D). The company’s R&D efforts are concentrated on developing innovative products with unparalleled flexibility, clever designs, and exceptional energy efficiency.

Power Conversion Products

The cutting-edge power conversion solutions from ROAL are made to satisfy the demanding needs of contemporary industry. These products raise the bar for the industry by combining cutting-edge technologies to improve performance and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency and Intelligent Designs

ROAL prioritizes the development of goods with clever designs and energy efficiency. These innovations ensure that consumers obtain customized solutions adapted to their specific demands by enabling greater flexibility and creativity in implementation.

Global R&D Presence

The strategic locations of ROAL’s R&D departments in Finland, Sweden, Italy, and China promote a creative and cooperative atmosphere. Due to their global reach, ROAL can use a wide range of knowledge and perspectives, propelling innovation and ongoing product development.

By allocating resources towards research and development, ROAL Electronics guarantees its position at the forefront of technical progress, providing cutting-edge power solutions that satisfy the changing needs of its clientele. The company’s commitment to innovation strengthens its position as a leader in the power electronics sector by improving product performance and promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Market Presence and Operations

With significant sales and marketing activities in China, the US, and Europe, ROAL Electronics has a robust global market presence. Because of its extensive network, the company can provide innovative power solutions to various industries globally, catering to a diverse and international clientele.

ROAL’s sales and marketing teams are strategically positioned throughout Europe to service important markets and offer customized solutions to clients in various industries. The company’s operations in the US are concentrated on growing its market share and catering to the unique demands of its North American clientele. In the meantime, ROAL offers state-of-the-art goods and services in China by taking advantage of the country’s quick industrial development and technical breakthroughs.

The company’s strong financial results are indicative of its success in the market. ROAL Electronics, a division of the Efore Group, announced consolidated net sales of EUR 69.9 million for the fiscal year that ended in December 2017. With an average of 432 workers every year worldwide, the commitment and experience of almost 1,000 employees contribute to this financial strength. The company’s inventiveness and ability to maintain a competitive advantage in the power electronics sector are greatly aided by this skilled personnel.

Corporate Values and Sustainability

ROAL Electronics operates on a foundation of core values that guide its business practices and customer interactions. These values include:

  • Customer Intimacy:ROAL prioritizes close customer relationships, ensuring personalized service and support at every level.
  • Reliability:The company is committed to producing long-lasting, dependable products and delivering on time.
  • Solution-Driven:ROAL focuses on understanding and meeting customer needs with the right solutions.
  • Cost Efficiency:The company strives to deliver high-quality solutions and services cost-effectively.

One of the pillars of ROAL’s business responsibility is sustainability. The company incorporates sustainability ideas from product design to production procedures into every aspect of its operations. This pledge guarantees that ROAL satisfies client needs and promotes sustainable development and environmental preservation. By putting sustainability first, ROAL demonstrates its commitment to long-term success in the power electronics sector and corporate responsibility.

Customer Trust and Brand Promise

The mission of ROAL Electronics USA, Inc. is to be a dependable energy partner for high-quality goods and services. Their brand pledge strongly emphasises consistent delivery and unwavering attention to consumer needs. In line with their goal of attaining sustainable profitability while meeting consumer needs, ROAL’s objective is to enable sustainable energy for everyone. The company’s commitment to providing top-notch goods and services is exemplified by its core principles, which include close relationships with customers, dependability, solution-driven thinking, and cost-effectiveness. This dedication guarantees that clients can count on ROAL to provide creative, superior power solutions that satisfy the needs of diverse industries.


ROAL Electronics USA, Inc.’s cutting-edge, energy-efficient products have significantly impacted the power conversion and LED lighting industries. Merging with the Efore Group has improved its capabilities, allowing it to service a global customer base efficiently. ROAL is a leader in the market because of its commitment to technological innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Contact ROAL Electronics USA, Inc. for dependable and cutting-edge power solutions.

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