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  • Good Price for miniSMDC260F/16-2
  • RoHS compliant
  • Broadest range of resettable devices available in the industry
  • Current ratings from 0.05 to
  • Small footprint
  • Fast time-to-trip
  • miniSMDC260F/16-2

RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2 is designed to decrease the size and price of most surface-mounted devices. It is commonly used in 120VAC up to 240VAC line voltages.

RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2 encompasses a broad range of applications such as protections for chargers and power supplies.

miniSMDC260F/16-2 Supplier in China

It also protects industrial control transformers and other consumer and commercial applications. RANTLE distributes miniSMDC260F/16-2 that is always perfect for your needs and requirements.

Additionally, RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2 is best used for computer and other multimedia usage. It is also suitable for general and consumer electronics. Automotive and other portable electronic applications can also use RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2. 120VAC and 240VAC motors can also be protected using RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2.

If you have applications that needs trip-to-hold ratio, RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2 is the perfect choice.

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miniSMDC260F/16-2 datasheet

miniSMDC260F/16-2 Datasheet


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Reliable miniSMDC260F/16-2 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2 provides ratings of higher voltage that keeps the use of new applications. Portable electronics, game machines, mobile phones, broadband and telephony can also benefit the use of RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2

RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2 offers tighter trip-to-hold ratios and 33V rating than any devices with radial-leaded. Our miniSMDC260F/16-2 is IEEE 1394 and RoHS compliant. That is why, you can assure that you will have the best quality RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2 that suits your needs.

miniSMDC260F/16-2 Distributor

RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2 has a capacity to clasp current from 900mA up to 9.0A. It features minimal size to help save the cost and space of the board. Our miniSMDC260F/16-2 can help engineers to choose more product designs because of its flexibility. It is adaptable with electronics assembly which is high-volume. It also assists in satisfying regulatory requirements.

Additionally, RANTLE miniSMDC260F/16-2 is halogen free. It encompasses the widest range in the industry of resettable devices. It has 0.05A up to 3A current rating and 6V voltage ratings for computers. 60V voltage ratings for electronic and telecom applications. It also has low resistance, faster time-to-trip and smaller footprint.

If you are looking for a certified supplier and distributor of miniSMDC260F/16-2, why not choose RANTLE! We know that it is difficult to source electronic components such as miniSMDC260F/16-2 IC. That is why, RANTLE is always willing to help you. We have almost 300 model numbers in stock ready to be delivered. Choose among our excellent quality model numbers.

At RANTLE, we give the best services we can have to provide you high quality electronic components. RANTLE has a strict and up-to-date quality control team to assure the quality of our electronic components. We always aim to help your business grow. We distribute and supplies thousands of electronic components every year. We serve customers from any part of the world.

miniSMDC260F/16-2 board

For more than 15 years in industry, we become the major supplier and distributor of electronic components worldwide. Because of this, we have developed a strong connection between well-known electronic companies globally.

Choose RANTLE to be your miniSMDC260F/16-2 supplier now. You will not regret choosing us. Aside from, high quality products and the best services, we also offer swift delivery. We can deliver your orders of miniSMDC260F/16-2 within 2-5 days only. For more details, let us know your inquiries.

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