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Rantle offers the newest models of electronic components like FAIRCHILD/ON NC7WZ17P6X for the upgraded devices. Providing you high-quality electronic parts is our expertise. Our NC7WZ17P6X undoubtedly contributes to the increase in your sales. Rantle is your leading supplier of all practical electronic components in China. We have numerous options of electronic part products, especially NC7WZ17P6X, that suit every application you have. This NC7WZ17P6X is one of the top-rated electronic components accessible on Rantle.


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Rantle can be your provider of any FAIRCHILD NC7WZ17P6X and many other electronic parts.  We also successfully provide our clients abroad. Rantle leads as the number one distributor of high-quality electronic parts in China. Rantle has complete types of equipment that ensure the best performance of your ordered NC7WZ17P6X. 

We are maintaining our outstanding services as your distributor. You will surely enjoy the advantages of electronic part products from Rantle. We distribute and supply our reliable customers worldwide. You can purchase more products from our standard stocks of electronic components.

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Rantle is your expert provider of only high-standard electronic components like NC7WZ17P6X. Many manufacturers and even brokers rely on our supply of electronic parts that are not accessible on their channels. We are in the said industry for over ten years and counting.

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We have more than enough background on supplying and distributing NC7WZ17P6X in China. Rantle also deals our high-quality NC7WZ17P6X with clients worldwide. We make sure that our released products are in outstanding condition. With our professional workers, you can surely get your desired electronic parts.

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FAIRCHILD/ON NC7WZ17P6X is a double buffer that has Schmitt trigger inputs from ON Semiconductor’s Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) array of TinyLogic items. The NC7WZ17P6X has the space-saving capacity with the SC−88 package. The FSC/ON NC7WZ17P6X performs over the 1.65 V to 5.5 V VCC range.

This device keeps on a low static power diversion to an extensive VCC operating range with increased output drive. This electronic component is formulating with accelerated CMOS technology to obtain ultra-high-speed. We make sure that we provide you the NC7WZ17P6X that is Pb−free, halogen-free, and are RoHS compliant. 

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Rantle has professional electromechanical engineers that assure you the sturdiest quality of electronic components, mainly NC7WZ17P6X. We can fully backup you quickly ordered NC7WZ17P6X and other related products for your business. Rantle always intends to meet your measure and expectations for the qualities of our offered NC7WZ17P6X.

Our skillful workers are responsible for taking care of every process of your bulk orders. You can tell us your desired specifications, and we will do its customization. FAIRCHILD components NC7WZ17P6X was in safe packaging when it is delivered. Expect no damage, brand new instead NC7WZ17P6X and other related products from Rantle.

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Send us the details of your device application, and we will help you look for the most convenient electronic component for it. Trust on Rantle services and assistance. We have full-time sales staff for your anytime calls and emails. Enjoy your device with Rantle NC7WZ17P6X.

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To learn more about FAIRCHILD/ON electronic components and parts NC7WZ17P6X, please click the NC7WZ17P6X datasheet.

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