Your Best 74HC595D Supplier in China

74HC595D Distributor - Your best 74HC595D Supplier in China

Rantle is an excellent and trusted 74HC595D distributor base in China. With the help of our professional workers and complete equipment, we can distribute a high-end and outstanding 74HC595D device. Rantle produces reliable electronic components with great functions and reliable performance. We are your one-stop solution for all part numbers of electronic components. The competitive rates will be a guarantee if you choose us as your prominent distributor!


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If you are looking for a trusted source for your 74HC595D  needs, Rantle is the perfect place for you. We have a lot in stock of TOSHIBA/NXP 74HC595D  and other part numbers that ready to distribute. Rantle always distributes a working device to maintain our position in this industry as a leading distributor. We can support your 74HC595D needs and meet your standards.

Rantle is the most recommended distributor of 74HC595D. You can get an affordable electronic from Rantle. We conduct a quality inspection to make sure of the condition of every electronic component. We are capable to export our products to different countries. Rantle is a great place to count to get a reliable 74HC595D.

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Professional 74HC595D Distributor - Rantle East Electronic

Rantle is specialized in distributing functional electronic components like TOSHIBA ic components 74HC595D. We exist in the electronic industry for more than 10 years. We have a full capability to offer a wide range of electronic components with the highest quality.

74HC595D supplier

TOSHIBA 74HC595D is a high-speed device that perfect for a low-power Schottky. It features 8-bit serial input, 8-bit serial or parallel output, storage register with 3-state outputs, shifts register with direct clear, 100 MHzshift out frequency  ESD protection, and multiple package options.


TOSHIBA/NXP 74HC595D is compatible with different applications like serial-to-parallel data conversion and remote control holding register. This offers a nice performance and works in a better way. Every part of Rantle 74HC595D is working.

Whether you need a trustworthy 74HC595D, Rantle is the perfect choice for you. We can distribute 74HC595D that truly meets a wide industry’s demands. We are the most professional 74HC595D distributor that can offer serviceable and long-lasting electronic components.

74HC595D distributor

We are devoted ourselves to electronic components for many years. We obtain the best reputation by distributing an excellent 74HC595D and other part numbers. Rantle can produce a better 74HC595D solution that perfect for wide applications.

Rantle distributes an efficient 74HC595D with world-class quality. We keep maintaining the quality of all of our electronic components. You can always get a 74HC595D with unique features and long life.

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Rantle is an expert and master of all kinds of electronic components. We can offer the right device and part number that will be suited to your applications since we are familiar with every work of electronic components.

We can source and offer you competitive rates for electronic components like 74HC595D. We are the reachable company that you can always count on. We always prioritize a customer’s satisfaction. You can get a fast response to your inquiries.

If you are interested in Rantle 74HC595D, you can contact us!

To learn more about TOSHIBA electronic components and parts 74HC595D, please click the 74HC595D datasheet.

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