Your Best NCP1117ST50T3G Supplier in China

NCP1117ST50T3G Distributor - Your Best NCP1117ST50T3G Supplier in China

Rantle is your reliable and trusted NCP1117ST50T3G distributor in China. Rantle has full capability to distribute quality and excellent NCP1117ST50T3G and any electric devices because we have been 10 years in the distributing industry.


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Rantle is the great choice as a distributor of NCP1117ST50T3G. We are your best source of electronic components. The NCP1117ST50T3G is a low-drop positive voltage regulator which is widely used in switching power supply circuits to get fixed and stable 5V output.

One of the most common NCP1117ST50T3G based circuits is the full wave diode rectifier power supply. In this power supply, the first stage is a power transformer which steps down 220/120VAC to 5VAC.

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The NCP1117ST50T3G is a low dropout positive voltage regulator manufactured by ON Semiconductor. Rantle NCP1117ST50T3G is capable of providing an output current in excess of 1.0A whereas the maximum dropout voltage is 1.2V.

The output voltage of NCP1117ST50T3G is 5V stable DC. The salient features of this device include safe operating area compensation, thermal shutdown, and output current limiter. The device package is Lead free SOT-223.

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These NCP1117ST50T3G devices are ideal in different applications including Consumer and industrial equipment point of regulation, Switching power supply post regulation, Computer hard drive controllers, Battery chargers, Server power supplies, and Power supplies in embedded hardware systems.

Your NCP1117ST50T3G features a significant reduction in dropout voltage along with enhanced output voltage accuracy and temperature stability when compared to older industry standard three−terminal adjustable regulators.

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Rantle NCP1117ST50T3G contains output current limiting, safe operating area compensation, and thermal shutdown protection making them designer friendly for powering numerous consumer and industrial products.

The NCP1117ST50T3G series is also capable of providing excellent load regulation; but since these are three terminal devices, only partial remote load sensing is possible. There are two conditions that must be met to achieve the maximum available load regulation performance.

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RANTLE is an outstanding NCP1117ST50T3G distributor. Using excellent processing mechanics, Rantle extends notably efficient and trustworthy NCP1117ST50T3G devices.

Rantle NCP1117ST50T3G ideally uses a wide type of industrial and automated applications. We make sure to distribute your NCP1117ST50T3G with good function and enhancing its usability.

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You can get your desired NCP1117ST50T3G  and other electric components at Rantle, inquire us now!

Learn more about the NCP1117ST50T3G, please click the NCP1117ST50T3G datasheet.

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