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TLE4266G Distributor - Your best TLE4266G Supplier in China

RANTLE is an excellent and independent TLE4266G distributor. Using advanced processing mechanics, we distribute an extremely trustworthy and reliable TLE4266G and TLE4266GHTMA1 components. Excellently use a wide kind of business and industrial purposes. Rantle Electronics is your ultimate solution if you need TLE4266G  or any part number of electronics.


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Rantle Electronics has a wide range of electronic components. We have a full capability to offer you reliable products. Rantle TLE4266G is very useful and qualified for automotive applications. Product validation according to AEC-Q100/101. 

The maximum output current of TLE4266G  is more than 120 mA. The IC can be switched off via the inhibit input, which causes the current consumption to drop below 10 µA. The IC is shortcircuit-proof and incorporates temperature protection which turns off the IC at overtemperature.

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Rantle TLE4266G  is a device that includes a precise reference voltage, which is very accurate due to resistor adjustment. A control amplifier compares the divided output voltage to this reference voltage and drives the base of the PNP series transistor through a buffer.

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This unique device features Output voltage 5 V or 10 V, 120 mA current capability, Very low current consumption, Low-drop voltage, Overtemperature protection, Reverse polarity proof, Wide temperature range, Suitable for use in automotive electronics, Inhibit and Green Product.

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The INFINEON components TLE4266G  is perfect for general automotive applications. This is a low-drop voltage regulator for a 5 V or 10 V supply in a PG-SOT223-4 SMD package. The maximum output current is more than 120 mA.

Rantle is the most trusted distributor and supplier of TLE4266G and also TLE4266GHTMA1. We are an expert in distributing industry that serves for long years. And all of these years, we are still the number 1 distributor for any part number of electronic components.

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We, Rantle Electronics are welling and happy to serve you and provide what you need. We are experts in handling any electronic components problem. You can always count on Rantle Electronics and we already provide a full range of services.

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Rantle is a professional distributor of electronic devices including TLE4266G. Rantle is the best source of any part number which is suited to your requirements. We distribute high-quality and satisfying products.

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To learn more about the INFINEON TLE4266G, please click the TLE4266G datasheet.

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