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RANTLE is an independent distributor of electronic parts like TQ2SA-5V and TQ2SA-5V-Z. We assured you an efficient, trustworthy electronic products and services for TQ2SA-5Vparts. Let Rantle be your champion as a supplier of electronic parts and components.


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RANTLE distributed TQ2SA-5V widely range of applications. The PANASONIC TQ2SA-5V is designed for industrial and power management.  It helps to boost productivity to your consumer electronics, automation and process control projects to ensure safety and reliability. You can have a high-quality series TQ2SA-5V from Rantle. 

In addition, Rantle offers not just TQ2SA-5V but also a related products like TQ2SA-5V-Z. These devices are known as mechanical relays. A wide series of TQ2SA-5V are mainly used for  signal control applications like measurement equipment, OA equipment  communications, and industrial machines. At Rantle, you can purchase the TQ2SA-5V and TQ2SA-5V-Z right here, right now.

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Rantle ready to serve your part TQ2SA-5V anytime you need it. For your comfort, we offer various types of electronic components. The TQ2SA-5V is a low profile relay series with a 6 mm height. 

These devices are available in standard type surface-mount terminal. The TQ2SA-5V and TQ2SA-5V-Z are reliable for surface-mount terminal type with the high connection.

TQ2SA-5V supplier

Rantle offers TQ2SA-5V that is recognized in the leading signal relay market.  It has a high commutation performance.

The PANASONIC TQ2SA-5V is a signal relay that highly sensitive. This product’s dependability and quality are highly regarded.

Perfectly used for your WiFi, instrumentation, handheld devices, and ATE. 

TQ2SA-5V distributor

A wide series TQ2SA-5V  ideally used for your telecommunication application projects. Our  TQ2SA-5V featured a breakdown voltage of 1,500 V between contacts and coil.

It also consists of a standard packing style of tape and reel package. The TQ2SA-5V compost of gold-clad twin crossbar contacts that used to ensures high-reliability contact. 

Rantle can offer electronic components that can meet your multifarious demands.  As your distributor, we can help you take your business to the subsequent level.

Just simply send us your quantity orders and our expert sales team will process it for you. 

TQ2SA-5V price

Rantle allows fast delivery on TQ2SA-5V and TQ2SA-5V-Z. In just 2-5 working days, you can absolutely get your order and trouble-free delivery guarantee.

Furthermore, we implement a 1-month guaranty service on TQ2SA-5V and TQ2SA-5V-Z. With outstanding service and products, Rantle will be your most trustworthy one-stop source. 

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For your questions and requests, please don’t hesitate to communicate with us. We have 24/7 online customer-friendly workers who will assist you. 

Learn more about the PANASONIC TQ2SA-5V, please click the TQ2SA-5V datasheet.

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