Manufacturer Introduction: Unipower Corp Manufacturer

Manufacturer Introduction: Unipower Corp Manufacturer

UNIPOWER Corp is a world leader in high-efficiency power electronics, energy conversion systems, and power supplies. With over 30 years of experience, UNIPOWER has built a solid reputation for delivering dependable and innovative power solutions to customers in more than 60 countries. The company’s extensive product line includes state-of-the-art rectifiers, inverters, and DC power systems tailored for mission-critical applications across various industries.

UNIPOWER’s commitment to quality and excellence meets the diverse needs of markets such as telecom, cable, power utilities, energy, government, medical, and industrial sectors. The company’s mission is to provide superior service and robust, reliable products, emphasizing a customer-centric approach that prioritizes understanding and addressing specific client requirements.

Company Overview

History and Background

Founded over 30 years ago, UNIPOWER Corp has grown from a modest startup to a global leader in power electronics and energy conversion systems. Initially focusing on high-efficiency power supplies, UNIPOWER expanded its product line to include advanced rectifiers, inverters, and DC power systems. This evolution has allowed the company to meet the increasing demands of various high-stakes industries, cementing its reputation for innovation and reliability.

Mission and Vision

UNIPOWER is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient power solutions that support mission-critical applications across diverse sectors. The company’s mission is to deliver superior service and robust, high-quality products designed to meet the specific needs of its customers. UNIPOWER envisions a future where its cutting-edge technologies and customer-centric approach drive success and sustainability across all applications and environments.

Global Presence

Operating in over 60 countries, UNIPOWER boasts a truly global footprint. The company serves various industries, including telecommunications, cable, power utilities, energy, government, medical, and industrial sectors.

This diverse customer base reflects UNIPOWER’s versatility and capability to address varied power solution needs worldwide. With an installed base of over 300,000 rectifiers and front-ends, UNIPOWER has established itself as a trusted partner for top-tier companies across North America, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Market Focus


UNIPOWER offers a comprehensive range of high-efficiency rectifiers and power systems specifically designed for the telecommunications industry. These solutions ensure an uninterrupted power supply, which is critical for maintaining reliable network operations.

UNIPOWER’s rectifiers, known for their superior efficiency and reliability, support a broad spectrum of telecom applications, from central offices to remote cell sites. Their robust design ensures optimal performance and longevity, making them ideal for mission-critical telecom infrastructures.

Cable and Power Utilities

UNIPOWER’s products ensure stable and efficient power delivery in the cable and power utility sectors. The company’s power solutions support the seamless operation of cable networks and reliable electricity distribution in power utilities. By providing high-efficiency rectifiers and inverters, UNIPOWER helps these sectors achieve greater operational efficiency, reduce energy costs, and maintain continuous service even in demanding conditions.

Energy and Government

UNIPOWER provides robust power solutions for the energy sector and government applications. Its products support renewable energy projects, grid infrastructure, and critical backup power systems. In government applications, UNIPOWER provides reliable power solutions that meet stringent regulatory standards and ensure the operational readiness of essential services, from defense to public safety.

Medical and Industrial

In the medical equipment market, UNIPOWER offers highly reliable power supplies that meet the strict safety and performance standards required for medical devices. These products ensure that medical equipment operates efficiently and reliably, vital for patient care and safety. In the industrial sector, UNIPOWER’s solutions are designed to withstand harsh environments and demanding operational requirements. The company’s industrial power products support various applications, from manufacturing and automation to transportation and logistics, providing durable and efficient power solutions that enhance productivity and reliability.

Product Offerings

High-Efficiency Rectifiers

UNIPOWER’s high-efficiency rectifiers are designed to achieve efficiency levels greater than 96%, making them some of the most energy-efficient rectifiers on the market. These rectifiers convert AC power to DC power with minimal energy loss, significantly reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Key features include advanced thermal management, compact design, and robust construction, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. These rectifiers’ high efficiency supports sustainability initiatives and enhances the overall performance of telecom, cable, and power utility systems.

Inverters and DC Power Systems

UNIPOWER’s inverters and DC power systems are renowned for their reliability and innovative design. These systems are essential for converting DC power to AC power, providing a stable and continuous power supply in various applications. UNIPOWER’s inverters feature state-of-the-art technology that ensures precise power conversion, optimal efficiency, and high reliability.

The DC power systems are designed to support mission-critical operations, offering features such as redundant configurations, advanced monitoring, and easy maintenance. These products are ideal for telecom networks, industrial applications, and renewable energy systems, ensuring consistent power delivery even in challenging environments.

Custom Solutions

UNIPOWER excels in providing custom and modified standard products tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Leveraging their innovative design engineering teams, UNIPOWER can develop bespoke solutions that address unique power challenges.

Whether modifying existing products to fit particular applications or creating entirely new designs, UNIPOWER’s custom solutions are characterized by their robustness, efficiency, and adaptability. This capability allows UNIPOWER to cater to various industries and applications, ensuring customers receive power solutions suited to their operational needs.

Customer Base and Achievements

Installed Base

UNIPOWER boasts an extensive installed base of over 300,000 rectifiers and front-ends, reflecting customers’ trust and confidence in their products. This large installed base underscores the company’s ability to deliver reliable, high-performing power solutions across many applications and industries.

Customer Diversity

UNIPOWER serves a diverse customer base across various sectors, including telecommunications, cable, power utilities, energy, government, medical, and industrial markets. Their clients span North America, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, showcasing the global reach and versatility of UNIPOWER’s solutions.

Notable Achievements

UNIPOWER has garnered numerous achievements and recognitions over its 30-year history. These accolades include industry awards for innovation in power electronics, certifications for environmental and energy efficiency standards, and customer commendations for exceptional service and product reliability. These honors affirm UNIPOWER’s position as a leader in the power solutions industry.

Commitment to Quality

Quality Principles

UNIPOWER’s commitment to quality is founded on four core principles: a proactive approach, process repeatability, ISO9001 certification, and a strong company culture. This comprehensive quality program ensures that every product meets stringent performance and reliability standards.

ISO9001 Certification

ISO9001 certification is a cornerstone of UNIPOWER’s quality assurance framework. This internationally recognized standard ensures that UNIPOWER’s products and processes meet rigorous quality management criteria. It guarantees that customers receive consistently high-quality products, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Company Culture

UNIPOWER fosters a company culture that emphasizes quality and continuous improvement. Employees are encouraged to take ownership of quality assurance processes and are provided with ongoing training and development opportunities. This culture of excellence drives the company to innovate and improve continuously, ensuring that UNIPOWER remains at the forefront of the power solutions industry.

Affiliation with JMC Capital Partners

Overview of JMC Capital Partners

Founded in 1999, JMC Capital Partners is a private equity firm that drives value through operational and strategic excellence in industrial product and technology companies. With a strong background in operations and investments, JMC’s partners bring a wealth of experience in managing and growing businesses.

Strategic Excellence

JMC emphasizes operational improvements and strategic initiatives that enhance efficiency and innovation. This operational and strategic excellence benefits UNIPOWER by providing the expertise and resources needed to optimize performance, drive innovation, and expand market reach.

Support and Growth

Under JMC’s stewardship, UNIPOWER has access to comprehensive financial investment, strategic direction, and operational management support. This partnership helps UNIPOWER to continue its growth trajectory, improve product offerings, and maintain its leadership position in the power solutions industry.


UNIPOWER is a reliable and innovative provider of high-efficiency power solutions serving diverse industries worldwide. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, UNIPOWER leverages advanced technology and strict quality standards to meet customer needs. Explore UNIPOWER’s products to find the perfect power solution for your applications.

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