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74HC4053D Distributor - Your 74HC4053D Supplier in China

Rantle is your one-stop supplier of products, solutions, and services. Rantle supplies electronic components like the PHILIPS/NXP IC components 74HC4053D.  We propose electronic solutions for our customers and commercial markets. To maintain our network in the electronics industry. Rantle introduces designs, operations, and sales for our product supplies.


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Rantle distributes the broadest selection of 74HC4053D with low-on-resistance but high-performance. This product comes out in 16 leads, a plastic small outline package, and a body width of 3.9 mm.  Rantle 74HC4053D is fabricated with high-speed CMOS analog multiplexers or demultiplexers.  

Rantle  74HC4053D is designed for both general-purpose use and specific applications. Our 74HC4053D is enables multiplexing of analog sensor signals and reducing the number of ADC. This device features high ESD protection. We could offer  74HC4053D electronic component sourcing in analog switches and multiplexers industry.

In Rantle you can purchase PHILIPS/NXP 74HC4053D right here, right now.  

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable 74HC4053D Supplier and Distributor in China

Rantle is an electronic parts wholesale supplier of 74HC4053D in China. It is a triple 2-channel analog multiplexer or demultiplexer device. 

PHILIPS/NXP 74HC4053D device featuring wide analog input voltage range from -5 V to +5 V and low ON resistance. Rantle 74HC4053D also enables 5 V logic to communicate with ±5 V analog signals with multiple package options. 

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Rantle offers 74HC4053D with wide applications such as analog multiplexing/demultiplexing and digital multiplexing/demultiplexing, and gating signals. This device achieves high-speed operation while maintaining the CMOS low power dissipation.

Rantle 74HC4053D is an integrated level shifting of control signals interface to lower-voltage controllers. It also provides over-voltage tolerant options. 

74HC4053D distributor

Rantle also deals 74HC4053D with a triple single-pole double-throw analog switch. Every switch features a digital select input.

Our 74HC4053D helps to reduce the total harmonic distortion for high-quality audio switching. Rantle 74HC4053D can also use low switch leakage and wide supply voltage. 

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Rantle 74HC4053D also works to reduce signal attenuation results in low switching losses. It possesses low input threshold input options.

This product has low ON resistance and ON resistance flatness. Rantle 74HC4053D is suitable for limiting current resistors to interface excess inputs voltages of VCC. 

Rantle grants accelerated delivery on the 74HC4053D. We provide expert support at each stage of the ordering process. Through our world top couriers, we ensure that the items arrive in the shortest time available.  A brand-new, undamaged, unused, and unopened items.

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Besides, we implement a 1-month warranty service on 74HC4053D. Rantle offers 74HC4053D with the most suitable technology at the right price, at the right place and at the right time to our valued customers.

If you need PHILIPS/NXP electronic components and parts 74HC4053D, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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