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ADP1613ARMZ-R7 Distributor - Your Best ADP1613ARMZ-R7 Supplier in China

Rantle is the largest ADP1613ARMZ-R7 distributor in China. We are development distributor, a kind of business partner that supports the technology community at every stage. Rantle provide quality and great ADP1613ARMZ that suit to your desired application.


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Rantle ADP1613ARMZ-R7 are step-up dc-to-dc switching converters with an integrated power switch capable of providing an output voltage as high as 20 V.

With a package height of less than 1.1 mm, the ADP1613ARMZ-R7 is optimal for space constrained applications such as portable devices or thin film transistor liquid crystal displays.

ANALOG DEVICE ADP1613ARMZ operates in current mode pulse-width modulation with up to 94% efficiency. An adjustable soft start prevents inrush currents when the part is enabled.

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The ADP1613ARMZ-R7 current-mode step-up switching converters boost a 1.8 V to 5.5 V input voltage to an output voltage as high as 20 V.

The internal switch allows a high output current, and the high 650 kHz/1.3 MHz switching frequency allows for the use of tiny external components.

Rantle ADP1613ARMZ-R7 utilize a current-mode PWM control scheme to regulate the output voltage over all load conditions.

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The output voltage is monitored at FB through a resistive voltage divider. The voltage at FB is compared to the internal 1.235 V reference by the internal transconductance error amplifier to create an error voltage at COMP.

The frequency of the ADP1613ARMZ is pin-selectable to operate at either 650 kHz to optimize the regulator for high efficiency or at 1.3 MHz for use with small external components. If FREQ is left floating, the part defaults to 650 kHz.

The ADP1613ARM feature an adjustable output voltage range of VIN to 20 V. The output voltage is set by the resistor voltage divider, R1, and R2, from the output voltage to the 1.235 V feedback input at FB.

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Rantle ADP1613ARMZ-R7 requires input and output bypass capacitors to supply transient currents while maintaining constant input and output voltages.

ADP1613ARMZ-R7 uses external components to compensate for the regulator loop, allowing optimization of the loop dynamics for a given application.

Rantle is a great ADP1613ARMZ-R7 supplier and distributor. Our management system is compliant to international standards for the environment, safety, and quality and is certified by recognized bodies in the ISO certified.

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Learn more about the ADP1613ARMZ, please click the ADP1613ARMZ datasheet.

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