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Rantle is the development distributor of X-POWERS AXP223. Rantle recently continues to bring the latest technologies in various markets.

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X-POWERS AXP223 is designed to be a highly integrated power system management IC,that is optimized for applications requiring singlecell Li-battery (Li-Ion/Polymer) and multiple output DC-DC converters.

It is offering a convenient-to-use and flexible complete solution which can fully meet the increasing complexity of accurate power control required by the modern application processor system.

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If you are looking for electronic components Rantle glad to produce it for you. We highly distribute AXP223 with high and good performance.

AXP223 comprises a USB3.0-Compatible Flash Charger which efficiency up to 94 percent,Charging current up to 2.1A. It supports 21- way power output and has high efficiency up to 95%.

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Includes voltage/current/temperature monitoring and other multi-channel 12-Bit ADC to guarantee the safety and stability of the power system.

Rantle AXP223 has integrated various protection circuits including over voltage protection, under voltage protection, and over temperature protection.

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AXP223 provides a fast interface,allows the system to adjust the output voltage dynamically,and coordinates the application processor system to achieve multiple modes of conversion, extend the battery using time maximum.

AXP223 Intelligent Power Select, IPS ™ circuit can distribute electric energy security transparent in USB and external AC adapter, Lithium, and application system load.

X-POWERS AXP223 enables applications system working when only external power input but without battery.

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Power input of AXP223 may come from Li-battery, USB VBUS input, external power ACIN. IPS can select proper power according to external power and Li-battery status.

AXP223 will give priority to the application power demand. When the driveability of USB Host is insufficient or system power consumption is large then the VBUS voltage is lower than VHOLD.

AXP223 will release IRQ to indicate the weak power supply ability of Host VBUS, which may affect USB communication, and then Host software will follow up.

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Rantle is the professional AXP223 distributor and other electronic part numbers. We always strive to distribute the highest quality of components.

You can assure as the satisfying products and services. We distribute different components in thousands of customers.

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