Your Best FT232RQ Supplier in China

FT232RQ Distributor – Your Best FT232RQ Supplier in China

RANTLE is an independent distributor of FT232RQ in China. We are an authorized distributor of FT232RQ from the most popular manufacturers such as FREESCALE, ALTERA, MICROCHIP, XILINX, ATMEL, Analog Devices Inc., MICRON, Maxim Integrated, and more. You can surely trust RANTLE!


Trust RANTLE as your supplier of FT2323RQ. We have everything you need!

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RANTLE is an expert distributor of FT232RQ in China. We offer the latest FT232RQ of USB UART Integrated Interface circuit devices. Our FT232RQ is a USB to UART serial interface that comes with a clock generator optional output.

It also has a FTDIChip-ID new security dongle feature. Additionally, our FT232RQ are available with synchronous and asynchronous bit bang interfaces.

Our FT232RQ are also fully integrated with external EEPROM, USB resistors, and clock circuits.

Also, RANTLE’s FT232RQ has a hardware features like protocol USB handled by the chip, UART interface that can support 8 or 7 bits, fully-assisted hardware, and more.

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Your Expert Distributor and Supplier of FT232RQ in China – RANTLE East Electronic

RANTLE is a world-leading distributor of high-quality FT232RQ. We distribute FT232RQ that are fully integrated with clock circuit, external EEPROM, and USB resistors.

Synchronous and asynchronous bit bang modes interface are available at RANTLE’s FT232RQ.

Our FT232RQ are USB to UART serial interface that comes with a clock generator optional output. It is also equipped with the FTDIChip-ID new security dongle feature.

We distribute FT232RQ with two latest functions making it a “3-in-1” chip that are perfect for various applications. Our FT232RQ can brought our 4 internally generated clock including 6MHz, 48MHz, 24MHz, and 12MHz.

FT232RQ Distributor

Other than that, we supply FT232RQ that is equipped with hardware features including single-chip USB into a serial data asynchronous transfer interface. It also has a general USB protocol that is handled by the chip without requiring firmware USB-specific programming.

RANTLE’s FT232RQ is also incorporated with fully-assisted hardware or the X-off/X-on handshaking software. It can also transfer data with 300 baud up to 3 megabaud rates.

As a professional distributor, RANTLE provides FT232RQ that has a built-in support for line break and event character conditions. Our FT232RQ also provides auto-transmit buffer control.

RANTLE’s FT232RQ is also designed to receive and transmit LED drive signals. Additionally, our FT232RQ features adjustable buffer receive timeout. A new bit bang CBUS mode option is also equipped into our high-quality FT232RQ.

Also, our FT232RQ features an integrated reset power-on circuit. For an optimized performance level, we supply FT232RQ that are highly integrated with USB resistors. It also has an integrated clock without requiring resonator, crystal, and oscillator.

Moreover, we strive to give you the best quality products. That is why RANTLE supplies FT232RQ with top-quality. It can provide an integrated level converter up to 3.3 V for a USB I/O.

RANTLE distributes FT232RQ that is fully equipped with UART inversion signal options and bulk transfer USB mode. To top it up, our FT232RQ can operate a -40ﹾC up to 85ﹾC extended range of operating temperature.

FT232RQ Supplier

You can use RANTLE’s FT232RQ upgrading a legacy peripheral into a USB. It can also be used for USB data transfer interfaces and cables in cellular as well as cordless phones.

Our FT232RQ are also best for based designs interfacing FPGA/ PLD/ MCU into USB.

Furthermore, you can use our FT232RQ for USB instrumentation, smart card USB readers, PDA to USB data transfers, USB industrial controls, and more.

RANTLE is known to be a trusted FT232RQ distributor in China for more than 16 years. We are a professional when it comes to the distribution of FT232RQ and other electronic components. If you are a retailer, you can always lean on RANTLE.

For over a decade, we provide our customers with fast delivery, competitive rates, and quality services. Through our vast worldwide market connections, we can process your orders efficiently and quickly.

Besides FT232RQ, we are also engaged in the distribution of other electronic components including ESP8266-12F, TNY279PN, LMD18200T, ATMEGA32A-AU, IRF7416, CP2102-GM, and more. At RANTLE, rest assured that you can have a stress-free buying experience!

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