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  • 4/8MHz internal and run oscillator
  • 10-bit eight ADC channels
  • 5V internal input
  • PIC12F615-I/SN
  • PIC12F615-I-SN

The PIC12F615-I/SN offered by RANTLE is providing an increased set of features that is inclusive by an enhanced complete bridge Enhanced Compare/Capture width pulse modulation.

Our highest-quality PIC12F615-I/SN comes with a 10-bit eight ADC channels.

It is also incorporated with 2 comparators together with a selectable hysteresis.

A 2K words Flash memory program, as well as an internal 4/8MHz oscillator, are equipped into our high-quality PIC12F615-I/SN.

PIC12F615-I/SN Distributor

All of RANTLE’s top-quality PIC12F615-I/SN is available with a high-voltage variant.

These also provide a shunt integrated voltage regulator which allows a high-voltage Vdd support.

RANTLE’s best quality PIC12F615-I/SN is also capable running down to 2.0 V to an unspecified maximum user-design voltage.

RANTLE’s excellent quality PIC12F615-I/SN shunt regulator will be active if the Vdd external input is more than 5V, otherwise, it will be disabled.

RANTLE’s high-voltage PIC12F615-I/SN variations are perfectly ideal for a cost-sensitive application with a high-voltage power rail.

It also features a PWM such as complete ECCP comes with a dead-band control.

Our excellent quality PIC12F615-I/SN has a steerable PWM.

PIC12F615-I/SN wholesaler

A direct interface into a Hall-effect element is also supported by our top-quality PIC12F615-I/SN.

This makes our PIC12F615-I/SN ideally suitable for motor/fan monitoring and controlling.

By this, our trusted quality PIC12F615-I/SN is also best for any applications which require speed monitoring and/or positioning.

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Reliable PIC12F615-I/SN Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

In China, RANTLE is also a famous distributor of dependable PIC12F615-I/SN which contains an additional hysteresis that will be effective for providing the new design comparators a trigger window.

This will provide ultimate ease in translations.

Being paired by an improved PWM, our PIC12F615-I/SN can be a robust, cost-effective and flexible fan-control solution.

RANTLE is also a supplier of best quality PIC12F615-I/SN with TMR1 gate.

With this feature, our high-quality PIC12F615-I/SN can directly run from a 4/8MHz oscillator.

For this reason, RANTLE can be best applied for battery chargers and power supplies.

You can also use our reliable quality PIC12F615-I/SN for other applications that needs an error counting or conditional event.

PIC12F615-I/SN Supplier

For applications that need width pulse measurements, RANTLE’s excellent quality PIC12F615-I/SN is highly dependable.

At RANTLE, we are committed in distributing Microchip PIC12F615-I/SN with simplified implementation and design as a simple solution for a complicated problem.

After 16 years of experience and constant efforts, RANTLE became one of the most world-leading distributor and supplier of the best quality electronic components.

By keeping track of the latest technology and trend, RANTLE able to offer and provide you the most innovative electronic parts including PIC12F615-I/SN.

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Excellent and hardworking team for quality control is an advantage of RANTLE for ensuring that the products will be delivered to you on-time and in good condition.

We also offer a reasonable rate and faster delivery of your orders.

A hassle-free transaction will be provided to you our approachable and friendly customer service personnel.

No doubt, RANTLE will be your excellent supplier if you choose us!

Get in touch with us today so you can avail of more of our valuable services and quality PIC12F615-I/SN!

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