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  • Competitive Price for LP2985-33DBVR
  • 150 mA load current
  • 0.01uA shutdown current
  • 280 mV at every 150mA full load or 7 mV at every 1 mA ultra-low drop out
  • 1% output tolerance
  • LP2985-33DBVR
  • LP2985-33DBVR

The highest-quality LP2985-33DBVR offered by RANTLE is a family of a low-dropout, fixed-output regulators which can provide a cost-effective and exceptional performance for both non-portable and portable applications.

Top-quality LP2985-33DBVR distributed by RANTLE is available in different voltages including 10 V, 5 V, 3.3 V, 3.1 V, 3 V, 2.9 V, 2.8 V, 2.5 V, and 1.8 V.

Our excellent quality LP2985-33DBVR is designed with an output tolerance of up to 1 %.

Thus, RANTLE’s best quality LP2985-33DBVR has the ability to deliver a continuous 150 mA load current.

It is also integrated with a feature of standard regulator including the overtemperature and overcurrent protection for total maximum protection of the device.

RANTLE is also a supplier of trusted quality LP2985-33DBVR with ultra-low dropout typically takes down to 280 mV at every 150mA full load or 7 mV at every 1 mA.

LP2985-33DBVR Distributor

A shutdown current of typical 0.01uA is integrated into our excellent quality LP2985-33DBVR.

RANTLE also distributes reliable quality LP2985-33DBVR with the lower quiescent current.

Through the use of a certain PNP vertical process, our dependable quality LP2985-33DBVR enables lower quiescent current which is considerably low.

Shutdown feature is also equipped into our versatile LP2985-33DBVR which allows our device to only consume 0.01uA when its ON/OFF pin being pulled low.

The friendly low-ESR-capacitor highly integrated into our excellent quality LP2985-33DBVR enables the utilization of inexpensive, small, and cost-sensitive ceramic capacitor applications.

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Reliable LP2985-33DBVR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

We offer the best quality LP2985-33DBVR with low noise.

Along with this, the BYPASS pin is equipped into our LP2985-33DBVR which allows a low-noise operation typically an output noise up to 3uVrms.

Aside from that, our reliable quality LP2985-33DBVR has a fixed voltage output when in normal mode.

Because of this, our trusted quality LP2985-33DBVR can be best used in portable devices.

It is also perfect to be used in camcorders and digital camera applications.

For CD players, RANTLE’s premium quality LP2985-33DBVR is highly reliable.

If your MP3 players need the best quality LP2985-33DBVR, choose to purchase at RANTLE!

We have got everything you need for a high-quality electronic part including LP2985-33DBVR for your any types of applications.

Certainly, RANTLE can be your best business supplier of high-quality LP2985-33DBVR.

LP2985-33DBVR Supplier

With more than 16 years in supplying and distribution of electronic parts and components, we have been recognized as a reputable and expert independent distributor in China.

Through maintaining our expertise in this field, plus, approachable and friendly personnel, RANTLE is guaranteed to have high-level of customers’ satisfaction.

Other than that, all products of RANTLE including our high-quality LP2985-33DBVR is guaranteed to be meticulously and carefully tested by our quality control team.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its functionality and authenticity.

You can also assure us that it will arrive in your place in excellent condition.

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Moreover, swift delivery and reasonable cost for every LP2985-33DBVR order is offered by RANTLE so as to support your business!

Give RANTLE a try and we can surely exceed your expectations.

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