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  • 120 ns, 90 ns, 70 ns, 55 ns and 45 ns access time
  • 1 Mbit organized 131,072 bytes
  • 5.0 Flash memory
  • 30 mA read active current
  • 50 mA erase/program curren
  • AM29F010B-70PI
  • AM29F010B-70PI

The AM29F010B-70PI is a volt-only 5.0 Flash memory, 1 Mbit organized 131,072 bytes.

RANTLE’s high-quality AM29F010B-70PI offers data byte-wide.

AM29F010B-70PI supplier

It is specifically designed as an in-system programmed with a 5.0 standard system Vcc Volt supply.

Our top-quality AM29F010B-70PI can also be erased or programmed in a standard programmer of EPROM.

Also, RANTLE’s excellent quality AM29F010B-70PI offers an access time with 120 ns, 90 ns, 70 ns, 55 ns and 45 ns.

It allows our AM29F010B-70PI to operate high-speed microprocessors with no wait states.

AM29F010B-70PI Distributor

Our proven quality AM29F010B-70PI is also integrated with an individual chip enable. This helps in eliminating the bus contention.

Our best quality AM29F010B-70PI only requires a 5.0volt single power supply both for write and read functions.

A regulated and internally generated voltages are offered for the erase and program operations.

RANTLE’s AM29F010B-70PI command is written in a command register through write timing standard microprocessor.

RANTLE’s AM29F010B-70PI register contents function as an input to internal machine state which controls the programming and erases circuitry.

The write cycles of our best quality AM29F010B-70PI are latched addresses internally as well as the data needed for erase and programming operations.

Our AM29F010B-70PI programming will occur through performing the command program sequence.

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A power supply of 5.0 V ± 10% for single operation help for a program, erase and read operation. It also simplifies the power system-level requirements.

Our AM29F010B-70PI also provides a higher performance level through its maximum of 45 ns access time.

With its maximum of 30 mA read active current, maximum of 50 mA erase/program current and a typical <25uA standby current, our AM29F010B-70PI can surely gives you a low-power consumption.

A sector flexible architecture is equipped with our best quality AM29F010B-70PI.

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Through our uniform eight sectors and full-chip erase, it can give you the best performance you need.

Also, RANTLE’s AM29F010B-70PI sector unprotection/protection can be established through standard programming PROM equipment.

Furthermore, to meet your diverse specification, our excellent quality AM29F010B-70PI is highly integrated with hardware-based features which reenables/disables program as well as erase operations for combination sectors.

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It also has a program embedded algorithm which will verify and program automatically at every specified address.

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