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  • 8-bit CMOS flash micro controller
  • 10-bit  to 14 analog digital channels converter
  • 8 MHz up to 32 kHz software frequency
  • Up to 25 mA sink current
  • ±1% factory-calibrated internal precision oscillator
  • 256-bytes data EEPROM memory
  • PIC16F884-I/ML
  • PIC16F884-I-ML

This supplied excellent quality PIC16F884-I/ML supplied by RANTLE is an easy-to-program yet powerful device that only has 35 single-word instruction.

It is also a CMOS 8-bit FLASH-based microcontroller which is packed with a Microchip’s PIC powerful architecture.

RANTLE is also a supplier of the best quality PIC16F884-I/ML with features such as 256-bytes of data EEPROM memory.

PIC16F884-I/ML Supplier

Also, RANTLE’s top-quality PIC16F884-I/ML is self-programming.

It comes together with an ICD and 10-bit analog-to-digital 14 channels converter.

At RANTLE, you can also avail of our premium quality PIC16F884-I/ML with 2 comparators and 1PWM, compare or capture as well as 1 improved function for compare, capture, and PWM.

Additionally, we offer a superior quality PIC16F884-I/ML which consists of synchronous serial-port.

This can also be configured with a 3-wire peripheral serial interface or either inter-integrated 2-wire circuit bus.

PIC16F884-I/ML price

RANTLE also provides trusted quality PIC16F884-I/ML which is equipped with an advanced EUSART.

A ±1% factory-calibrated internal precision oscillator is incorporated into our high-quality PIC16F884-I/ML.

RANTLE’s excellent quality PIC16F884-I/ML is also equipped with selectable frequency software with a range from 8 MHz up to 32 kHz.

Our reliable quality PIC16F884-I/ML also supports tunable software.

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Reliable PIC16F884-I/ML Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

At RANTLE, you can also avail of our top-quality PIC16F884-I/ML with start-up two-speed mode.

In order to give you the maximum performance you need, we are distributing a high-power PIC16F884-I/ML with a clock fail-safe monitoring commonly used for many critical applications.

Excellent quality PIC16F884-I/ML from RANTLE supports a sleep mode in order to save power.

A power-on reset is also integrated into our high-quality PIC16F884-I/ML.

PIC16F884-I/ML Distributor

For maximum performance, RANTLE supplies the highest-quality PIC16F884-I/ML which features brown-out selectable reset voltage and code protection which is highly programmable.

We also have premium quality PIC16F884-I/ML with peripherals such as high source/sink current up to 25 mA.

It also supports a device feature such as a change interrupt-on-pin option.

An auto-baud detect and start bit auto-wake-up on are equipped into our best quality PIC16F884-I/ML.

With its improved and advanced features, RANTLE’s superior quality PIC16F884-I/ML is best applied for automotive applications.

It is also perfectly suitable for advanced applications level A/D for industrial applications.

Buy PIC16F884-/ML

If your appliances and other consumer applications need reliable quality PIC16F884-I/ML, RANTLE has a lot to offer.

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is specializing in sourcing the most accurate electronic components for your needs.

We became the leading supplier and distributor of the highest-quality PIC16F884-I/ML in China.

At RANTLE, we create value for our clients.

RANTLE is your one-stop provider of cost-effective and reasonable rate electronic parts. Plus, swift delivery and 24/7 services are available at RANTLE.

We can surely satisfy your needs!

Furthermore, all of RANTLE’s electronic parts are verified and certified by various quality standards.

So, you don’t have to worry.

Undoubtedly, RANTLE can be your best supplier of reliable PIC16F884-I/ML.

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