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  • 80 V collector-emitter voltage
  • 50% ratio current transfer
  • 3750vrms isolation voltage
  • TLP181GR
  • TLP181GR

The most excellent quality TLP181GR distributed by RANTLE is a flat mini coupler which is highly suitable for any surface mounting assembly.

RANTLE is a popular distributor of the best quality TLP181GR which is composed of a certain photo transistor.

The photo transistor of our reliable quality TLP181GR is coupled optically into an emitting infrared diode.

TLP181GR supplier

Since our best quality TLP181GR is much smaller than the DIP package, it is perfectly suitable for applications requiring a high-density surface-mounting including programmable controllers.

Our highest-quality TLP181GR is highly integrated with a minimum of 80 V collector-emitter voltage.

Additional to that, RANTLE is also a professional supplier of top-quality TLP181GR which is incorporated with a minimum of 50% ratio of current transfer.

To give you the best level of performance, a minimum of 100% GB rank is supported by our reliable quality TLP181GR.

TLP181GR price

An isolation voltage with minimum of 3750vrms is also integrated into RANTLE’s superior quality TLP181GR.

To make sure that you get the most out of our dependable quality TLP181GR, it is specifically designed to operate in a temperature range of -55 up to 110 C.

For full utilization of our best quality TLP181GR, it is designed to be used in many applications.

Its application typically includes an office machine.

If your business deals with programmable controllers, our premium quality TLP181GR is the best choice!

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Reliable TLP181GR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

For your AC adapter, interface I/O board and other related applications, RANTLE’s excellent quality TLP181GR are highly dependable!

At RANTLE, we will help you find the most accurate TLP181GR for your applications!

RANTLE has over 16 years of professional experience in distributing and supplying the highest quality TLP181GR in China.

Throughout the years, RANTLE has received lots of positive feedbacks and reviews.

All of RANTLE’s products including TLP181GR are guaranteed with high-level of customer satisfaction.

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To support your business, RANTLE offers you a reasonable cost and rapid delivery for TLP181GR orders.

Thus, we are able to be part of your business’s success. Since we are integrated with responsibility, quality and effectiveness will be provided to you!

In this way, we can make a higher value while offering the best solutions all the time to our most valued customers!RANTLE upholds a profound and strong technical capability.

Because of our hard work, RANTLE has been recognized as the leading and most trusted distributor as well as supplier of the best quality TLP181GR.

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For around 16 years, we continue to provide our customers with the most innovative TLP181GR and other electronic components.

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