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  • Competitive Price for SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB
  • 5.1ch high-quality audio
  • 16-bit or 32-bit SRAM performance controller
  • 2D flexible graphic engines

The SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB supplied by RANTLE is an integrated single-chip A/V DVD decoder.

Our excellent quality SPHE1505A-DRNK can perform playback and real-time decoding for ISO/IEC bitstream multiple sources.

It also supports a DVD-audio, DVD-video, Video-CD, HDCD, CD-DA, CD-ROM, OKO several disc formats.

RANTLE’s top-quality SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB is designed specially in maximizing the performance of the system with a minimum cost.


High-quality SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB distributed by RANTLE emerged all the required functions for a progressive scan high-performance DVD system.

Our premium quality SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB is also built-in with de-interlacing hardware.

This way, it allows our superior quality SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB allows a DVD high-quality playback.


RANTLE is also a supplier of the best quality SPHE1505A-DRNK embedded with an audio digital decoder.

This enables the device to support a key control as well as a sound audio effect for the Karaoke.

As an additional, RANTLE distributes high-efficient SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB which includes 2D flexible graphics engines.

This is primarily designed to provide a high-quality user-interface as well as other applications.

For usual DVD applications, RANTLE’s reliable quality SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB which integrates a DVD/CD controller servo.

It is also incorporated with a TV encoder multi-channel multi-format and ADC high audio quality.

This also supports 5.1ch high-quality audio and 2-ch low-cost AC3 system.

For maximum performance, RANTLE’s excellent quality SPHE1505A-DRNK features an audio processor that supports a multiple-audio standard.

Embedded with I/O processors, RANTLE’s top-quality SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB can support a programmable control interface.

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Reliable SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Flexible interpolation vertical, panning effect, powerful cropping and flexible interpolar horizontal with additional CIF filters are equipped into our dependable quality SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB.

In order to maximize the use of our excellent quality SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB, it is embedded with the SDRAM high-performance controller and can support operation from 16-bit or 32-bit.

Moreover, RANTLE is a verified supplier of durable SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB with advanced low-power design, optional standby mode, and low-speed programmable operation.

SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB Distributor

The best quality SPHE1505A-DRNK supplied by RANTLE is flexible enough to support reverb, equalization and sound special field.

It is also equipped with crystal 27MHz driver, SDRAM 16/32bit interface, UART ports, VFD and IR, DAC video analog output, audio analog input and more.

At RANTLE, you can certainly find the exact SPHE1505A-DRNK that suits your needs.

Through the dedication and hard work of our team throughout the years, we have achieved our title as the most trusted and reliable supplier of premium quality SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB in China.

As a customer-oriented distributor, efficiency and quality are guaranteed!

If you are sourcing a reliable SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB for your business, we strongly recommend you to source at RANTLE.


At RANTLE, we have the fastest delivery and competitive prices for your orders of SPHE1505A-DRNK.

Plus, our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your inquiries.

No doubt, RANTLE can give you the best services you never experienced before!

We will be your best business partner if you choose to buy your SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB from us!

Contact us now for more detail regarding our SPHE1505A-DRNK-HLEAB!

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