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ESP8266-12F Distributor - Your Premier ESP8266-12F Supplier in China

Rantle is an ESP8266-12F distributor independently creates small-size boards through advanced technology. Highly integrated chip design ESP8266-12F has ability to connect with new components. Rantle offer powerful ESP8266-12F at competitive rates.


ESP8266-12F, Rantle - Ideal Source!

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Rantle distributes ESP8266-12F to help you prototype a new product. These chips are highly integrated with external sensors for specific device applications.

Enabling the ability to run independently, ESP8266-12F is a great way to connect your microcontroller projects to WIFI networks.

Rantle can provide multiple selections of ESP8266-12F according to your orders. Our ESP8266-12F is cost-effective. Thus, it can efficiently work with different Wi-Fi with modes MAC, BB, RF, PA, LNA.

Additionally, Rantle ESP8266-12F comes with on-board antenna features that support the IEEE802. The ESP8266-12F has an exceptional ability to immerse with another system. ESP8266-12F is easy to interact with other board as it has a library where it is prepared for. When it comes to highly efficient chips, Rantle is your best choice!

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Professional ESP8266-12F Distributor - Rantle East Electronic

Rantle ESP8266-12F is an updated version of ESP-12E. The design of chip is way more effective. It has 4 layer PCB and better antenna layout. Surely, increases the range of modules. Rantle ESP8266-12F can functions stand-alone application.

Moreover, Rantle ESP8266-12F can be connected to any microcontroller projects to a Wi-Fi network. Since the module offers a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi networking solution, it allowed to hosts application; to any offload Wi-Fi network functionality.

Affordably connect network through applying ESP8266-12F to new design. Perfect application for component requires less space and lesser cost.

ESP8266-12F distributor

Rantle distribute ESP8266-12F all over the world. We, in Rantle offer ultra-power chips and electronic components. Rantle delivers your ESP8266-12F rapidly anywhere you are.

With the help of our international top express couriers, you will get your orders at the exact time. In just 2-5 working days, your ESP8266-12F order will reach your place. If any problems might occur, no worries, we provide 30 days warranty on our products.

Rantle deal high-quality ESP8266-12F at very affordable prices. Rantle truly deliver excellent quality service for you. We pride ourselves as trustworthy distributor and supplier of all types of chips.

ESP8266-12F supplier

Combining expert team and advanced machineries, we can handle your orders, standard and custom professionally.

Gathered knowledge and expertise in industry, Rantle capability allow you to get stress-free purchasing experience. We play a role as a world-leading independent distributor of electronic components based in China. Our goal is to meet your every demand.

For orders, please email or call us right away. Our customer-friendly sales team will get back to you sooner.

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