Your Best DS2E-S-DC24V Supplier in China

  • Competitive Price for DS2E-S-DC24V
  • 8 A 250 VAC switching capability
  • Up to 190mW pick up power
  • 3,000Vrms breakdown voltage
  • DS2E-S-DC24V
  • DS2E-S-DC24V

Whether you need the highest-quality DS2E-S-DC24V as possible for your business or applications, RANTLE has a lot to offer.

In China, RANTLE is a verified supplier of the best quality DS2E-S-DC24V which is a power type DS relays series.


Our excellent quality DS2E-S-DC24V also comes with a high-switching capability of up to 8 A 250 VAC.

Aside from that, RANTLE is also a distributor of trusted quality DS2E-S-DC24V with high-sensitivity pick up power up to 190mW.

A higher welding contact resistance is also incorporated into our reliable quality DS2E-S-DC24V for a maximum performance level.

Different latching types of superior quality DS2E-S-DC24V is also available at RANTLE.

RANTLE is a verified supplier of premium quality DS2E-S-DC24V with a higher breakdown voltage up to 3,000Vrms in the middle of coils and contacts and 1,000Vrms between any open contacts.

The sealed types of our high-quality DS2E-S-DC24V are all standard so you don’t have to worry!

DS2E-S-DC24V Supplier

Our excellent quality DS2E-S-DC24V offers you the best solution across various applications.

Typically, RANTLE’s trusted quality DS2E-S-DC24V can be used in industrial and office electronic devices.

It is also best for information processing terminal devices and equipment including printer and data recorder.

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Reliable DS2E-S-DC24V Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

For office equipment such as facsimile and copier, RANTLE’s high-quality DS2E-S-DC24V is highly dependable.

You can also avail RANTLE’s the best quality DS2E-S-DC24V which can be used in measuring equipment.

If your NC machines need reliable quality DS2E-S-DC24V, RANTLE got you covered.

DS2E-S-DC24V Distributor

Avail our superior quality DS2E-S-DC24V highly suitable for temperature controllers as well as for logic programmable controllers.

We take pride in supplying the most reliable and highest-quality DS2E-S-DC24V in China.

RANTLE is committed and dedicated in providing valuable services.

Normally, RANTLE deliver every order of DS2E-S-DC24V within 1-5 days upon getting your full payments.

Plus, we offer the best price and cost-sensitive DS2E-S-DC24V.

Thus, we can help you save money and time.

Hassle-free transaction is guaranteed at RANTLE.

DS2E-S-DC24V price

Due to that, RANTLE is well-known in China as the most trusted, reliable and expert distributor of highest quality DS2E-S-DC24V for more than 16 years.

Since our establishment, we have acquired a lot of experience in the industry making us qualified by various international standards.

As a professional supplier, RANTLE has been the best partner for lots of worldwide companies and accumulated a strong business relationships with them.

You can also trust RANTLE to be your supplier!

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We will be pleased in getting your inquiry.

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