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  • Reasonable Price for IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI
  • 8-bit static CMOS RAM
  • 35 and 45 ns speed
  • 20 µW CMOS standby
  • ±10% 5V single power supply

The high-quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI distributed by RANTLE is a 131, 072-word, low power 8-bit static CMOS RAM.

We are supplying an excellent quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI which is fabricated through the use of CMOS high-performance technology.

RANTLE’s top-quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI highly reliable process is coupled with an innovative technique for a circuit design that will yield to provide you a higher performance level.

It will also provide the consumption of power for your devices.

If the chip-enable 1 is in high mode, chip enables 2 will be low or deselected. The device will presume a current standby mode.

the power dissipation at this point will be decreased through the use of input levels from CMOS.

An Expansion of easy memory is also provided by our best quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI if it is used with a chip-enabled inputs.

IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI Supplier

It also has an active write low enable which controls the reading and writing memory.

Moreover, RANTLE’s high-quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI features an access time which is highly high-speed up to 35 and 45 ns.

A typical of 100 mW low-active power is also equipped into our reliable quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI.

RANTLE’s reliable quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI also has a type of 20 µW CMOS standby.

This makes our best quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI ideal for providing a low-standby power.

Two chip-enable and output enable inputs are equipped into our excellent quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI.

These provide ease during its applications.

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Reliable IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Without requiring a refresh or clock, RANTLE’s top-quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI can offer you a fully-static operation.

You can also assure that our dependable IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI is TTL compatible outputs and inputs.

Aside from that, a ±10% 5V single power supply is supported by our trusted quality IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI.

Also, RANTLE’s high-efficient IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI can support 0°C to about +70°C temperature range for commercial applications.

IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI Distributor

It can also operate under a -40°C up to +85°C temperature range for industrial and -40°C to about +125°C for automotive applications.

RANTLE is a distribution company led by an excellent management system, integrated with the quality, technology, marketing-centered and more valuable services.

Because of this, we are recognized as the most trusted and verified supplier and distributor of excellent quality electronic parts including IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI in China.

With rich experience and abundant strength, we are able to offer our clients with competitive price and rapid delivery for every order of IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI.


RANTLE is certainly your cost-effective solution for your reliable IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI needs.

If you make us your number supplier, we are certain that we can exceed your expectations with our excellent services and quality products.

As a global leader specializes in sourcing electronic parts, RANTLE is continuously providing an innovative IS66WVE4M16EBLL-55BLI. Trust RANTLE!

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