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  • Competitive Price for LM4040BIM3X-2.5
  • 10.000 V, 8.192 V, 5.000 V, 4.096 V, 3.000 V, 2.500 V, and 2.048 V reverse voltage
  • 60 μA for 2.5 current operation
  • ±0.1% at every 25°C accuracy
  • LM4040BIM3X-2.5
  • LM4040BIM3X-2.5

The highest-quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5 distributed by RANTLE is very ideal for applications which require critical space.

The best quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5 from RANTLE is a precision reference voltage.

LM4040BIM3X-2.5 Distributor

It is incorporated with an advanced design which helps in eliminating the requirement for a stabilizing external capacitor.

However, it ensures the device’s stability with capacitive load.

This makes our top-quality easy to be used.

To further reduce the design effort availability, RANTLE’s excellent quality is fixed with several breakdown reverse voltages mainly 10.000 V, 8.192 V, 5.000 V, 4.096 V, 3.000 V, 2.500 V, and 2.048 V.

Its minimum current operating can increase from a 60 μA for 2.5 V LM4040BIM3X-2.5 to about 100 μA for every 10.0-V LM4040BIM3X-2.5.

For a better solution, RANTLE’s trusted quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5 uses a fuse as well as a Zener-zap breakdown reverse voltage trim during the wafer sort.

This is to assure you that RANTLE’s excellent quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5 prime part has a higher accuracy more than ±0.1% at every 25°C.

LM4040BIM3X-2.5 label

A temperature drift bandgap reference curvature correction is also equipped into our trusted quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5.

A low-dynamic impedance is also integrated into RANTLE’s highest-quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5 to assure a stable breakdown reverse voltage accuracy above a broad range of current and operating temperature.

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Reliable LM4040BIM3X-2.5 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

In order to suit your applications, RANTLE offers a vast array of reliable quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5. typically, RANTLE’s high-quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5 can be used for battery-powered and portable equipment.

It is also durable enough to be used for any acquisition of data system.

Because of its flexibility, you can use RANTLE’s excellent quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5 for instrumentation and process control.

LM4040BIM3X-2.5 Supplier


For energy management and other related applications, RANTLE’s reliable quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5 is very useful. It can also be used for industries including automotive.

RANTLE is also a supplier of premium quality LM4040BIM3X-2.5 which is highly used for product testing and audio precision components.

To give you the most convenient purchasing experience, RANTLE offers supply and quote including connectors, transistors, diode, capacitors, and resistors.

We are also superior in supplying a broad range of electronic parts and integrated circuits.

LM4040BIM3X-2.5 Price

If you buy at your order of LM4040BIM3X-2.5at RANTLE, convenient buying and best services will be offered to you!

We sincerely cooperate with business firms and enterprises around the globe.

Thus, we are a trusted supplier of high-quality electronic parts for more than 16 years.

You can trust us too!

We always deal with swift and rapid delivery of your LM4040BIM3X-2.5 orders.

If you buy LM4040BIM3X-2.5from RANTLE, rest assured that you can save your money because we will offer you a reasonable cost.

At RANTLE, we have a sufficient LM4040BIM3X-2.5stock ready for your bulk and urgent needs.

buy LM4040BIM3X-2.5

Also, RANTLE is a professional and reliable supplier of electronic parts and we are top in this field.

We have great passion and dedication to provide you the most innovative LM4040BIM3X-2.5 and other electronic components.

Trust RANTLE and make us your long-term supplier!

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