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  • <1uA dropdown in shutdown mode
  • Up to 2.5 V up to 6.5 V voltage range
  • 300uA supply current
  • 1.5MHz switching frequency
  • 0.6V reference feedback voltage

In China, RANTLE is a verified supplier of the best quality APS2415TBER-ADJ.

The high-quality APS2415TBER-ADJ distributed by RANTLE is a monolithic high-efficiency buck synchronous regulator that uses a continuous frequency.

Our top-quality APS2415TBER-ADJ also supports a current-mode architecture.

RANTLE’s premium quality APS2415TBER-ADJ supply current without load takes up to 300uA.

It can drop down to <1uA in a shutdown mode.

APS2415TBER-ADJ Supplier

The input voltage of our superior quality APS2415TBER-ADJ also takes up from 2.5 V up to 6.5 V.

This makes our premium quality APS2415TBER-ADJ perfectly suitable for a single Li-on and 2-4 battery AA powered applications.

RANTLE’s highest-quality APS2415TBER-ADJ is also embedded with 100% duty-cycles.

This makes our trusted quality APS2415TBER-ADJ able to offer a very low ripple output mainly used for noise-sensitive applications.

The switching frequency of our superior quality APS2415TBER-ADJ is set internally at 1.5MHz.


By this, our high-quality APS2415TBER-ADJ can allow the utilization of smaller surface-mount capacitors and inductors.

Also, the asynchronous internal switch is equipped into our top-quality APS2415TBER-ADJ.

This eliminates the requirement for a Schottky external diode thus, increasing its efficiency.

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Reliable APS2415TBER-ADJ Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

The lower output voltages of our premium quality APS2415TBER-ADJ is easily supported by a 0.6V reference feedback voltage.

Additionally, RANTLE’s premium quality APS2415TBER-ADJ can give you a higher efficiency to about 96%.

A synchronous rectifier and main switch are also integrated into our dependable quality APS2415TBER-ADJ to provide the maximum level of performance for your applications.

For a faster transient load response and excellent line, the best quality APS2415TBER-ADJ supplied by RANTLE is designed with a slope-compensated current-mode.

Moreover, our APS2415TBER-ADJ is soft-start and space-saving.

Because of this, RANTLE’s top-quality APS2415TBER-ADJ can be used in a vast variety of applications.

Typical applications of our highest-quality APS2415TBER-ADJ includes smart and cellular phones. You can also use it for core DSP supplies and microprocessors.

It is also a great help as a component for DSL and wireless modems.

If you are dealing with PDA’s and PMP/MP4/MP3 player, RANTLE’s excellent quality APS2415TBER-ADJ is the best choice!

APS2415TBER-ADJ label

If your video and digital still camera needs a reliable APS2415TBER-ADJ, choose to buy at RANTLE. Whether, for your portable instruments and other related applications, RANTLE’s premium quality APS2415TBER-ADJ is highly dependable.

Whether you need to source high-quality APS2415TBER-ADJ for your business or applications, choose to source at RANTLE!

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is always committed to technology for supplying and distribution of high-quality electronic components including APS2415TBER-ADJ.

As a professional supplier, RANTLE has been the best partner for lots of worldwide companies and accumulated strong business relationships with them.

You can also trust RANTLE to be your supplier!


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