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  • Fast Delivery with ZX62D-B-5PA8(30)
  • 480 Mbps high speed data transfer
  • 30 mø max.100 mA contact resistance
  • 100V AC / 1minute withstanding voltage
  • ZX62D-B-5PA8(30)
  • ZX62D-B-5PA8(30)

The excellent quality ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) is highly reliable and extremely small connectors that complies with environmental, physical and electrical requirements of a micro-USB standard.

Plugs and receptacles of our high-quality ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) are available in a broad array of termination and mounting styles which makes it be used in many applications.

Trusted quality ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) from RANTLE has been reduced in size. Compared to a mini-USB standard connector.

ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) Supplier

RANTLE’s top-quality ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) size is being reduced by an approximate of 60% but still, it provides a high-speed 480 Mbps data transfer specified in a USB 2.0.

RANTLE is also a popular supplier of trusted quality ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) which has a unique receptacle style.

ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) price

Along with this, two interface-configurations including the Micro-AB and Micro-B in standard, reverse and mid-mount mounting styles.

It also has a through-hole and SMT PC-board terminations.

Respectively to those receptacle styles, two interface-configurations, micro-B and micro-A comes with a wire PCB soldering and direct wire.

More plug styles can also be used for other data transmission, charging and earphone applications.

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Reliable ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

the smooth un-mating and mating operation will result in longer ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) life and lesser wear.

RANTLE’s top-quality ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) is integrated with a unique Hirose latch active mechanism.

This helps in producing a durable and reliable connector.

Moreover, we are distributing a top-quality ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) which is designed with 30 mø max.100 mA contact resistance.

Insulation breakdown and no flashover in 100V AC / 1minute withstanding voltage are also incorporated into our dependableZX62D-B-5PA8(30).

ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) Distributor

Randle’s excellent quality ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) is integrated with capacitance up to maximum of 2 pF.

RANTLE specializes in sourcing wide variety of high-quality electronic parts including ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) for more than 16 years.

Through the years, we have accumulated a lot of dependable and reliable experiences.

Thus, RANTLE becomes a reliable, expert, professional and certified supplier and distributor in China.

Choose to source high-quality ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) from RANTLE.

You can 100% guarantee that our electronic components are functional and original.

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At RANTLE, we have employed sophisticated colleagues and passionate personnel who will assist as well as help you in solving your ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) problems.

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You can also avail our reasonable rate and swift delivery for your ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) order.

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