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  • 4.50 V, 4.40 V, 4.35 V and 4.20 V constant regulation voltage
  • 1 external resistor
  • +0.75% preset high-accuracy voltage regulation
  • 15 mA to about 500 mA programmable current charge
  • MCP73832T-2ACI/MC
  • MCP73832T-2ACI-MC

The enhanced MCP73832T-2ACI/MC distributed by RANTLE is a device which are highly linear advanced management controllers used commonly for cost-sensitive and space-limited applications.

RANTLE’s trusted quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC has a smaller physical size.

Along with this, a few numbers of the required external components make our excellent quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC perfectly suitable for any portable applications.

MCP73832T-2ACI-MC Supplier

RANTLE is also a supplier of reliable quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC which is equipped with a constant-voltage/constant-current charge algorithm.

It comes along with a selectable charge termination and preconditioning.

RANTLE’s high-performance MCP73832T-2ACI/MC also has constant regulation voltage available options including 4.50 V, 4.40 V, 4.35 V and 4.20 V.

This is specially designed for accommodating the new and emerging charging battery requirements.

Constant value current of our top-quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC are set with only 1 external resistor.

RANTLE’s excellent quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC can limit the device charge current basing on its die temperature especially in high ambient or high-power condition.

The thermal regulation of our premium quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC can optimize its charge time cycle yet maintaining the device’s reliability.

At RANTLE, reliable quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC is available for automatic threshold recharge, termination charge value, current preconditioning value, and preconditioning threshold.

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A pass integrated transistor, current sense and discharge reverse protection are all equipped into our best quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC.

For an optimum solution, RANTLE is a supplier of top-quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC which is designed with +0.75% preset high-accuracy voltage regulation.

A 15 mA to about 500 mA charge programmable current is incorporated into our premium quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC.

Other than that, RANTLE is also a distributor of MCP73832T-2ACI/MC with features such as automatic power-down and thermal regulation.

It can also operate within a temperature range of -40 C up to 85 C.

Furthermore, RANTLE’s top-quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC is integrated with open-drain output.

RANTLE’s MCP73832T-2ACI/MC can be applicable in a wide variety of applications.

To suit your needs, our premium quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC can be applicable to your cellular telephones.

It can also be used for digital camera applications.

For your MP3 players, RANTLE’s top-quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC is your best choice!

MCP73832T-2ACI/MC Distributor

Aside from that, our superior quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC can also be useful for USB chargers, Bluetooth headsets, data personal assistants and lithium polymer/lithium-ion battery chargers.

To assure you quality products, all our MCP73832T-2ACI/MC have undergone quality and careful testing as well as inspection.

In China, RANTLE is a leader in sourcing electronic components. Therefore, you can always trust RANTLE.

We highly recommend you to source reliable quality MCP73832T-2ACI/MC from RANTLE.

We sincerely cooperate with business firms and enterprises around the globe.

Thus, we are a trusted supplier of high-quality electronic parts for more than 16 years.

You can trust us too!

We always deal with the swift and rapid delivery of your MCP73832T-2ACI/MC orders.

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