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  • ADM2484EBRWZ
  • ADM2484EBRWZ

The ADM2484EBRWZ supplied by RANTLE is a data isolated transceiver which comes with an ESD protection up to ±15 kV.

RANTLE’s top-quality ADM2484EBRWZ is designed primarily for a balanced line transmission.

Because of this, we are able to make sure that our premium quality ADM2484EBRWZ complied the standards of TIA/EIA ANSI and ISO.

RANTLE’s superior quality ADM2484EBRWZ is also integrated with an Analog device in order to combine a three-state line differential driver, 3-channel isolator as well as an input differential receiver in an individual package.

The receiver input and transmitter differential outputs of our excellent quality ADM2484EBRWZ feature a circuitry with electrostatic discharge.

This offers maximum protection to about ±15 kV through the use of a human-body model.

ADM2484EBRWZ Supplier

Moreover, RANTLE’s highest-quality ADM2484EBRWZ has a logic side.

This will be powered with 3.3 V or either 5 V supply while its bus side needs an isolated supply of 3.3 V.

Other than that, RANTLE’s superior quality ADM2484EBRWZ is highly integrated with thermal shutdown and current limiting features.

This will give protection from short circuits and other situations in which the bus contention may cause an overly power dissipation.

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Reliable ADM2484EBRW Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

A fail-safe true receiver input and 256 bus nodes are equipped into our excellent quality ADM2484EBRWZ.

A >25 kV/μs common-mode high transient immunity is also incorporated into RANTLE’s top-quality ADM2484EBRWZ to suit your needs.

Furthermore, superior quality ADM2484EBRWZdistributed by RANTLE has regulatory and safety approvals from UL, VDE conformity certificate, CSA and more.

Thus, you can assure that RANTLE’s superior quality ADM2484EBRWZ is unrivaled.

For an optimized solution, RANTLE’s high-quality ADM2484EBRWZ is incorporated with a data rate of up to 500kpbs.

With this, our ADM2484EBRWZ is suitable for any half-duplex operation because the receiver inputs and transmitter outputs share a similar transmission line.

It can also be applicable for full-duplex and high-speed communication on a transmission multipoint line.

RANTLE’s trusted quality ADM2484EBRWZ is flexible enough to be used for RS-485/RS-422 isolated interfaces.

If you are also dealing with field industrial networks, choose to buy a dependable ADM2484EBRWZ at RANTLE.

As an expert distributor, RANTLE is supplying the best quality ADM2484EBRWZ which will perfectly fit any INTERBUS and data transmission multipoint systems.

At RANTLE, you can surely find the most accurate ADM2484EBRWZ for your requirements.

ADM2484EBRWZ Distributor

RANTLE upholds a profound and strong technical capability.

Because of our hard work, RANTLE has been recognized as the leading and most trusted distributor as well as supplier of the best quality ADM2484EBRWZ.

For around 16 years, we continue to provide our customers with the most innovative ADM2484EBRWZ and other electronic components.

If you are sourcing a reliable ADM2484EBRWZ for your business, we strongly recommend you to source at RANTLE.

At RANTLE, we have the fastest delivery and competitive prices for your orders of ADM2484EBRWZ.

Plus, our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your inquiries.

No doubt, RANTLE can give you the best services you never experienced before!


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